In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Pastor Andre’ Robertson had spent years kindling his legacy by preaching at New Light Missionary Baptist Church. Alongside his supportive wife, Angela, and two kids Andrea and Kayla, they all experienced peace and happiness.


This all came to a halt when he was accused of raping a member of his flock. Trust and faith are tested to their limits between family, friends, and the congregation on if their pastor was falsely accused. Sin is always brewing in the pulpit and life is not always forgiving for guilty or the innocent.

Her phone vibrated as a text from an endless love appeared on her phone.

I want you.

She bit her lip and tapped her foot nervously while her skin went pale once again. Frigid at the touch while spectral fingers ran against her skin. She felt voracious brown eyes from the pulpit. This time it was not of hatred but as the pastor mentioned a moment ago, it was the flesh those eyes wanted, the lust that hid beneath which startled her. She crumbled like a Ritz cracker in a child’s grasp and shattered into tiny dust.

Her fingers hastily responded.

We can’t anymore, this is wrong. We almost got caught the other day by my husband, I’m not going to do that with you ever again. I can’t. This could jeopardize both of our marriages. I just can’t anymore with you, why won’t you understand that? It’s why I been dodging your texts and phone calls all week.

The pastor paces back to the pulpit, checks his device, then resumes his sermon, “Behold I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me.”

We will not get caught. No one will ever know until the time is right. You will leave Scott and I will leave my wife in due time and we can finally move past this horrible life of ours and live in bliss. Haven’t you wanted that in so long? I missed you this past week and I want you again, Rachel. I love you.

Those three words took Rachel aback as her eyes sparkled towards the pulpit. Those three words were always what she wanted from a sincere man. Her husband, Scott, was a great father and mentor to her only son Conner but that is all he was. He forgot to sweep her off her feet after their marriage. All he did was work and take care of their son, her wants and needs were not met. Too many lonely nights she stared out of the window and taken into devious adventures on her phone than her own man. He did not seem interested in her physically or emotionally. She was slender with a full bosom with packed thighs that any man would die for and therefore she stepped outside of her marriage.

Rachel only remembered his bestial muscles as they were bound around her. The warmth and protection that his arms gave her were not like Scotts. It made her feel whole like she could be become a true home with him. He knew where her sweet spot was which was stroking her long hair and kissing the center of her neck lusciously. His thick lips suckled her bosom like a hungered babe which led to his hands trickling down to her wetness. He appreciated every mark that her child granted her as he licked those stretch marks and caressed the blessed tummy. He spread her legs so wide that she was afraid that her legs would pop. He told her that eating her out made him feel younger and eased the stress of his pressured marriage. Her succulence which was rumored to be like honeydew made him want to leave his family behind. This was all she wanted and all she needed.

Steamy as Rachel’s face was, she blinked to try and forget the nights of her being bent over in his house, in each other’s bed. Erase those luscious memories from her memory banks because it was not of God, yet he was always at God’s beckoned call.

I love you too. She weakly texted back as those memories flooded her memory bank.

Then what are you waiting for? My office, now.

She felt the true weight of that message and she enjoyed the strength that exuded from it. Her body moved on its own, teetering with each step with puppet strings attached to her body. His spirit seemed to choregraph her steps.

This is wrong.

This is wrong.

This is wrong.

These thoughts ravaged her mind while a smile painted a thought of bliss across her dainty lips. But he feels so right. His eyes from the pulpit strengthened by lust allowed the Devil himself to be placed right in the pulpit. He stood there brooding at this supposed throne, guiding her very steps to that office, subjugating her to a torment her body wanted. It was always rumored that the church was a haven for Christians from the Devil. This demon wasn’t supposed to enter God’s tabernacle, yet he slumbered awaiting his chance to take a soul with him. That chance sent Rachel through the gates and right into his clutches where his ravenous claws wanted to engulf her eternal soul.

This is wrong.

This is wrong.

This is wrong.

But he feels so right.



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