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Dating has never been a priority for Destiny, from the bitterness spewed from her mother about how men weren’t to be trusted to the drama her best friend Juju went through with her boyfriend. She wanted nothing to do with the secret texts, lying, and arguments with random women. But Bashar entered her life and turned it upside down.

Destiny was sprung.

From the moment her mother met him, she knew he was no good for her daughter.


Bashar had heartbreak written all over him. Ignoring her mother’s warnings, she falls for him. Will she regret not listening to her mother?


Or will Bashar be the one to prove her wrong and be everything Destiny needs?

Chapter One

Destiny didn’t want to go to the basketball tournament but like always she let her best friend Juju drag her out of the house. Most of the time she liked to let her hair down and relax after a stressful week of going to work and school. She graduated high school a few years ago and went to trade school part-time while working at The SoNo collection in Bloomingdales. While everyone applied to college and made plans to work for major companies, she did the complete opposite. Taking a trade to become an esthetician was her goal. Once Destiny completed the course she wanted to open a beauty and body bar where she would do everything from facials, body contouring, massages, makeup, brows, and eyelashes. Her mother was pissed when she told her her plans but she didn’t have a choice but to respect Destiny’s decision. The traditional college route wasn't right for her and that worried her mother. Starting a business was always risky but it was her dream and she was going to work hard to achieve her goals.

Walking into the park Destiny fanned herself with the party flier that was given to her as soon as she stepped foot into Washington Park. Even though summer just started it was hotter than fish grease outside. This was another reason why she preferred to stay in the house and work on her business plan. In order to stay cool Destiny had to wear little to nothing. The dark blue distressed denim shorts stopped right below her butt cheeks, wanting to show off her new stomach tattoo Destiny wore an orange backless lace-up cami that went with her Yeezy Boost 700 slides. On her head rested a black Prada bucket hat. During the hotter months, she never wore makeup to avoid sweating it off but she did love a nice glossy lip and lashes. Drake blasted through the speakers giving the crowd something to listen to during the break.

“It’s packed out here,” Destiny said to her best friend Juju.

“That’s why I wanted to come. Terrell's ass is acting up again and I need a new boo or something.”

“Girl, please. You say that every weekend and end up laid up with his ass by Monday night.” she rolled her eyes and they both laughed.

Juju and Terrell had been on and off since freshman year of high school. More off than on due to his wandering eyes. Destiny thought she would have been done with his ass when he got some girl pregnant but Juju stayed with him after ignoring him for a few months. Juju was pretty as hell so Destiny never understood why she let a man walk all over her. She was Puerto Rican and black, about 5’3 and 140 pounds. Most of the weight went to her thick thighs and Brazilian booty. Men always went crazy over her. Being cheated on was one thing that Destiny didn’t tolerate. Relationships weren’t her thing. Not that she had ever been cheated on or anything, she just liked having her freedom to do as she pleased. She never met someone who could keep her attention for too long. After a few months of dating Destiny was over the whole thing. It killed her to see women being cheated or mistreated but they still stayed and let a man make a fool out of them. She loved her best friend but she needed to get it together when it came to Terrell. His baby mama drama was always posted on social media for the whole city to see.

“Des. I am so serious this time. Even after he had the baby on me I stayed and tried to make it work with him but that bitch Lauren is pregnant again.” She sighed.

“I know you're lying.” she placed her hand over her chest.

“I wish. That girl already gives me hell whenever I see her. Now I know the reason, Terrell was still entertaining her this whole time. He made it seem like she was a crazy baby mama from hell.”

Destiny looked at her and decided to keep her comments to herself. Anybody could see that he was still sleeping with the mother of his son. Lauren wasn’t causing a scene over a man that she had no feelings for. Hopefully, Juju was done with him for good this time.

“I hope this was a wake-up call for you. Don’t let that man stress you out because you are beautiful and have a lot going for yourself. Any man would be lucky to have you. Plus, you’re too damn young to be going through some baby mama drama. Focus on opening your salon.” Destiny nudged her with her elbow.

“You do not have to tell me this time. I’m so tired of looking like a fool over him. He called me crying and pulled up to my house when I hung up on him. My brother Bebo went out there and was about to beat his ass.” She chuckled

“Terrell needs to stop it. He made his bed and now he needs to lay in it. But enough about him let’s enjoy our little outing because you know this is the last time I’m going out.” she joked.

“Oh, no bitch we are turning up this summer because winter is stacking season. I’m trying to have my salon up and running by next year. And hopefully, your body bar will be next door to me or we can have a one-stop shop.”

“That sounds like a plan. And we can get someone to do hair.” She agreed,

“A one-stop shop. I need to get it together and start saving more money. Once you finish school we can start looking at some spaces.” Juju replied.

