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Zuri Baker is a plus beauty who hides behind the camera. At the age of thirty she has had only two sexual encounters. Tired of wasting her time and giving her body she throws herself into her work until…

King “Killa” Carter is a boss who stays out they way and stacks his bread. He can have any woman he wants, but is very selective when it comes to women. One night out with his cousin he lays eyes on a very beautiful woman. He’s not called King for nothing. 

King gives Zuri more than she ever expected. Hot and steamy passion leaves them both speechless and wanting more. 

Chapter One

    Zuri stared at the digital photos of the beautiful woman. She was beautiful and slim with the perfect body. There were days Zuri thought she was less than perfect because she wasn’t a size six. She didn’t realize just how beautiful she was. Beauty was never defined by weight. For most it was. 

    She knew she wasn’t ugly because men stared at her often and even tried to shoot their shot. Usually their shot would be trying to get in her pants. At the age of thirty she had only had two sexual experiences. Her first time was when she was twenty-one with who she thought was her boyfriend. Sadly he was just pretending to be just to take her virginity.

    Zuri’s second time was five years ago with someone she was fond of and she thought he was fond of her too. To be quite honest both her sexual experiences were nothing to really brag about. She still had yet to know what it was like to cum. She wanted some hot steamy sex that would blow her mind.

    “Girl where the fuck is your head?” her best friend Tasia asked.

    “Just thinking about how maybe men would take me more seriously if I was her size,” she said while pointing at the picture.

    “Zuri I wish you would stop doing shit like this. Have you not looked in the mirror? You are fuckin’ beautiful. You’re not fat. To a real nigga you are thick as fuck. Besides a real nigga loves a woman with some meat on her bones.”

    Zuri stared at her best friend since elementary. Tasia was beautiful. Rich caramel skin with a short pixie cut and slim-thick figure she could easily grace the cover of a magazine. She had always been her voice of reason. Seeing that Zuri was about to get into a depressed state Tasia realized she had to do something.

    “Let’s go out tonight. Drink and hit the hookah.”

    “I don’t know Tasia.”

    “I’ll be over later.”

    Zuri smiled at her best friend and nodded. Deep down she knew Tasia was right. There were times she had her moments. Maybe tonight would be good for her. All she had doing was booking photo shoots. She owned ZB Photography. Capturing the special moments in someone’s life was something she loved. Zuri had been taking pictures since highs school.

    “Yeah tonight is what I need,” Zuri told herself.

Later that night…

    Zuri walked through Ultra Vibes with Tasia at her side. The crowd was thick. People were posted up drinking or filling the place with smoke from hookahs. As always the DJ was on point playing all the hits. All eyes were on them as they made their way through.

    “Let’s sit at in the back area,” Tasia said.

    While they walked to the area where Ultra Vibes was posted in bright neon lighting someone had their eyes on Zuri. King stood at the top of VIP with his dark intense eyes resting on the beauty. The leather two-piece set she had on looked good on her. Whoever the beauty was had body for days. She had the type of body King loved. It was the real natural body for him.

    Since the two beautiful ladies were sitting in the back section King was going to send a bottle of Armand De Brignac Rose Champagne to their table. He beckoned one of the bottle girls and gave detailed instructions. 

    “Shorty is bad as fuck,” his cousin Kade said.

    “Yeah she is.”

    “I’m talking about the one with the short hair. The one with the thick natural hair is gorgeous as hell too.”

    “Most definitely.”

    King was always chilled until you crossed him. He didn’t fuck with too many people because folks out here were grimy. After doing a five year bid due to some bullshit he fell back from a lot of people. When King was angry he was a different type of person which is why he had become a contract killer and sold guns. He was a multimillionaire. One would never know because he didn’t live a flashy life style. King left everything simple. His father taught him well before he passed almost seven years ago. In two weeks would be the anniversary of his father’s death.

    “So how shit been looking with the business,” Kade asked?

    “Everything is running smoothly. There is a new shipment of guns coming in tomorrow night.”

    “That’s what’s up. Any other business on the horizon?” Kade took a sip from his drink.

    “I’m waiting to hear back.”

    “Good deal.”

    King’s thoughts went back to the beauty in the far left corner. He could sense good energy surrounding her. Before the end of the night he had plans of getting at her. He definitely wasn’t going to let her slip through his fingers.

    “Compliments of Mr. Carter,” the young bottle girl said as she placed the chilled bottle on their table.

    Zuri and Tasia looked at each other in confusion. The bottle cost over five-hundred dollars. There was no way any man who didn’t know a woman would buy a bottle that expensive. Then there was the fact if one did he looked for something in return.

    “Um who is Mr. Carter and why did he send this to us?”

    The girl looked at the two beautiful women like they were crazy. Who didn’t know King Carter? He was that nigga for real. Every nigga wanted to be him and every bitch wanted him. The young bottle girl looked at them and realized the two really didn’t have a clue who he was. This was going to be very interesting.


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