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Jeremiah is every woman’s dream and he knows it. He lives the life of a true bachelor with women vying for his attention. He had everything he ever thought he wanted, until he met Tabitha Davenport.

Tabitha is a woman who knows what she wants. Being the humble person that she is, Jeremiah’s status does nothing to cause her to fall in line with putting him up on a pedestal as other women often have. She's not the kind of woman who is attracted to money, cars or anything else flashy.

Jeremiah is persistent in his intentions to get to know Tabitha. Reluctantly she agrees to just one date. Taken by surprise, Tabitha is falling for a self-centered man who doesn’t understand the true meaning of unconditional love.

Their love brings them a happiness that neither thought was possible. But just as they are preparing to see where this journey takes them, unexpected events begin to pop up and threaten what they are trying to build together.

Take this journey with Jeremiah and Tabitha to see if they are able to conquer the threats to their happiness.

Love, Honor & Protect

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