Once they reached the basketball courts her eyes landed on this dude Rico she messed with about a year ago. He was cool but it never worked out for them because he went to school at Uconn. His basketball schedule took most of his time and Destiny was always busy with work. They went out on a few dates and would text whenever he wasn’t at practice. Her mother loved that she was talking to someone that was in college and could potentially make it to the NBA. None of that mattered to Destiny. As long as she was respected, she was cool with whatever. She was never one to judge a person based on what they did for a living or the things they didn’t have. Her mother on the other hand was the complete opposite. Before she could look away he smiled and winked, causing her to blush.

“That man is still fine as hell. I can’t believe you let him get away.” Juju said.

“Girl you know that’s not what happened. Rico was too busy for me and it made no sense to wait around until he found the time to make me a priority.”

“I mean it ain’t like you stopped talking to him and met a guy that was giving you attention. You just sit around in the house all day when you’re not at work or school.”

Destiny listened to her friend and she made a valid point. They stopped whatever they had going on because Rico never had enough time for her. And like Juju said the only thing Destiny focused on was making money and trying to finish her certificate program. At the age of twenty-two being in a relationship wasn’t a priority for her but she did want to meet a guy so she could get to know him and eventually make it official. By the time she was twenty-five, she wanted to at least be engaged.

“You know what? Don’t worry about what I got going on in my love life.” Destiny told her.

“Because I’m right. You don’t have to take these men seriously but at least get a few free meals and shopping sprees out of them.”

“Like you’ve been doing? Somebody needs to take their own advice.” she pointed to Juju.

“Oh trust me I am. And I already see a potential sponsor.” She nodded her head to a group of men on motorcycles.

When it came to Juju she was like Rae Sremmurd, she didn’t have a type. Destiny wondered which guy she was talking about. The only one that stood out to her was a Chinese-looking man that had tattoos all over his body and long dreads that reached his waist. You could tell he was mixed by the texture of his hair and wide nose. He had diamond grillz and chains galore. After taking him in, Destiny knew it was him that Juju was talking about.

“The Bruce Li-looking one.” she joked, making her laugh.

“Don’t do him like that but yes, him. Never had someone that looked like him before. We need to make our way over there.”

“Oh, you weren't playing when you said you wanted a new man huh?” Destiny shook her head. If anybody could keep her focus off Terrell’s trifling behind she was all for it.

Before they could walk away Destiny felt someone grab her hand, turning around it was Rico.

“Long time no see. What’s good?” He smiled showing off those dimples that she loved.

“I'm good stranger. I would ask how you have been but I see you on ESPN all of the time.”

“I’ll be going pro soon but my Mama wanted me to finish all four years and I graduated. I’ll be going to the drafts soon.”

“That’s what's up and your mother is right. Anything can happen and at least you can have something to fall back on.” She agreed.

“I have to go but put my new number in your phone.”

Destiny tapped the screen and added his number. They talked for a few more seconds before he had to get back to the court. She walked over to where Juju was and watched her try to get the Asian dude to notice her. It wasn’t long before she got his attention and he winked at her. Before they left Juju would have his number. Destiny was happy that she was dragged out of the house. The tournament was packed and she was having a good time. The Dj was playing all the fire songs and there were even food trucks parked along the street. It was too hot for Destiny to grab anything to eat but she did get her favorite ice cream, Cookie Butter Blue from Milk Craft. As she was licking her ice cream an orange Lamborghini Aventador sped into the parking spot next to the Asian guy on the motorcycle. Destiny was never impressed by sports cars but it was always on her list of dream cars. While she was admiring the fine Italian-made vehicle he stepped out and caught her attention. She always ran into fine men but it was something about him. He was fine but it was something about his style and aura. Whoever he was, he had her attention.

“Damn Des, your ice cream is melting.” Juju laughed.

Looking down she became embarrassed at the mess she was making. Walking over towards the trash can she tossed the rest of her ice cream cone and rinsed her hand off in the water fountain that was nearby. Digging into her purse she put some lotion on her hands and reapplied her lip gloss and Gucci perfume. When she got back over to Juju she was standing near the Lamborghini smiling in the Asian man’s face. Destiny stood back and watched the interaction and could tell that her best friend was smitten.

A few minutes later Juju walked over with a smile on her face and pulled Destiny away. Once they got to a more private part of the park, Juju went on and on about the guy Kai she met. He owned a bar downtown and was part of a motorcycle club that he started with his friend Bash. Destiny could tell that her best friend was feeling Kai which was amazing. Hopefully, it would keep her away from her ex. They stayed at the park for about two hours before they were ready to go.


