I was born and raised in Philadelphia, I moved to Florida in 1999. I have been married for 2 1/2 years with 3 children 22,19 & 17. I always had an interest in writing as a teenager but never sat down and put my pen to the pad. Early on into adulthood I began writing poems as an outlet in order to deal with the domestic violence I was experiencing with my children's father. It wasn't until 2015 I found myself out of work and needed something to do with my spare time. So I began ghostwriting for an author and realized I had to talent to write my own books. In 2016 I signed with my first publishing company where I released my first 7 books. I currently have a total of 11 books under my belt looking forward to adding more. 


Feel free to download any of my reads a guarantee you won't be disappointed. 



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