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Charm Knight had it all - a good job and great fiancée…or at least she thought she did! Life and everything as she knew it falls apart after she loses her job and catches her fiancée cheating. After deciding that it’s time for a change, she takes off to start over and tries to put her life back together.

Taking on a new job, she meets the infamous Braxton Green. Braxton seems to be the breath of fresh air that she needs until she learns that he has deep dark secrets. Braxton learned early not to trust women after the betrayal from his mother and ex. Never fully recovering from the heartache caused from their devious actions that almost ruined him, he made a promise to never trust again. Of course after meeting Charm he finds himself wondering if he can ever find it in his heart to love again or if Charm will betray him like the rest?

With everything that Charm has already gone through, dealing with Braxton and his issues is the last thing that she needs in her life and falling for the mysterious CEO wasn’t a part of her newfound journey. As much as she tries to run away from him, she can’t seem to break away from him.Can Charm help Braxton fight his demons?

Shiver Up My Spine

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