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Jasmine Washington had everything she wanted in life. Her boyfriend Corey treated her like the princess that she was and her friends had her back. With a great job, there wasn't anything else that she could ask for. 

Corey was her Prince Charming and everything was all going good until it wasn't. Without warning, he began to change for the worse. Jasmine has to decide if she wants to stick it out with Corey or get used to his unpredictable behavior. But when someone from her past resurfaces it just complicates her life more than it already is. 

Regardless of what she decides her girlfriends will have her back every step of the way. The question is, will she have theirs when things begin to change? In this novel, friends become lovers, and lovers become enemies. Jasmine will finally learn the meaning of true love and true friendship.

A Love Story Straight Out of Saint Louis 2

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