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With the threat of the Feds looming their dark cloud of crooked justice over Azure, better known as AZ, Cutty, and Raja - the three put up a tenacious fight for their freedom, family, and most of all, to keep their legacy relevant with their backs against the wall.

Breanne, the savage queen and wife of AZ, fears for the worst as she notices that her husband is being unusually secretive about what he has going on. In his attempt to dodge a federal indictment, which left her imagination to wildly entertain negative thoughts, she starts her own investigation to bring justice to her mind and marriage. Will she be able to handle whatever she discovers?

AZ, Cutty, and Raja decide to put the threats against their wealth and power to the side as they make plans to take over the Midwest through the drug overlord connections that Raja has; but as the old saying goes, “Money is the root of all evil.”

Will the pressure of a new level in the game, the Feds on their backs, and the threat of someone within their circle being an informant turn AZ, Cutty, and Raja against one another? Will one of them end up having to die for them to put their pride to the side? Only time will tell.

The Heart of Betrayal

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