Christina St. John in New York, New York is concerned something is going on with her PR firm because for the past several months she has lost two accounts per month. Matthew Phillips, II in Los Angeles, CA is ready to take a break from working so hard at his law firm. Christina reaches out to Matthew for some advice on her company and they meet-up in Memphis, Tennessee for Christina brother, Michael St. John, II surprise birthday party.

   After spending time together before the party and after the party, Matthew and Christina realize they are attracted to each other and start a long-distant relationship. They fall in love and everything is great until Christina lose a major account and she puts everything on hold including her love life. Christina cancels all plans with Matthew to focus on saving her company. Matthew decides to surprise her by going to New York to help her save her company, but it backfires, and they have a huge fight, the next day Christina leaves to go to her office to work and Matthew goes back to LA. They both know it is over.

    Heartbroken that she has pushed the only man she has ever loved away but focus on finding out who is destroying her company. Matthew turns to his two best friends James Thomas and Michael St. John, II the best friends have a bond that can never be broken, and they drop everything to be with their friend. Christina and her assistant Jackie Martin figure out Robert Jackson VP of Marketing is stealing Christina clients to open his own PR firm.

    While Christina VP of Public Relations, Marsha Klein who is her right-hand person and college friend is out trying to get new business, informs her that Robert has a gambling problem which is why he might be doing this. Christina devised a plan to get Robert to show his face as the owner of the PR firm to get her clients back. She pretends to be Madame Angelique De Clouet from France who is CEO and owner of a wine cellar who needs a PR firm to represent them in New York.

   Everything is set-up for the owner of the new PR firm to meet with Angelique De Clouet. Christina in disguise as Angelique is ready to face Robert but when the door opens Christina gasps…in walks Marsha Klein her right-hand person and friend. Devastated that her entire life has been destroyed from her company to losing Matthew. She realizes how blind she has been to everything and how she did not know how to let someone be there for her or how to really love. Christina decides to close the business and goes back home to Memphis to find herself.  

    Sick when she get home with an ulcer, she spends time discovering who she is and even though she wants to call Matthew she feels she is still not ready but Christina dad and Matthew dad who have been secret matchmakers feels she is ready. They call Matthew in LA to tell him Christina was back home, and she is extremely sick. Matthew drops everything to go home and confess his love for her and she tells him she now knows how to love, and she can now share her life with someone. Matthew asks her to marry him, she says yes, and this will be their New Beginnings.



Seven Months Later:


“Why?” Matthew Phillips, II mumbles to himself staring out of his French doors while standing in his condo located in Marina del Rey, CA. Hurt, and confused on how everything was so good when suddenly his whole world has now fallen apart. Falling in love was not on his radar because business always came first but when he reconnected with his best friend sister his entire life changed. She walked into his life and nothing has been the same since. It all started months ago in May when he got a phone call out of the blue.


May 1st:


    Christina St. John rushing out of her office when her personal assistant and confidant, Jackie Martin yells out to her she has messages for her including one from her father.

She stops at the door lips pressed together sighs. “I’ll call you as soon as I get downstairs to grab a taxi, so I won’t be late for my meeting.”

     Flagging a taxi in the hectic Manhattan traffic in New York in front of the Sony Building where her public relations firm St. John Public Relations is on Madison Ave. “Look, I don’t care what he says the answer is no!” Christina rolls her eyes shouting into her iPhone.

    “Okay…if you say so,” Jackie replied, because she knows better than to debate with her boss when she is in this type of mood.

    “We’ve gone over this, over and over. Just because since the first of January I have lost some small accounts, I am not about to jeopardize my company and its reputation. Not to work with a company I do not believe in what they represent. It’s not worth it.”

    “Okay.” Jackie twirls a pen on her desk. “Marsha wants me to remind you of your six thirty dinner meeting and your dad called. He wants you to call him with your flight information, and before you ask no I did not tell him you are not coming. He’s your father, not mine.”

    Christina jumps into the taxi giving the driver the address in Brooklyn where she is meeting her client. “All right, I’ll call him now to let him know I won’t be able to make it, I’m sure he’ll understand. Tell Marsha I’ll meet her there at about six fifteen and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    She takes this opportunity to close her eyes and rest her head on the back of the taxi headrest. Tired and frustrated from all the business issues with her company, she wants this moment to regroup before meeting her client. These past five months she has tried to let go the anxiety she keeps having in the pit of her stomach every time a client leave. Shrugging it off the first three months but now her instincts will not allow her to keep ignoring what is happening. Taking a deep breath because she dreads the call, she must make but might as well do it while she rides from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

    “Hey you called?”

    “What time is your flight arriving?” he asked.

    “Daddy.” Christina taps her fingers on the arm rest of the taxi do not want to tell him her decision. “I won’t be able to make it to Michael’s surprise birthday party I’ve just got too much going on here.”

    “You promised you would be here; everybody is coming in at least his only sister can show up.”

