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    Growing up, Camaria and her big sister Camia, were always told by their mother, they needed a man to take care of them. While Camia took to everything their mother said, having a man do everything for her just wasn't in the cards for Camaria. She wanted to follow her dreams and live her life the way she saw fit. That was exactly what she did. Climbing the latter of success was her means to an end but love was waiting around the corner, in the form of her boss, Maurice Dunbar.


    Being the man in charge, Maurice worked hard to build the life he wanted for himself. After leaving the mother of his child, and solely co parenting with her, he didn't make time for love or companionship. Yet, when Camaria walks into his office for an interview, he's willing to change all that.


    Both, not looking for love, it seems to fall in their lap at the most unlikely time. Follow their journey as they show you why Love is All That Matters.

Chapter 1: Camaria Samuels


“I do my hair toss, Check my nails. Baby how you feelin’? Feelin’ good as hell.” Hearing my alarm go off, I reached from underneath my covers to turn it off. I could barely get any sleep last night I was so excited. I had worked hard for everything in my life and today, I feel like it was finally paying off. Just two weeks ago, At the age of twenty-four, I had graduated from Xavier University of New Orleans with a Masters of Finance. 

I have always loved dealing with numbers since I was a little kid and I put all my focus in doing something I loved. When I started high school, my daddy would let me help him keep up his books at his Body Shop business. The more I did it, the more I fell in love with it.

The reason I am so excited, is because today I have an interview at one of the most prestigious banks in the city of New Orleans. Dunbar Bank’s original branch was started here and now, they had banks all over the U.S. My school advisor had saw that they had created a Personal Financial Advisor position at their home branch and thought I would be perfect for it. I had previous experience since I had done my internship at a few local banks in the city and I could not wait to make my dream a reality.

Instead of getting out of my bed right away, I took a minute to Thank God, for the day and waking me up today. Getting out of bed, I stretched my 5’5 frame and gathered my things to go take my shower. Starting the water, I made sure my hair was tightly wrapped. I didn’t need it getting wet early this morning.

The water felt good against my skin and knocked any of the sleepiness I may have been feeling right out of me.

Getting out the shower, I dried off, lotioned my body and flawlessly applied my makeup. I walked back into my room to get dress and prepare for the day.

After putting my clothes and shoes on, I finally unwrapped my hair. I looked in my full-length mirror, fully impressed at what stared back at me. The olive green Fendi pants suit compliments my light caramel complexion very well. I was very happy with my thick frame. I was blessed with breast and booty. I was happy I spent the money to get my hair blown out and straightened. My normally, charcoal black curly tresses, were falling way pass my shoulders with not a hair out of place. My best friend Brennan was that bitch when it came to doing hair.  

On my feet, I wore a pair of black Giuseppe heels. Truthfully, I was never one for name brands, but for graduation, my daddy took me on a shopping spree and told me I needed business attire when I got a good job. 

Walking out of my room and into the kitchen, my whole family were already in the kitchen. My daddy, Cameron Samuels, was sitting at the table reading the newspaper while my mother, Gwendolyn Samuels, stood at the stove preparing breakfast. My sister Camia was at the table as well going through bridal magazines.

As you can tell, yes, I still live at home. My daddy wanted me to focus on school and not bills so I had no problem staying at home. My mother, well she was a whole other story.

Walking over to my daddy, I kissed his cheek and said, “Good morning daddy.” He looked up at me, smiled brightly and said, “Good morning baby girl.” 

My dad was my whole world. Cameron Samuels was the strongest, most handsome man in the world. He stood at 6’3, two hundred and fifty pounds. Some of it was muscle but over the years, my daddy started gaining a little belly. No matter the fact, my mother loved every inch of him. I got my caramel complexion from him.

“Well, Good morning to you too, Camaria.” My mother said sternly. Rolling my eyes to the back of my head, my sister laughed at me. My mother and I had a very strange relationship. I knew she loved me, and I loved her, but she wanted me to be like her and that just wasn’t going to happen.

