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Just when Keisha and Chris believe they have gotten away with the unthinkable, both of their worlds come crashing down. They will have to put their differences aside and work together to figure out who is lurking in the shadows and waiting to spill out their deepest, darkest secrets. In the midst of all the chaos, Keisha and Chris eventually find themselves falling in love with one another, but will their love have a chance to flourish, or will their dirty deeds come back to haunt them both?

When Trish learns that Nina is missing, she begins to worry that something horrible has happened to her. Trish does what any friend would do if their best friend went missing; she tries searching for Nina, but she gets nowhere. Just when Trish decides to give up, she ends up meeting Toya. As Toya and Trish start to become closer, their relationship soon takes a dramatic turn in a direction that Trish would have never expected.

As Trish digs deeper into Nina’s disappearance, she learns the awful truth about Toya and the many secrets that she is harboring. When Toya offers Trish closure, pertaining to Nina’s death, Trish will have to make a decision. Will she look the other way and do nothing, or will she finally step up to the plate and get her hands dirty?

Kiss Me Where It Hurts 2

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