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You ever fall so deep in love with someone, try it out, end up breaking up and now you can't be friends?

Take Nevaeh and Quamee for instance. Growing up on the same block, they've always had a thing for one another. Quamee being her brother Jaleel's best friend and Nevaeh being his sister Joy's best friend doesn't help at all. The two are constantly around each other, so it's impossible to ignore what the other is doing. Finally giving each other a chance, the relationship doesn't last long. A year later and both are doing their own thing. The problem, they hate seeing each other with somebody else. Can these two learn to move on? Or, will their feelings push them apart for good?

Joy and Jaleel have been together for the past six years. Jaleel is all Joy knows, but Jaleel can't say the same. He's had a few slip-ups here and there. Joy just takes and takes. She can't see herself with nobody else. When Jaleel pushes her too far, what happens? Will she finally reach her breaking point and end things, or will Jaleel get a pass like always?

Stefe and Iman were made for one another, or so they think. With so many things in common, what sets them apart? Iman is ready to settle down, move in and get married. Stefe feels he's moving too fast and they have plenty of time to do all of those things. She has things she still wants to accomplish. Will her rejections push Iman away? Will his moving too fast push her away?

Will any of these couples survive, or are they better off apart?

Caught In My Feelings For A Savage

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