Giselle was a pop singer sensation, two-time Grammy winner and starred in her first movie.  She was about to marry the love of her life Levi Kingston, until the horrific event at their housewarming party leaves her in jail facing murder charges.  Giselle is devastated that all she has worked hard for has been ruined all because she couldn’t let go of her destructive relationship with Levi.  With the help of her family Giselle bravely faces what she has done and prepares to serve her time in jail.  After she completes her jail sentence, Giselle is ready for a fresh start and is ready to start her own record label, but that plan is met with adversity by Ebony Lee’s grieving mother.  Giselle stays strong and manages to open her record label and gets another opportunity that will further advance her career.  She soon finds love with Gavin Landers who happens to be the father of one of her artists.  Gavin is successful, grounded, and trustworthy.  He is just what she needs after her relationship with Levi.  But just when she thinks she is on the verge of having it all tragedy strikes.

Levi is stripped of his CEO title after the tragic events at his and Giselle’s housewarming party.  Levi is overcome with remorse after witnessing what his infidelity has done to Giselle’s life.  Levi is determined to win Giselle back, but new responsibilities threaten to kill all chances of that happening.  Levi’s life is on a downward spiral but he manages to regain his footing after receiving tough love from his uncle and mother.  Levi sees how well Giselle’s life is going without him and that makes him more determined to win her back.  He desperately wants to be a part of her life again, but Giselle is unwilling to give their relationship another chance.  After Levi sees she has moved on with Gavin, he feels he has lost her for good.  Levi tries one last desperate attempt to win her back, and it may just destroy both of their lives.



     Un-break my heart

     Say you’ll love me again

     Undo this hurt you caused

     When you walked out the door

     And walked out of my life

     Un-cry these tears

     I cried so many nights

     Un-break my heart

     My heart

     I belted out the lyrics of Toni Braxtons Un-break My Heart.  I was in the prison shower crying as I sung.  My tears were mixing in with the water.  I sang this song because it really grasped how I was feeling at the moment. My heart was broken.  Only someone who experienced true heartbreak could understand the power of this song.  My heart was worse than broken.  It was squashed; like someone stomped on it a million times.  In some weird and twisted way, I wished I could go back to the way things used to be between Levi and I, but I know it could never be now.  I slid down to the shower floor as the lukewarm water pelted down on me.  I didn’t care that I was getting my cast wet.

     “Monet your time is up.  Get out of the shower now!”  The correctional guard yelled from outside the shower room.”

     I had been in jail for a week.  I felt stuck in place.  My mind was in a fog.  After sitting there for another couple of minutes I slowly stood up and turned the shower off and got out.  I sluggishly dried myself off.  I felt drained.  It took so much energy to do rudimentary things.  I put on my jumpsuit and walked out of the shower room.  The correctional escorted me back to my cell.

     I laid back on the small bed and looked around the cramped cell.  It was a far cry from how I was used to living.  I was used to glamour and luxury.  As I laid there I began to reflect on my life.  When I was a child, I got so much joy out of singing.  I would walk all through the house singing and that brought my parents a lot of joy.  When I would play with my friends, I would sing for them.  They sometimes liked it and other times they were annoyed by it.  But it didn’t matter to me because it brought me great joy.  I had sung at talent shows and I won most of them.  My gift of singing couldn’t be denied.

     All of my hard work paid off when I got my big break at Kingston Records.  My mother and father were so proud of me.  Why did I have to let love get in the way?  Being around Levi, I couldn’t resist his charm, and he made me so happy, and I was excited to be dating the son of Lucas Kingston.  But after Lucas died our relationship started to deteriorate.  Levi stopped treating me like I was special to him.  He changed into someone I didn’t recognize.  I should have let it go then, but I had three years invested in the relationship and I didn’t want to give up on our love.  But that was a huge blunder on my part.  I should have just let go and pushed through the agony of losing him.  My mother told me repeatedly to let Levi go and focus on my career.  I was on the verge of having it all or so I thought.  I had one my second Grammy award.  My new movie was set to hit theaters in a few months, and I was about to marry the man of my dreams. 

     But then I caught him in bed with Ebony at our housewarming party in our new home.  I couldn’t believe he would disrespect me in that way.  To see them having sex killed me inside.  I felt a rage like never before...... and then Ebony was dead.  I was put in a back of a police car and now I could possibly spend the rest of my life behind bars, unless my lawyer could perform a miracle.

     “Monet, you have a visitor.”  the correctional officer told me as he unlocked my cell snapping me out of my thoughts.

     I got up and he escorted me to the visitation room.  I saw my mother sitting at one of the tables.  I started walking towards me.  When she saw me, a slight smile formed on her face, but I could see the worry behind her eyes.  This was my first time seeing my mother since I had been locked up.  I had called her after I was locked up and she hired a lawyer for me and told me she would see me soon.  I was glad to see her even though it was under dire circumstances.

     “Mom I’m so pleased you’re here.”  I said as I sat across from her.

     “Your father was supposed to come with me, but he had some business to handle at one of our hotels.  I think it was just an excuse.  I don’t think he can handle seeing you in jail.  How are you holding up?”

     It bothered me some that my father wasn’t here too, but I know he would come see me soon no matter how much it hurt him seeing me in jail.  “I’m trying to keep it together the best I can.”

     “You look like you lost weight.”

     “I haven’t been eating much.  I hate the food here.”  I let out a light laugh.  It wasn’t funny or a time to laugh but I wanted to break the tension.  It was awkward sitting in front of my mother under these circumstances.

     “Thomas told me about your bail hearing coming up in a few days.  He is an excellent lawyer and I’m confident he can get you out on bail.”

     I had faith in Thomas as well, but something else was on my mind.  “How are things at Kingston Records?”

     My mother stared at me and a vexed look came across her face.  “Are you really asking about Levi?”

     I abhorred the fact I was thinking about Levi.  This was all his fault.  I wanted to know if he was sorry or even cared about what I was going through at all.  Levi hadn’t even attempted to visit me, and I refused to use my telephone time to call him.

     My mother knew what I was really asking, so there was no need to act like I wasn’t referring to Levi.  “Has he reached out to you?”

     “No, he hasn’t.  The press has been hounding him, but he has been staying out of the public eye.  He hasn’t made any public comments.”

     “That’s just like him to be a coward.  All of this is his fault, and he can’t even make a comment and show some type of remorse.”  I felt that familiar rage started to churn inside me.

     “Hopefully Thomas can get you bail.”  my mother paused and she slightly frowned.  “I suggest you use this time of confinement to really search inside yourself and see if you can come up with an answer to why this really happened.  I love you and I’ll be back soon.”  My mother stood up abruptly from the table and starting walking towards the exit.

     I was speechless as I looked at my mother walking away.  We still had over thirty minutes left of our visit.  I assumed my mother would want to see and talk to me as long as she could being that my freedom was at stake.

     But something was off with my mother.  She seemed happy to see me, but she was a bit guarded like she was holding back on something.  I was going to remain faithful that Thomas could get me out on bail, so I could have a real talk with my mother.



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