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Cousins Maliya & My’Lisa are both strong career minded women, with one studying to become a surgeon and the other working as a marriage counselor. The last thing anyone would expect was that they're also assassins. But with a crooked D.A and crooked cop raising them what else could you expect?

Brother Gotti & Gaige are from the concrete jungle better known as New York. When Gotti gets locked up on drug charges, Gaige gets left with their shady ass mother who decides to move down south to run a drug business with her brothers.

When the girls path crosses with the brothers they don’t tell them about their secret life but as their lives begin to intertwine they have to.


Find out just how heartless these sisters can be when it comes to matters of the heart.



“I can’t believe you have a gun to me. Put that gun down now. I’m your father dammit.”

“Fuck you, nigga. She don’t need you, I’m her daddy now.”

“You nothing but a lowlife thug who deserves to die.”

“You don’t know shit about me!If anybody dies, it will be your ass.”

“Both of you shut up. I can’t think.”

“Fuck all this. Bae listen to me. You don’t need him for shit. I can take you away from this fucked up lifestyle he got you in. You can finally be free. Listening to him won’t do shit but get you killed. Long as you with me, nobody will ever fuck with you,” My man said.

“Didn’t I say shut up? Damn!”

I don’t know how I got in this position, but here I am. On one side there was my father. He was the main who raised me to be the woman that I am today. Everything I learned, I learned because of him. Up until recently, we were all each other had. We might not have seen eye to eye and we damn sure didn’t agree on my future, but that didn’t necessarily mean I wanted to turn my back on him.

On the other side there was my man. He was my first love and the only man I’ve ever had sex with. He opened my heart and showed me how to let love in. If anybody else had tried to come in between us, I would have put a bullet in their head with no hesitation. Flaws and all, this man loved me. Walking away from him would be devastating and I would never love again.

In a perfect world these two would get along and we would be one big happy family, but under the circumstances, that will never happen. My father was stuck in his ways and so was my man.I wanted so bad to sit them down and try to talk some sense into them, but that shit wasn’t happening. They both were standing here waiting for me to choose between them. I kept turning my head looking at both of them while tears ran down my face.

Hesitating to pull a trigger wasn’t something I was used to, but I had to make this decision wisely.

After going back and forth in my head for a few minutes, I made my decision. Closing my eyes, I said a quick prayer, then pulled the trigger.



Chapter One

Dreams of being normal


A year and a half earlier...

“Lockdown Ladies! Everybody in your cell,” the guard yelled.

I hated being in this place. It smelled, the food was nasty, and I hated being around this many women. Thankfully, I wasn’t going to be here much longer. Walking into my cell, I quickly hopped on the top bunk and pretended to be falling asleep.

About an hour or so after lights out, I heard the chick in the bunk under me snoring. This shit was going to be easier than I thought. I quietly climbed off my bunk and pulled the sharpened toothbrush out of my pocket.

Walking up to the bunk, I whispered “Have fun in hell bitch.” This hoe was sleeping so hard, she never saw me coming. I started stabbing her in the throat over and over again. By the time she realized what was going on, it was too late.

When I was done, I had blood all over me, I hated when shit that happened. I climbed back to my bunk, pulled my cell phone out of the pillow case, and made a call.

“It’s done. Get me the fuck out of here,” I said.

A few minutes later, the guard who had snuck me in came and let me out of the cell. I followed him to the laundry room where he put me in a basket, threw clothes on top of me, and rolled me straight out the prison door. My cousin Maliya was waiting for me. Once I got to the car, I gave him his payment of three thousand dollars and went on my way. Another mission completed.

Most fathers want their daughters to grow up being lawyers, nurses, or some other fancy profession, but not mine. He wanted me to be an assassin and did everything in his power to make sure it happened.

I’ve been doing these “missions” as I called them since I was fifteen years old, but my training began when I was six. My father started it off. He taught me the different types of guns and how to properly hold one. When I was ten years old, I got sent to Columbia, South Carolina to start my hardcore training.

