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Skye Grayson is young, beautiful, intelligent, and independent. She takes pride in doing things for herself, without asking a man for anything. When she finds herself unemployed with hardly any money to pay her rent, and barely any food to eat, she feels terrified of the unknown. But little does she know, her life is about to make a complete turnaround when she meets Sean Williams.

Skye finds it hard to resist Sean’s good looks, his sexy swag, and his fat bank account. Feeling like she found the man of her dreams, she ignores all the warning signs that say Sean just isn’t right for her. Never has Skye been showered with so much money without lifting her pretty, little finger, but there is always a price to pay for the luxuries in life.

When Skye learns that she is pregnant with Sean’s baby, she is beyond excited and believes that this baby will take her and Sean’s relationship to the next level, but Skye will soon realize an awful truth. When she becomes aware that Sean has been lying to her since day one and is harboring a whole bunch of secrets, she is devastated and heart broken.

Mona is Skye’s baby sister and has been with her baby daddy, Quint, for six years with two kids together. Mona loves her man deeply, but Quint just can’t be faithful. After being cheated on numerous times, Mona can’t even find it in her heart to shed another tear. But when she learns that Quint is sleeping around with someone at his job and plans on leaving her, Mona decides that it’s time for a change. No longer will she let Quint get away with his lying, cheating, and disrespecting her. Mona is planning on taking her power back, but how far will Mona go to teach Quint his lesson?

He Loves The Savage In Me

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