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What happens when you use your pretty face to do accomplish your dirty deeds? A lot of jaw dropping, nail biting, edge of your seat chaos. In Pretty Girl Savage: Tainted Love you’ll read about three women who strongly believe in if you want something you have to take it.

In Cherish: A Cautionary Tale: Cherish Holmes is in her final quarter of college. With her dream job secured upon graduation Cherish is on easy street counting down the days until she’ marching across the stage receiving her bachelor’s degree. Riding her high she is called in to the dean’s office to learn her tuition hasn’t been paid in months. The fees need to be paid immediately or she will no longer be able to attend school. Facing a short turn around to have the past due balance paid in full Cherish feels as though she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place until she receives a call from her past setting in motion a high-end hustle in her hometown.

In Bree: Proceed with Caution: Fashion Designer Bree Anderson is fed up with the philandering ways of her boyfriend Cordell Stewart. He’s given her a promise ring vowing to do right by her, but all he’s been doing is constantly breaking them much to Bree’s annoyance. After Cordell’s latest public embarrassment Bree decides to take matters into her own hands to serve Cordell a huge serving of humble pie. Upon embarking upon this quest Bree learns looks are deceiving and everyone that is a shoulder to cry on doesn’t necessarily have your best interest at heart.

Last but certainly not least you’ll read about Areli Quells in Don’t Mess with A Savage. Recently divorced Areli has turned to Tinder to try her hand at dating again. With high expectations Areli is disappointed to discover her pretty face and tight body is what a majority of men are swiping right for. So much for finding love and companionship. Fed up with being the flavor of the week Areli vows to make the next man pay tremendously for wasting her time and energy. Her goal is to make him leery of approaching another woman without thinking about Areli.

In all three stories each woman will unleash her inner savage. Will she get caught up in her scheme failing miserably? Or will she ride off into the sunset basking in the glory of her scheme?


I nervously tapped my left brown booted foot soundlessly on the worn beige carpeted rug. I was seated in the Dean of student affairs office yet again. Dean Bishop flipped several pages in my personal file before he turned his undivided attention towards me. Under his intimidating pecan brown gaze, I began tapping my blood orange acrylic fingers up and down against the armrest of the ramrod straight wooden chair. 

For the last four years I’ve been enrolled at Central Washington University studying to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. I wanted to become a P.E. teacher at Lincoln High, the school I attended and graduated from four years earlier. I practically had the job, because the current P.E. teacher was ready to retire. All I had to do was get my degree, interview with the superintendent, who happened to be my favorite uncle, the job was as good as mine.

During my four-year tenure at CWU I’d never been summoned to the Dean’s office. Now that I was in the homestretch of my senior year it felt like I was in this damn office at least once a week either on the behalf of one of my peers to explain a misunderstanding or sort out some type of program funding since I was the president of the school. Today when I’d been summoned I was learned that it was my affairs that the Dean wanted to discuss. I knew for a fact I hadn’t done anything to warrant this impromptu office meeting, but alas here I was in the office finding out why I’d been summoned here in the first place. Dean Bishop cleared his throat,

“Cherish it’s been brought to my attention that your tuition wasn’t paid at the start of winter quarter and apparently there hasn’t been any payment received for the spring quarter either. The school needs a full payment, or you will not be able to march across the stage come graduation time in June.” Dean Bishop said.

I looked at him in shock. I was literally weeks away from receiving my bachelor’s degree. Now he was telling me I wouldn’t be able to march because of missing tuition payments.

“Sir, what you’re telling me couldn’t possibly be true. My parents have my tuition charges automatically withdrawn on the dates that tuition is due.” I said.

Dean Bishop feverishly flipped through my file,

“Ah yes. At one point there was a checking account attached to your school financial account. But back in January an automatic debit returned as insufficient funds. The cashier even resent the charge to the account because oversights do happen, especially coming off of the holidays. But the cashier was informed by your bank that the account had been closed for months. The cashier also tried to contact your parents, but the phone was disconnected.” Dean Bishop said.

I let out a frustrated sigh. I wasn’t surprised to hear my parents, well specifically my mom had let the account closed. This broad had one job and she couldn’t even do that shit right.

“How much time do I have to pay before you guys talk about throwing me out of school?” I asked.

This wasn’t the time to beat around the bush. I knew how this shit went. If there was no money paid, I knew they were not going to allow me to come back to class to finish the semester. Even with me being so close to the finish line the school didn’t give a fuck, especially if I didn’t pay them their money. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put that shit on my credit as soon as I went into default. I didn’t put anything past anyone nowadays.

“Cherish we would never do that to you.” Dean Bishop stated.

I gave him a ‘now you know you lying’ look, because I didn’t believe that bullshit for one second. He wasn’t fooling me with that phoniness. I knew a hell of a lot better. People acted funny when it came to money especially when it was lent out. 

“Cherish, you have one week to have your tuition paid in full or you’ll be forced to disenroll at CWU.” Dean Bishop stated sheepishly.

I nodded in understanding, “I need you to write down the total amount that I owe.” I said standing.

Dean Bishop did as he was told. Finished he placed the yellow sticky note into the palm of my hand,

“Cherish I tried as hard as I could to give you extra time to have the money turned in, but the cashier was adamant on giving you just a week.” Dean Bishop said sheepishly.

I glanced at the amount he’d written down and did a double take as my eyes grew wide with surprise! Where the fuck was I going to get $25,000 in one week?