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Tranaya “Naya” Morgan was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Storytelling arose naturally for her as she would always create romantic fantasies for her cousins when they were only young enough to dream. Her love for urban literature came at an early age when she would sneak off with her mother and grandmother’s books and become deeply enthralled. But she only developed a love for writing after the tragic loss of her mother at only eleven-years-old, when it became her way of escaping her sad reality. 


At Twenty-four, her main priority is being a mother to her two beautiful daughters. But her love for writing never wavered as she has 10 previously published books and plenty more in the works. In her writing, she aims to share her life experiences through scenic love stories while taking readers on an intense adventure. 


FB: Naya Naya

IG: @_writingmywrongs

Check out her releases below...

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