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Who can you trust if you can't even trust your own family?

Keisha Jones has been lied to and emotionally abused all her life. Jealousy and hate run deeply in her veins for her parents and her older sister, Shay. Growing up in the Jones’ household hasn’t been easy for Keisha, but she manages to push through with the help of her long-time boyfriend, Deon. Deon is the man who makes Keisha’s rainy days turn sunny again, but when he is brutally killed, Keisha finds herself facing this cold world all alone.

Just when Keisha thinks her whole life is about to collapse, she finds herself catching feelings for her sister’s boyfriend. Even though Keisha knows her sister’s man is off limits, she still finds herself craving his attention. For once, Keisha wants to be happy and if that means taking her sister’s man, then she is willing to do whatever for the cost of her own happiness.

But nothing and no one can prepare Keisha for the betrayal that she will soon face. Secrets will be revealed, betrayal will run even deeper, and Keisha will be forced to learn the awful truth: Nothing and no one are who they appear to be.

Kiss Me Where It Hurts

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