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S. Cassadera, a talented author, hails from Augusta, Georgia. Her creative spirit ignited early on. Fueled by a love for reading, she embarked on her writing journey. Currently signed with Major Key Publishing, she has made a significant impact with her novels. Her novel “The Predatory Pastor” soared to the top of Amazon’s Black & African American Christian bestseller list, captivating readers with its gripping narrative. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Amazon’s #1 New Release, this book further solidified her reputation as a master storyteller. In addition, it received an honorable mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival '22, celebrating her contribution to contemporary literature. Other works topped #3 New Release for Her Plus One: A Thanksgiving Romance and #1 New Release for Faking It For The Holidays '24.


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S. Cassadera invites you to dive into her stories- a tapestry of emotions, secrets, and unforgettable characters.

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