Gwendolyn Samuels was chocolate bombshell back in her day, and at the age of forty-nine, my mother still turned heads. Both my sister and I got our frames from our mother. She had breasts and ass for days and she just passed it along to both of her daughter. When she married Cameron Samuels, she never had to lift a finger again. He gave her everything her hearts desired and all he asked in return was to make sure she took care of him and the house. She felt like we, as her daughters, should have admired her life. I did admire my mother, just not her life. I wanted my own and that was always an argument between us.

Instead of ignoring her and causing a fight, I just said, “Good morning mama.”

“Sis, you look good girl. You ready for your interview?” As soon as Camia finished her question, I heard my mother suck her teeth. 

Ignoring her, I just continued talking to my sister. “Yes girl. I can’t wait. I’ve been praying for this since I found out I had the interview.”

“I don’t understand why you want to go into the corporate world. That is no place for women. Look at your sister. Camia went to Tulane and found her a wonderful fiancé in Trent. Why couldn’t you have done the same?” This was a conversation we had often. The thing that pissed me off, was that she conveniently left out the fact that Camia dropped out of college because Trent wanted to start a family immediately. That wasn’t what my sister wanted. Camia wanted to be a teacher, but my mother filled her head, telling her that Trent would take care of her once they were married and had kids. That was a bunch of bullshit. Trent proposed alright. He proposed when Camia was twenty-two, and one semester away from graduating. Now she was twenty-six, had no job, letting my mother and Trent make all the decisions for her. 

I loved my sisterly dearly but that was not the life I wanted. I enjoyed doing things for myself. Working for my daddy had taught me how to be independent and I appreciated that. My mother and Camia just spent daddy’s money and never worked for anything. I refused to do that and let myself and my father down. She wanted us to marry someone for financial gain. I wanted to marry someone for love. Love was all that mattered to me.

“Gwen, leave my damn baby alone. Camaria has never judged you nor Camia for the decisions you made or the life you wanted for yourselves. Let her live her own life.” My daddy always came to my rescue but that did nothing but pissed my mother off.

“Cam, you’re always coming to her defense. You know she needs a man in her life to take care of her the way you do for me and Trent does for Camia. Shouldn’t every father want that for their daughter?” My mother asked standing with her hands planted on her wide hips.

Before my father could answer, we heard, “Camia, let’s go.” Trent yelled to my sister from the front door.

“Boy, don’t your ass have some fucking manners. You know better than to be yelling in my damn house.” Daddy yelled in Trent’s direction.

“Cam, leave that boy alone. He’s been around long enough to move around as he pleases.” My mother was always team Trent. I never understood why. Shit, anyone could tell Camia didn’t even really like him but she didn’t want to disappoint mama.

“You know what, I have to get to the shop. Good luck on your interview baby girl.” Daddy said, kissing my forehead. Moving towards Camia, he kissed her forehead too. “You and I need to talk when I get home.” 

Nodding her head shyly, she said, “Yes daddy.” 

He walked over to my mother, slapped her on the ass and said, “Leave my baby alone, now give me some sugar.” If anyone could tame my mother, it was damn sure Cameron Samuels. My mother may have drove me crazy, but I loved how she loved my daddy.

“Well, I should be leaving too. Ya’ll wish me luck.” My sister and I both got up to head out the door.

When she reached me, she hugged me tight and said, “Good luck, lil sis. You got this.” I hugged her even tighter and said, “You do too.” She knew what I meant, and I prayed one day, she decided to think for herself. I would help her any way I could.

“See you later Ma.” Grabbing my briefcase, I made my way to the door.

“Bye, Camaria. I hope your ass finds a man today.” Not even bothering to respond, I just walk out the door. 

Making my way to my Red 2018 Hyundai Sonata that I bought with the money I saved from working with my daddy all these years, I jumped in my car, and said a small prayer for safe travels and new beginnings.

Something in my heart felt good about this interview and I just knew this was made for me.



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