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After spending four years in the federal penitentiary, Vamp, a former dope boy, is trying to get his life together and leave everything and everyone associated with the streets behind him. The decision wasn’t a hard one to make since it’s a matter of life and death, but unfortunately when it comes to his love life, he continues to make all of the wrong ones. Although he knows his girlfriend, Charisma is no good for him, he still can’t seem to let her go - that is until he meets Keyani.

Keyani has a past that she’s not too proud of but she doesn’t let it hold her back from becoming successful. Although the skeletons in her closet are shameful, Keyani is determined to turn over a new leaf in order to find her happiness in life and true love. However, she can’t seem to catch a break with some of the men she chooses to date. As soon as she’s ready to give up on relationships, she meets Vamp, but he is almost too good to be true.

Vamp and Keyani seem like they’re a good match and things are going well, until both of their pasts begin to resurface, causing tension within their relationship. Vamp failed to mention that he used to be in the drug game as well as the mess he’s still involved in with Charisma. Keyani doesn’t bother to tell Vamp about her ugly past either, until her former pimp, Blue, comes to the forefront and makes his presence known.

Will their pasts prove to be too much or will they work past their issues and hold on to what they both know is a good thing?

Nothing Is Promised

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