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Los Angeles, California, for many, is where dreams are born. Known around the world for its Hollywood persona, movie stars, flashy cars, and beautiful women, it is a place to be desired. But for two thirteen-year-old boys from South Central L.A., looking for glamour and fame would cost them way more than they could ever imagine. Influenced by the game, Silky and Popcorn realize that the street life and their gang affiliations aren’t everything that they're cut out to be. After Popcorn falls victim to the streets, like so many others stoking in his own blood, Silky has to make a hard decision to either run, or die trying.


Queen B', a notorious Queenpin and armed robber, was known as blood royalty to the people that knew her best, and was one of Silky and Popcorn’s closest allies in the many gang wars they faced in and around the city of Los Angeles, until she turned against them. Believing the only thing standing between her freedom and serving life behind bars was Silky, and what he knew about her past, placing a contract on Silky’s life was easy.

Kut From A Different Kloth

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