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Why do good girls always fall for the lames?

Meet Zayla - working full time while in school, obtaining her Master’s degree. Zayla has been in a relationship with Chauncey, the love of her life, for the last five years, and things couldn’t be better between the two. Or so she thinks.
Chauncey, the perfect boyfriend. Hard-working, solid, stand-up guy. He runs one of eight of his family's car dealerships and has the perfect woman in Zayla. But is Chauncey hiding a few secrets that could shatter Zayla’s world and put her in the most dangerous situation leaving her fighting for her life?

And then, there’s Chop - the leader of the Jacob’s clan. The businessman who only wants to expand his businesses and make sure his family is straight. Anything outside of that is considered a distraction to him. But what happens when these three lives intertwine in a way none of them could have ever imagined?

Will Zayla live to see her dreams come true? Will Chauncey be able to get himself out the mess he’s made? And where does Chop fit into all of this chaos? More importantly, who is he?

Love Galore

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