    “I have some major business issues going on and I really can’t leave town right now. There’re some things going on with my company I can’t figure out what to do about or why it’s happening.” She squeezed her eyes tight to fight back a tension headache she feels coming on.

   “If you have company problems you should call Matthew Phillips for some advice. He specializes in company mergers at his law firm. He can help you with any company problems you are having. Here is his office phone number.”

    “Okay give me his number?” Christina tight-lipped smile because she knows her father will not stop unless she asked for the number to call someone she has not talked to in years.

    “Read me the number back?” Michael St. John Sr. raises one eyebrow knowing his daughter did not even write the number down.

    Christina laughs. “You know me to well. Give it to me again, and I promise I’ll write it down.”

    “Try to make it this weekend for the party.”

    “I’ll let you know for sure. I love you.”


Christina writes Matthew’s number on the back of a business card and throws it into her bag. She is about five minutes away from her client office, so she decides to look over the proposal one more time; this should be easy, because they had been one of her clients for years.

    Christina walks into the meeting standing tall because Jones and Jones have used her for all their public relations and marketing campaigns for the last three years. Robert Jones and his brother, Mark are her easiest clients, so this should be a breeze.

    “Good afternoon gentlemen… let’s get down to business.” She pulls out their proposal from her briefcase to start the meeting.


After three hours of talking, Christina walks out of their office in a daze because not only did they reject the campaign but released her from all her services. This was supposed to be a breeze; now she is confused on who has offered them a better campaign and new PR and marketing services after asking over and over they will not reveal who it is. Walking to the elevator she is racking her brain trying to figure out what new PR company has opened that possible can be stealing her clients. In shock, because she has always handled all their company public relations and they always seemed happy about the results. Now she must face they do not want or need her services anymore.





Christina blinks at the bright sunshine after walking out of the building where she stands on the sidewalk looking for a taxi. Tears swelling in her eyes while several taxis past her by until one finally stops. Leaning back in the taxi wide-eyed and staring into space realize she just lost another client her hands grip onto the taxi door handle knows what she needs to do. Digging through her Chanel handbag to find the business card she wrote Matthew Phillips phone number on because it is time to make that call.







On the other side of the country in Los Angeles, CA Matthew Phillips II, looks out the conference room window at the magnificent view of the courtyard thinking about how far he has come from building his law firm from the ground up. Happy his firm has so much work, but he could use some down time for his personal life. Working nonstop building his company in the last six years it might be the time to slow down after this new merger since it is a big one which can secure his firm’s future. He decides right at this moment he needs a real vacation with no work, no phones, and no clients.

    “Matt, we’re ready whenever you are.” His senior attorney who has been with him from the very beginning. “I’ve got both company profiles with all their assets, and from looking over things, this is going to be a good one.”

    Just as Matthew is about to get started, his personal assistant, Nicole comes into the conference room to tell him he has a phone call.

    She beckons for him to come to the door, because she does not want the others to hear. “Matt…there is a Christina St. John on the phone for you, she said she’s Michael St John’s sister and she really needs to speak with you.”

    Matthew heart drop, wondering why Christina, Michael’s sister is calling him unless something has happened to his best friend. He has not spoken to her in years. He immediately tells his staff he will be right back rushes out the door to his office.

    “Hey…Christina, what’s going on?” His heart beating fast bits his lip because he knows she has some bad news.

    “Matthew… I am sorry to interrupt your day, but I was wondering if you have a minute to talk to me about something. I know we have not spoken to each other in years, but my dad said you would be the best person to talk to about this situation. Do you have a moment?”

    Matthew can feel his heartbeat slowing down to a regular heart rate. “Sure. I thought something had happened to Michael or your parents, is everyone okay?”

   Her emotions are so torn up from the meeting she just had that his reactions from getting this phone call out of the blue from her does not cross her mind. “I’m sorry Matthew, I didn’t mean to startle you, and yes everyone is fine. I need some feedback from you concerning my business. I live in New York now and have owned my own public relations firm for the last five years. My dad said you are an attorney who specializes in company’s mergers.”

    “Yeah…I’ve owned my own law firm for about six years now. We work with major companies when they want to merge with another company and we also work with companies when they want to do a takeover, which can be ugly at times, but it is part of the job. Are you planning on merging with another PR firm and you want to know how it works?”

     Christina shaky voice stares out the taxi window on her ride back into Manhattan fights back the tears. “No… I don’t want to merge with anyone.”

    “What’s going on Christina? I know I haven’t seen or talked to you in a long time, but I can tell in your voice you seem upset.”

    Christina mind is going a hundred miles per minute, she knows something is not right or is all this just in her head and she is imagining things. “For the last five months, something has been going on and I’ve not been able to pinpoint what it is. It all started with some small accounts leaving and the first few I did not pay any attention too, until it kept happening. Now, after this meeting I just had and losing this account my gut is telling me something is going on. I think someone is trying to sabotage my company to take it away from me.”



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