My trainer’s name was Jonell Lewis, but everybody knew him as Boogie Man. That was because he could shoot and kill a person from a distance without being seen. That man put me through hell from the time I met him until it was time to do my first real mission. I had to do physical training, weapons quizzes, and random fake missions.

In addition to that stuff, I also had to do my school work. While most kids my age skipped to the bus stop every day, I walked downstairs to the table to meet my homeschool teacher. I begged my father to let me go to school like a regular kid, but he explained to me that I wasn’t a regular kid. I never saw his point until I got sent on my first mission.

I was born My’Lisa Lashawn Alexander but the world knows me as the silent assassin. I’m twenty-one years old. People knew of me, but none knew my actual identity. I had so many fake names I hardly remembered what my real name was. I’m the only child of Detective Myron Alexander. His twin brother Mason Alexander was the assistant district attorney here in Savannah, Georgia where we lived.

Why am I trained assassin if my family is the law? The answer is simple, they’re crooked. Rather than putting in the work it takes to catch the criminals, my dad sends me to kill them off. When my Uncle doesn’t agree with the sentence somebody gets, guess who has to go make shit right, my ass.

You would think somebody would have caught on to this shit by now, but nobody pays attention. The whole damn system is fucked up if you ask me.

Once I got back from my mission, I immediately went in my house and took a shower. Even though I was only in that prison a few hours, I smelled just like it. There was no way in hell I could get used to that shit. I hoped like hell I didn’t have to go back in there and do another one any time soon.

Once my shower was done, I called my dad to let him know everything was done.

“Hey daddy.”

“Hey Princess. How are you?”

“I’m good. Just got done with my homework assignment.”

We always talked about everything in code. Just because he was a cop, didn’t mean his phone couldn’t get tapped.

“Oh yea. Was it hard?”

“It was actually easier than I thought it would be. I just hope I don’t have another one like it anytime soon.”

“Well, I’ll reward you since you hated it so much. Take a couple days off. You can do your other homework assignments next week.”

“Thank you, daddy. I’m about to get some rest. I’ll talk to you later.”

I always took at least a day in between my missions because some of them required me to travel. There were also times where I had to study my target before I made my move. I couldn’t just walk up on somebody and started shooting. Despite what some people thought, there was a science to this assassin thing.

Since Jonell and my dad only taught me how to shoot, there were some things I had to learn myself as I got older because I couldn’t always use my gun. For example, how I had to stab that bitch in the prison. I studied up on places to cut people to make them die quickly or slowly. I also learned how to cut out tongues and how to remove a penis if I had to. Sounds grewsome, but that was my job.

Sometimes I wondered what my life would be like if my mother had been alive. Her name was Lisa. My name was a combination of their names. Myron plus Lisa equals My’Lisa. She died giving birth to me. My uncle always told me my dad changed the day she died. They had been together since they were teenagers so I’m sure he did.

There were times where I wanted to ask him if I would be doing this killing shit if my mom was alive, but I didn’t want to upset him. It was bad enough I looked exactly like her. I didn’t want to make shit any harder on him than it had to be. I wondered why he chose this life for me. When I asked, he told me he always thought I would be good at it. I knew that wasn’t the real answer and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what the real answer was so I never asked again.

Part of me wished he had met another woman so I would have a mother growing up, but after my mom died, he vowed never to love again. He smashed random thots here and there while I was growing up, but he never allowed any of them to meet me.

There were also times I wished he was a normal father. Don’t get me wrong, he spoiled the hell out of me, but I always felt like it was to keep me going with this assassin shit.  Whenever I needed fatherly advice, I had to go talk to my Uncle Mason. Truth be told, sometimes I wished he was my father instead.

I often dreamed of a normal life, but in reality, I wasn’t sure if I would know how to live one.



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