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Toni is a high-ranking demon who has the world twirling around her ring finger. She has captured the heart of Lucifer – although she keeps him at arm’s length. She reigns over one of the most notorious clans in Louisville, Kentucky, and has everything a woman could want – respect, power, and loads of money.

But what happens when an accidental meeting with an unknown force rearranges her whole life?

It makes her want to do right instead of wrong, persuades her heart to beat to a different rhythm, and influences her to sway away from the entity that placed her on the throne she currently sits upon.

Toni will go from a demanding but controlled life to a life of chaos wrapped in jealous rages. She will be challenged by the one thing she has never had to deal with – her heart.

Discover how a powerful demon with so much command over Lucifer falls prey to an accidental meeting in this tale of loyalty and temptation.


Our world operated a little differently than the top side.  We didn’t place much value in monogamous relationships; we put more weight into honesty, loyalty, and dedication.  There was only one demon who didn’t care for sharing, and that was Lucifer.  And, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to share any of his women; he just didn’t care to share, Toni.  Whatever she did to him turned him the fuck out, and everyone knew it.

Toni had Lucifer wrapped so tightly around her finger that he would ravish the Earth, wage war on the Heavens, and crumble Hell for a few minutes of her time.  He was pussy whipped times infinity.  Yeah, he still fucked with other bitches when Toni wouldn’t make herself available for him, but trust and believe that all those hoes were dismissed when she did.

I was sitting back, relaxed with Jonell working her magic, when my fucking phone rang.  I started not to look at it, but something whispered to me that it was HuAnna calling.  And if I didn’t answer the phone and it was her, there would be nothing I could say to calm that raging storm.  My baby’s needs came first.  

“Fuck!” I yelled out as I answered the phone.  Jonell had a motherfucker ready to bust all in her mouth.  She not only knew how to finesse the dick, but she was a fucking pro at deep throating it and swallowing every drop.  There were times when I thought I was fucking that bitch’s lungs while stroking her heart.  I would be that damn deep in her mouth that I had to pass her esophagus.

“Tell Jonell to take a break, Baby.  We have a problem,” I could hear it in her voice that some serious shit had just hit the fan.

“Baby, can I just get one more minute,” I groaned as my cum tickled the tip of my dick.  But I didn’t even need that because Jonell did some swirling shit with her tongue, sucked hard as she took all of me down her throat, and started to swallow on it.  I held her head in place and thrust my hips ferociously while I tried to catch my fucking breath.

“Done,” HuAnna cooed.  I could tell by the new tone in her voice that hearing me shatter to pieces like some motherfucking skittles made her pussy wet.

“Never.  All Jonell did was take the edge off. Think of her as a Little Debbie; it’s good and sweet, but not enough to appease my appetite.  I’m saving that for you and your sister,” I admitted. 

“I will let her know,” I could hear her smiling through the phone.  “Business first, though, Baby.”

“Of course,” I agreed, motioning for Jonell to clean my dick and disappear.  “Who does my queen need me to kill for her?”

“Do you remember Logan?” she questioned.

“Logan.  Logan,” I said, trying to put a face to the name.  “Kenyetta’s newest victim?”

“That’s him,” she hissed.  “He was supposed to fix that issue with Robert Snelly tonight, but I received a phone call from Lulu who said that she doesn’t think it’s going to happen.”

“Didn’t Toni just bring that nigga on?” I questioned.  “Does he even understand the ramifications of not completing a job?”  I was confused as fuck.  Nobody fucked over Toni.  Absolutely, no fucking body.

“Yeah, that’s him.  And, Toni heard from Douglas that Logan was also accepting side jobs from Joseph because Kenyetta is running through his pockets like water.  He’s trying to keep up this façade that he’s rolling in money, but that son-of-a-bitch is broke as fuck.”  I bet HuAnna’s cheeks were as red as burning coals.  When she became upset or talked about a subject passionately, those damn cheeks lit up light Christmas lights.  My dick just got hard again.  Fuck.

“So, what did Lulu say his excuse was?” I questioned. I looked up at Jonell in disappointment.  She had just returned with the basin of water and washcloth to clean my dick.  Usually, she has it sitting and waiting, but today, she wanted to take her time.  I will have a chat with her about that shit later.

“Lulu said she heard Kenyetta yell Toni’s name a couple of times, so I believe she is still rocking her jealousy suit.  Lulu said she heard her say something about she wasn’t going, or maybe he wasn’t going, and then she heard them fucking.  The ending story is, he didn’t go, Robert Snelly has another young girl in his possession, and the job needs to be handled; quietly.”

    As Marcus listened in on the call, he stated with laughter plaguing his words, “That nigga just signed his death warrant.”

    “Nah.  I don’t think Toni is going to kill him.  But I can guarantee you that she is going to teach that nigga a lesson he will never forget,” Thomas countered as he tapped Jonell on her shoulder, motioning for her to bend over.  Jonell’s services were explicit to my crew.  We paid her well and fucked her as hard as we wanted, when we wanted, and how we wanted.  There wasn’t an untapped hole on her body that we hadn’t abused; she was a spicy little minx that enjoyed savage sex and sucking dick.  And it was sort of surprising that her pussy stayed as tight as it did.  She was taking on some monsters.

    “Considered it covered, Baby,” I confirmed before releasing the call.