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Nikita Greely, pen name Nicole Dior, is a thirty-one-year-old mother of one amazing daughter and a handsome son who are twelve and three. Born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. She had been writing since she was eleven years old, but never took it seriously until she turned fifteen. She wrote her first unpublished series in 2013 via Wattpad entitled Chanel & Jacquees: Road to Fame which was a fan fiction novel that told the story of two aspiring music artist on their journey in the music industry and everything they endured along the way. It was a six-book series (almost seven) and featured two spinoff novels which are still very popular today!


Before Nicole left Wattpad, she had penned over thirty works that her readers have loved. In February of 2016, she signed a contract with Charmanie Saquea under her company Charmed Pages Publications which is where she completed her first series The Streets or Me: A Louisiana Love Story and went on to complete its spinoff Only in Love and War. In July of that same year, she signed with Royalty Publishing House with Porscha Sterling as her new publisher. She went on to release three new series in January of 2017 entitled My California King: Dream and King’s Love Story which turned out to be a three part series with its spinoff Like Romeo and Juliet(Part 1), then came her first collaboration with Author Vaneecia entitled Falling for the Illest: King Karter and Shyne which became a best-selling series. Afterwards, she penned Crescent City Blues where she gave readers pieces of her life through Nyilah Jacobs’ eyes.


Later that year, she teamed with the amazing Kendra King and several other amazing writers to create the movement that was and still is THICK THIGHS SAVE LIVES 1&2 where they took you into the lives of SIXTEEN BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. In July of 2018, Nicole signed to Urban Chapters Publications where she released several chart-topping novels and novellas for her readers to enjoy. Almost four years in the industry, Nicole is now signed to Major Key Publishing with several new releases in the works.


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Facebook: Nicole Dior (Nikki D.)

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Facebook Reading Group: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Instagram: @i_am_dior_royalty

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