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Almost everyone starts their life off with a plan filled with hopes and dreams.

In this drama-filled love story, you’ll find out how each of these character’s plans take a detour because of the choices they’ve made in life by selfishly holding on to their ideal of happiness while shattering the lives of those closest to them.

Aamina was deemed another angry black sista after her divorce from her husband Ramel of ten years until she was fortunate enough to seek the help of a therapist to deal with her trust issues with men. Taking a second chance at love, she finds herself head over heels when she meets the man of her dreams. When her best friend Trevor spills the tea on her new lover’s sly antics, will she be able to recover from another heartbreak?

Jayson struggles to remain faithful to his fiancée, Darlene, of seven years who’s been his rock since the day his Aunt threw him out on the streets with nowhere to go. Just as Jayson make efforts to change his cheating ways for good, he receives a phone call from another woman claiming to be pregnant with his child. Besides worrying if he’ll lose Darlene for good after these allegations, will his life be in jeopardy after getting involved with the wrong woman?

Kareem, an aspiring R&B singer who struggles to balance his time in-between his dream and his jealous girlfriend, Sabrina, of five years. Kareem does all he can to make his relationship work, but Sabrina never seems to be satisfied with his efforts. Once Kareem throws his hands up and tries to move on, Sabrina goes on an unmerciful rampage to get him back in her life. Will Kareem ever be able to compromise with Sabrina? Or will her jealousy ultimately cost Kareem his career and everything he's worked hard for?

Shattered Dreams & Broken Promises

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