Chelsea Dunn was working as a loan officer in Manhattan, New York, when she meets, Alexander Daniels, who is charming and wealthy and owns a global investment firm.  He sweeps her off her feet and they marry a year later.  Chelsea is enjoying living a charmed life until three years into her marriage she finds herself in a police interrogation room having to answer for her husband’s crimes.  Alexander is on the run and has left Chelsea all alone to deal with the aftermath of his dirty deeds.  Chelsea insists she’s innocent and knows nothing about her husband's illegal activity, but the police still scrutinize her and put her under investigation. 


Chelsea loses her home and cars and is forced to move back to Queens with her mother.  Chelsea is devastated and lost, but she slowly picks up the pieces of her life.  She then gets a second chance at love when she meets handsome heavy weight boxer Brian “The Machine” Johnson.

Brian Johnson is at the top of his game in the boxing world.  He is currently undefeated.  But love is something that he is afraid of because of the tragic love story of his parents.  His relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kyra didn’t work out but they have a beautiful three-year-old daughter, Alyssa, to show for it.  When Brian meets Chelsea, he is quickly smitten, Chelsea is beautiful and a Christian and helps to guide his life on the right path. He believes that love is on the horizon for him.

Brian and Chelsea fall deeply in love and set their wedding day for New Year’s Day, but Chelsea’s past and Brian’s current situation threaten to halt their nuptials.  Will Chelsea and Brian be able to get through all the debris that lie in their path to bliss?



     “We don’t believe for a minute that you didn’t know what your husband was up to or where he is.  Now tell us where he is now!”  The stocky policeman yelled in my face leaving the aroma of his stale breath floating up my nose.

     “I told you I don’t know anything about it, and I don’t have a clue where he could be.”  I said as my bottom lip trembled.”  I was so nervous sweat was starting to run down my back.”

     “I see you want to make this hard for yourself.  Over a hundred of people are out of millions of dollars because of your husband, and maybe you too?”  the second police officer said as he tilted his head to the side.

     They both were trying to intimidate me, but I had nothing to tell them.  I was going through so many emotions.  I felt angry, hurt, and confused.  I had just found out my husband Alex had been running a Ponzi scheme.  He had left and disappeared and left many families destitute.  The police had sieged our house and cars.  They took my computers, tablets, and cell phone.  They were going to freeze our bank accounts, but Alex emptied our bank accounts before he disappeared.   He left me broke and having to answer for his misdeeds.  They were giving me thirty days to move out of our home.  But I was going to move out tonight and in with my mother.  I was not going to stay at that house knowing the police had surveillance around it.  I knew they were going to wait and see if Alex was going to make an appearance.

     I looked at the two angry officers before me.  They were coming down hard on me.  They had accused me of lying about my husband’s whereabouts and being oblivious to the Ponzi scheme.  They thought I was going to sneak away and go meet up with Alex later.  They had called my husband’s parents in Vermont and they said they hadn’t seen him.  They were going to send some officers to talk to them, but it was me that were their main focus.

     “Mrs. Daniels, it would be in your best interest to tell us everything you know.  If you don’t you could possibly be put behind bars.”  the stocky police officer said.

     “That’s not going to happen because I’m innocent.”  I said truthfully.

     The stocky officer banged his fist down on the table knocking over the cup of water on the table and I jumped back caught off guard.

     “Calm down.”  his partner said to him.

     “I’m trying to, but she doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation.”

     “Oh, I understand it, but I don’t have anything to tell you.”

     “So, you say.”  The stocky officer looked so angry a vein popped out on his forehead.  “Look we are going to leave and give you some time to decide to tell us the truth.”  he said and they both left the interrogation room.

     I rubbed my temples to try to sooth the throbbing in my forehead.  I was going to be embarrassed to go home to my mother and tell her what Alex had been up to.  My mother felt that I shouldn’t have given up my job and become dependent on Alex.  I met Alexander Daniels three years ago in Manhattan New York where we are currently living.  I was a loan officer and was taking a quick lunch break at a nearby deli.  It was a busy day at the bank, and I was in a hurry and when I turned around, I spilled my drink on him.  I apologized profusely.  He told me it was okay and asked me why I was in such a hurry.  Even though I was in a hurry I couldn’t help but talk to the handsome gentleman in front of me.  He was tall and had a smooth brown complexion.  He wore an expensive suit and held a briefcase in his hand.  I ended up taking my lunch break with him and we made small talk.  From then on, we went out on more dates, and I really started to like him.  I was impressed that he owned a global investment firm.  He was worth millions and he wined and dined me with his money.  He was ten years older, but he was a good fit for me.

     He told me he saw how stressed I was sometimes with my job and he offered to take care of me.  I agreed to it.  He was making millions of dollars and it felt good to not have to work for a change.  I had worked hard all my life.  I didn’t ask any questions about anything.  He provided me with everything I needed and wanted.  We got married a year later, and I spent my days shopping and relaxing and I didn’t worry about money.  I had been to his place of business to take him to lunch on occasions.  Everything seemed legit. Until now.  I was sitting in an interrogation room at the police station being accused of having knowledge of the Ponzi scheme my husband was running.

     I knew nothing about the Ponzi scheme.  I was furious with Alex.  He had disappeared and left many families destitute.  Including me.  I was left with nothing.  I cried as I thought of my current predicament.  My life had crumbled right before my eyes.  I had just arrived home after having lunch with my friend Cornelia.  The police drove in quickly behind me as I got out of my car.  I thought I was going to faint when they told me they had a warrant for Alex’s arrest and then told me the charges he was facing.  He had been running a Ponzi scheme and scammed people out of millions of dollars.  I was sure this was going to be on the news, and everyone would know about it.

     The police went inside our huge mansion to look for Alex.  They asked me where I thought he could be.  I told them he went to work as usual.  I stood there frozen looking dumb as they searched the house for Alex.  They confiscated all my computers, tablets, and cell phone.  Once they realized he wasn’t there, they took me to the police station to question me.

     The door opened jolting me out of my thoughts.

     “Now Mrs. Daniel are you going to tell us the truth now?” the stocky police officer asked me.  He was holding my cell phone in his hand.

     I remained silent as I stared at him.  I already told him I didn’t know anything.  What else did he expect me to say?

     “The silent treatment isn’t going to work Mrs. Daniels.”  his partner chimed in.

     “I already told you I don’t know anything.  I was shocked when you told me all Alex’s has done.  Now let me go.”  I said through clenched teeth.

     The stocky officer raised his eyebrow and starting chuckling.  “I see you’re upset now.  The guilt of what you and your husband did to those people are getting to you and it should be.”

     I looked at the smirk on his face.  I refused to let him trick me into a coerced confession.  “I want a lawyer.”

     The smirk vanished from the stocky officer’s face.

     I should have asked for a lawyer sooner, but I didn’t think it was necessary because I was innocent.  They had been questioning me for three hours, hoping they could trip me up.  It was now being put to a stop.

     “Very well then.  Here is your cell phone, we got all the information we need off it.  But we’re holding on to your other devices for now.  You are free to go, but don’t get too comfortable because we will be contacting you as soon as more evidence becomes available.”  his partner said in a cocky voice.

     I took my cell phone.  I wasn’t stupid they probably had my cell phone bugged, but that was okay.  They weren't going to catch me in anything.  And if Alex called, I wanted them to hear everything he had to say anyway.  Two buttholes.  I stood up and gave them the evil eye before leaving the police station.



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