Born in Sparkbrook in the city of Birmingham, Tyrese ‘Ty’ Smith is a successful business owner of a classy strip club named Candyland.  He’s a wealthy very good-looking man with a nice big apartment, nice car and two bad ass girlfriends. He has it all but his life suddenly was short lived as he’s been murdered. 

When his younger sister Katrina ‘Trina’ Smith learns from Detective Michaels of her brother’s murder, she vows to get revenge on the person who murdered Ty. Determined to uncover the truth, she pretends to ‘date’ this guy.

Ty and Trina’s mother Dora Smith discovers from the lawyer that her son has left Trina Candyland and gave all of his money equally to her and their mother as well. As soon as someone hears about the will, they plan to take everything from Katrina and Dora even if they have to kill them for it.