Destiny walked into her house and went straight to her room. Taking off her shoes, purse, and hat she plopped into her fur computer chair and spun around before getting up to take a shower. Laying in her bed with outside clothes was a big no-no. Grabbing her towel and her favorite body wash she walked to the bathroom. She cleaned her face with the products she made and then got into the shower. Once she was finished washing her body she climbed out of the shower and put her Fenty Savage short set on. Instead of watching TV she sat at her desk and did some of her homework assignments. Her work schedule was all over the place and squeezing in time to study was very important. When she finished, Destiny got up and went into the kitchen to warm up the leftovers from last night. Her mother Shondra made smothered pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes, and corn. Once she sat down her mother walked in and put her lunch bag and purse on the counter.

“Hey ma” Destiny smiled.

“Hey, pumpkin. What did you do on your day off?” She asked.

Since she was born Destiny's mother called her pumpkin because of the bright orange hair that she was born with. 
“Juju dragged me to a basketball tournament,” Destiny replied.


“Don’t ask me why she wanted to go. Well, she wanted to go meet some guys. Apparently, she’s done with Terrell.” She rolled her eyes.

Juju preached about leaving him alone but Destiny wasn’t too sure. She didn’t know what type of hold Terrell had on her best friend because she would scream, cry, and beg him to act right but he never did. No matter what Juju stayed loyal to him.

“We’ll see,” Shonda smirked. “That no good boy is beneath her, Juju is so beautiful I don’t know what she sees in that big head boy.”

“Me and you both. But she did get some guy named Kai’s number so maybe she is done with Terrell this time.”

“Hopefully. That’s why I’m happy that you aren’t worried about these no-good men. I’m telling you they bring nothing but stress and heartache. Your father was a piece of work and back in the day, there was nothing but drama with him. I hated dealing with females paging him or popping up to our apartment with kids, claiming they belonged to Drew. Ugh, I hate that man.”

Rolling her eyes Destiny tuned out her mother's bitter words. Whenever they had a conversation about the opposite sex, Shonda would go all Diary of a mad black woman. Destiny’s father Drew did nothing but cheat on her the whole relationship but Shondra would never leave him alone. The only reason they weren’t together was that he was arrested on a murder charge and sentenced to 20 years. She never dated after him and swore off men forever. Destiny agreed about a lot of things when it came to men but to make all men suffer for the sins of another wasn’t her style. Yes, men were dogs but they all couldn’t be? Or could they? There was the perfect guy out there for Shonda but she was too jaded to pay attention. There was this doctor that worked at the same hospital that has been trying to woo her for the past few months but she would always deny his advances. It was crazy to Destiny that her mother was passing up a great man who had millions of reasons to be everything Shonda needed. Dr. Blake was one of Connecticut's best neurosurgeons. He also owned a few surgery centers which made him one of Connecticut’s richest men.

“Roll your eyes all you want but I’m telling you from experience. Men are not to be trusted.”

“So am I supposed to be single forever? I do want kids someday and to be married. How am I going to do that if I swear off men?” Destiny asked her.

“I’m not saying to swear off all men but take your time and find the right one. Like that basketball player, you were talking to. What’s his name?”

Destiny couldn’t help but shake her head and let out a low chuckle. Rico was fine and about to be paid whenever he got drafted into the NBA. Most rich men were nothing but serial cheaters. If only Shondra could see all the women who threw themselves at him in the comment section of his Instagram. Destiny could only imagine what was going down in his DMS.

“Are you talking about Rico? He has just as many women as any other man. You should see how the women act over him. He’s about to play professional basketball and travel everywhere. Can you imagine how many beautiful women will be trying to get a piece of him?”

“I suppose you’re right. When your father started making money, that’s when all of our problems started. None of these women were checking for him when he was broke. Soon as he got put on and started making a name for himself that's when they wanted him. And you would think Drew would stay down with the only woman that was with him before the money, cars, and jewelry. But no, he was a typical man and couldn’t stay faithful.” Shondra replied, staring out of the window.

“Mom, you didn’t have to stay with him. Why not leave?”

“I was young, dumb, and in love. Your father was everything to me and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He was my first and the only person in my corner for a long time. My family turned their backs on me when I got pregnant and he was the only one there for me. It wasn’t easy for me to walk away from the only man I loved. If he was home I would have still been following behind him.”

Destiny talked to her mother for a few more minutes before she started yawning. She had to be at work at 9:30 AM the next morning so that meant that she had to be up two hours earlier so she didn’t miss the train. While she was laying in bed listening to Tink, Destiny thought about everything her mother said and what Juju was going through. She vowed to never be so stupid for a man. That wasn’t her style and there wasn’t a man on God's green earth that she would let play her like a fool. Shondra and Juju needed to toughen up and stop being blinded by love.



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