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She'd given him everything and he only gave her one thing. And it's not the happily ever after he'd promised...


Since she was a teenager,  Nina Hogan was happy and so in love with the man of her dreams and soul mate Mackinaw Dupree. With a life of promise and joy ahead of them, something happens and everything suddenly changes.


Years later, Nina, who is over Mac and living her life, is unexpectedly reunited with Mackinaw, who is her new boss. With anger issues directed at Nina about the past, Mackinaw tries to maintain a professional relationship with her. That is easier said than done since he doesn't want to rehash the past with Nina, but he also wants to understand what happened between them. Unresolved issues lead them to get to know each other again in the midst of secrets and surprises, but will they be able to overcome everything and finally be together?


Enjoy the newest long anticipated standalone romance novel from L.J. Bowen.

Mac stood a mere few inches from her and Nina could swear she felt vibrating heat thumping from his body to encase her. With her heels on, they stood eye to eye and he glanced at her exposed cleavage that peeked from the open collar of her shirt.


“Again, I was asleep. So…” she shrugged nonchalantly.


Nina could easily move away from Mac, but her feet wouldn’t cooperate. Being this close to him brought back a bunch of exhilarating feelings and she pressed her lips together in annoyance. 


“You miss me. Admit it,” he said softly in a deep amorous voice that caused her to let out an irritated breath.  


“I’m not going to admit anything like that to stroke your big, over inflated ego,” she countered and their banter got his blood pumping.


“Speaking of stroking, you used to love doing that. In more ways than one.”


He stepped closer to her so their bodies barely touched one another. Mac could smell her scent that her perfume couldn’t conceal and he knew she was aroused. Hell, the growing erection in his pants told how he was feeling and he wanted her to touch him so bad.

The way he was feeling now and with their given history, Mac didn’t give a shit that they were seeing other people right now. Nina’s nipples hardened at his words and she wished her body wouldn’t react as such. But that physical attraction was one of the things they could never ignore and it had only gotten stronger. Nina had yet to respond, so Mac took her silence for him to keep talking.


“Did you breastfeed my son?” he questioned, running the side of his finger over her shirt, angling it along the curve of her left breast. 


“Stop it.” 


Nina’s weak words came out as a husky pant, her hands balled into fists at her side. It was the only thing she could do to stop herself from grabbing onto Mac. 


“I’m not doing anything, wife. It’s a simple question. Did you… son?”


With each word, Mac smoothly unbuttoned the top five buttons of her blouse until the black lace bra was exposed. Her breasts filled the sexy lingerie to the point they almost spilled over and his mouth watered at the tempting flesh. 


“I’m not your wife and we’re not doing this. You and I are both seeing other people.”


She placed her hands on his chest to push him away, but they stood stationary on the hard, muscled torso. He leaned in to take a deep whiff of the light but stimulating perfume that lingered on her neck. It was a fruity, magnolia mixture and he could spend all day inhaling her skin. 


Nina couldn’t believe she had yet to push Mac away but having him in her personal space was doing something to her. It felt right, calm and rehashed the dream she had that, according to Mac, wasn’t a dream after all.


“And what if I don’t want us to see other people? What if I want us to try again?” Mac’s questions caused a flash of fury to pass over her and she shoved him away before fixing her blouse.


He must think he’s slick! A few whispered words and the undoing of her shirt and Mac thought she’d be putty in his hands. Well, he had a thing or two to learn that she wasn’t the person he remembered.


“What if you weren’t full of bullshit? You’re only saying that because you’re feeling some type of way now that you know about Atticus. I know for sure you weren’t thinking about me six months ago or even a year ago,” Nina stated, her eyes shooting flames at Mac.


Her words caused heated anger to fill him because she had no idea what he’d thought over the years. He crossed his arms over his chest, not caring that his erection was still at full mast.


“Don’t tell me what I’ve thought about, Nina.”


“And don’t play with my emotions, Mackinaw. I’ll work for you because I love my job and I’ll even let you spend time with Atticus because I won’t deny you having a relationship with him. But beyond that, we don’t have to talk or be around each other. You’re my boss. I’m your employee. End of story.”


Her speech was firm and solid; however, she was confused when he smiled and wondered what it was all about.


“Did I say something to amuse you?”


“You only call me Mackinaw when you’re mad.”


“Then that should tell you something.”


She turned to leave the office and yelped with surprise when Mac’s hands pressed on the door from behind her and she became trapped between his hot, intimidating body and the cool, wooden door. Using his left hand, Mac cupped Nina’s chin and pushed her head back until it was on his shoulder. He inhaled and exhaled the warm perfumed skin of her neck while brushing the side of his face with hers.


“Yes, you do work for me, Nina. But you’re also the mother of my son and that comes first. This time apart doesn’t erase the chemistry we obviously still have.”


His hand left the door frame and he slowly drew it down her body to slide up her skirt. He hadn’t touched the throbbing area between her legs as his fingers brushed the silky skin of her inner thigh, each stroke slightly moving upwards toward the intended goal. Mac intentionally pressed his erection against her buttocks and she let out a restrained moan. 


One of her hands went to cup the back of his neck and the other one joined Mac’s hand under her skirt. Feeling him caressing her skin made Nina whimper and a new set of unfamiliar feelings washed over her. It also didn’t make the situation better when she thought that this single interaction with Mac was more erotic than anything she ever shared with Christopher. 


“Tell me you don’t feel it, Nina. You tell me you don’t feel it now and you didn’t feel it in your bedroom. You say those four words and I’ll walk away. It’ll be business and co-parenting only,” Mac uttered in her ear, applying slight pressure to her chin.


She didn’t have the heart to say the words that she knew weren’t true. Even before Mac had confirmed things, she knew what had happened over the weekend had been real. She’d tried to tell herself otherwise, but it was useless. Their time together in the past was too much to be ignored.


She shook her head with the slightest head motion and moaned in her throat when his hand covered her mound. He was still feeling her up over her panties, causing her heartbeat to increase its pace.


“Mac…we can’t do this,” Nina stated in a low voice, her hips gyrating side to side to sway her butt over his enlarged manhood.


“Why not? We’re consenting adults,” he replied, his breath tickling the delicate skin at her ear.


She shook her head again and pushed away from Mac, fixing her clothes in the process. 


“We’re seeing people and we’re not at that place anymore,” she told him before departing the office. 


The move didn’t give Mac any time to respond and he let out a loud curse. He walked around in circles, waiting for his body to calm down and for the hard-on to go away before he could function again. Besides getting to put his hands on Nina again, the only consolation he got was that she hadn’t told him that she didn’t want him.



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