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After almost being nearly killed, Keisha and Chris are doing their best to get their lives back on track, but Keisha just can’t seem to move on from the traumatic event. When Chris decides to take custody of his daughter and raise her himself, Keisha feels this is the right thing to do since she played a part with his daughter losing her mother. But Keisha isn’t in her right state of mind to play stepmother at this time. Chris does what he can to comfort Keisha and shows her as much love and affection that he can, but it still isn’t enough. When Keisha and Chris welcome their first child into the world, they both try to put their past behind them yet again, but things take a turn for the worse when Chris begins to work longer hours and spend less and less time with Kisha and the kids.

Feeling trapped and suffering from severe depression, Keisha starts self-medicating herself to make the hurt and pain go away. When Chris learns about Keisha’s drug habit, he tries his hardest to get her cleaned up and back to the Keisha he once fell in love with. Their relationship is spiraling out of control, and neither Chris nor Keisha are who they use to be. When Keisha learns that Chris is being unfaithful, she feels hurt, angry, and most of all, she feels betrayed. Keisha truly believes that the world is out to get her until she meets a man named C.J. He is like a breath of fresh air and turns her world upside down. He comes into her life when she felt as if her world was crashing down before her eyes. They quickly become friends, and she eventually finds herself telling him things about her that no one else on this Earth knows. She feels she can trust him and eventually finds herself falling madly in love with him. Things are moving fast as ever, and Keisha begins to turn her life around because she now feels her life has a purpose.

Chris is relieved when Keisha finds her way out of her darkest place, but little does he know that he may have lost Keisha to someone else. Will Keisha and Chris walk away from one another, or will they stay around and fight for their love?

Kiss Me Where It Hurts 3

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