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Brandi Edwards is the girlfriend of famed NBA player, Calvin McClayton. The two have been together for years, and the public knows more about his infidelities than the love that the pair share. Facing beatdowns from Calvin’s angry fist became the norm for Brandi, but even the most brutal fiascos wouldn’t stop her love for him.

Fitzpatrick “Fitz” Williams is a suave, breathtakingly beautiful gentleman by day and King of the drug trade by night. Hailing from exotic roots, this Jamaican stud fell in love with Brandi the first second that he laid eyes on her. He stopped at nothing to get the woman of his dreams and showed her what real, non-violent love felt like, but when jealousy, betrayal, and undying hatred make their way into the picture, will this couple survive the blows?


Or will Brandi be trapped in Calvin’s clenches forever?



As Fitz and his crew strolled through the jam-packed club, they got eyes and attention from every angle of the large, rectangular room. Everybody around knew that they ran the streets of Miami, and there wasn’t one nigga who wouldn’t kill to be in their position, nor one female that wouldn’t kill to be in Fitz’s bed at the end of the night. He was the epitome of smooth; suave appearance, a powerful demeanor, and skin as smooth as butter was his MO. It was like he glided through the room on a cloud as the ladies flocked in a single file line to get to him, only to get rejected. His main man, Rodd, stood right next to him, enjoying the attention.

“Mane, all these hoes in here throwin’ ass at us and you ain’t fuckin with it? You crazy?” he asked as he pulled one of the thirst traps into his lap. Fitz put his hand out in front of him, finding the attention unattractive.

“Nah, bro. I ain’t lookin’ for all that. I just came to enjoy myself,” he replied.

The women were bad, no lie, but Fitz just wasn’t the kind of nigga to jump at anything with a fat ass. His ideal woman would possess class and morals, which none of these bitches seemed to have. Rodd shook his head and continued to entertain the broad that occupied his personal space.

“Suit yourself, bruh,” he said.

Quickly growing annoyed and feeling invaded, Fitz decided to let his boys have all the madness.

“Matter of fact,” he started, “I’ll catch up with y’all. I’m going to the bar.”

He swiftly made his way through the sea of women, dodging hands that attempted to latch onto his expensive threads until he made his way to the bar and took a seat. The bartender approached him to ask what he would like to drink, flashing a smile while she eyed him up and down.

“What can I get for you, Mr. Fitz?” she innocently asked. Fitz scanned the shelf of hard liquors until he made up his mind.

“Let me get some plain Cîroc on ice, please,” he replied, removing his wallet from his back pocket.

The bartender nodded her head in understanding before she walked off, making sure to add an extra switch to her walk in case Fitz was watching, which he was. Just then, a beautiful woman approached the bar and sat down beside him as the smell of her perfume filled his nostrils, instantly attracting his attention. He scanned her from head to toe; long jet black hair that reached the middle of her back, full lips that were occupied by a dark colored tint, beautiful skin, and curves that would make a deaf man scream. He instantly knew that she was everything he wanted just by the way she sat with her legs perfectly crossed, and he wasn’t leaving the club without her acquaintance.

“Hey, Miss Lady. Can I buy you a drink?” he asked, extending his hand. She looked at him without acknowledging his introduction, and smiled.

“I can buy my own drink. Thank you.”

Fitz could tell that she was fierce, and that only made him want to know her more. Despite his friendly gestures being shot down the first time, he tried again with a different approach.

“Well, I’m Fitz. You’re a very beautiful woman, and I wouldn’t mind making your acquaintance.” She turned to him again, laughing this time.

“I’m Brandi, and I’m not offering an acquaintance.” Then, she walked away.

After the bartender came back with his drink, he turned in his seat to get a better view of the mysterious beauty that caught his eye. She received love from almost every woman in the club, and that told him she had to be important. Her smile could be seen from a mile away as she walked through the crowd and up the stairs that led to VIP. He didn’t know her from a hole in the wall but he knew one thing: he could get pussy from anywhere, but the fact that this woman turned him down so easily made him more determined, and he would stop at nothing until he knew more about her.


After leaving the club early and departing from her friends, Brandi Edwards made her way back home to resume her life as it normally was. Her face was sore from all of the fake smiles that she gave, and she was just glad that the whole ordeal was done. Eyes were always on her because she was the girlfriend of one of the best players in the NBA- Calvin McClayton. She gained her fame from his name alone and even though she sometimes liked to be recognized by so many people, she disliked all the attention. Had she not been scheduled to make an appearance at the club that night, she would’ve stayed home and wallowed in her unhappiness, like always. She loved Calvin, true enough, but that didn’t take away from the loneliness that often plagued her. 

Unlocking the door and walking into the house, she scanned the living room looking for Calvin, who was nowhere to be found.

“I’m home,” she said as she ascended the stairs.

Calvin didn’t answer her, but waited for her to enter their room instead. Upon stepping into the doorway of their master suite, she was struck and knocked to the floor. He stood over her as she struggled to regain her composure from the powerful, unexpected blow.

“I can’t even send you to do an appearance without my people telling me that you was flirting with some bum ass nigga at the bar!” he yelled, spit flying from his mouth in the midst of a jealous rage. Brandi collected herself from the floor and ran into the bathroom, watching the blood trickle from her nose onto the fabric of her white dress. As she placed a wet towel to her face, she couldn’t help but to get angry at his accusations.

“I wasn’t flirting with anybody! The man only said hi to me, Calvin!” she lied.

Calvin walked into the bathroom and placed his hand around her neck, forcing her to cowardly back into the corner.

“Bitch, you lying! I should smack the fuck out you again! Clean yourself up. Hurry up!” he demanded. Brandi did as she was told as she cleaned her face and removed her blood-stained clothes, shaking her head. This was the daily routine of her life; get beat, clean herself up, go to bed, and have crazy make-up sex, only to be abused again the next day. Brandi had been with Calvin for five years and had she known that her life would become so turbulent, she would’ve rejected his advances. True enough, he took her away from a life of boredom and regularity, but that gave him no right to treat her the way that he did. She knew that she deserved better, but she loved him and she promised him that she would never leave. So, as the thoughts of leaving entered her head, she quickly shrugged them off before approaching the bed. She laid down beside him and waited for him to climb atop her, feeling disgusted in the process.