Being a single parent is hard but being a single dad to three girls is arduous. But for thirty-eight-year-old Mathias Dean, he makes it look easy. As a single dad, Math’s number one priority has always been his girls. The last love of his life was his high school sweetheart, wife and the mother of his girls. But when he finds her on her knees in an alley giving head for rocks his happy home crumbs. Never being the one to run from a challenge, Math takes on the role of a single parent. Finding love has never been an item on his to do list, but after a few encounters with a beautiful stranger he finds sleeping behind the dumpsters of his store, Math is opened to giving love a chance again.

China White is twenty-nine and has been on streets since she was a teenager. At sixteen she gets involved with a maniacal pimp name Modell who manipulates her into working for him. After thirteen years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse, China slowly starts to realize this life is not what she wants anymore. After many attempts of trying to get from under Modell’s grasp, none has never been successful. That is until she meets her very own Captain Save a Hoe name Math.


Although their first encounter left her with a knot on her head the size of a grapefruit, China has never felt safer in a man’s presence. Math gives her a job, a place to stay and hope for a future and a love that she has never experienced. 

Modell is as vicious as pimps come. He’s all about money, power, and respect and when he feels disrespected things can get brutal. After Math interferes with Modell’s business, Modell is on a path for revenge.

Things between Math and China seems to be heading in all the right directions, but when Math’s daughter Tika becomes a casualty in this war with Modell, China sees the future she imagines with Math slowly start to diminish. That’s not their only obstacle. Math’s wife is back and will do anything to reclaim her spot back, even if she has to get rid of China herself.

Chapter 1



            “Hola, mami,” a fat Spanish man in a white minivan greeted as he slowly trailed me. Normally, he wasn’t the type that I would waste my time with, but it was a cold ass night in February and a bitch needed to bring in a little money tonight to avoid having to hear Modell’s mouth. “You working?” he asked.

            “You paying?” I retorted.

            “Of course.”

            “Okay, how much you got?”

            The man pulled out some money and started counting it. “I have fifty,” he told. I shook my head.

            “Nah. Sorry, but that’s not even enough for my time, let alone the work I have to put in.”

            “You take debit?” he asked. I stopped walking and looked at him.

“Yeah, and the slit of my pussy is the credit card reader.”

“Cash app?”

“I have Cash app, but I will have to tax ya’ ass an extra fifty.”

“As long as you make it worth it,” he said stopping his car and reaching over and opening the passenger side door. I stood there for a second.

“Give me the cash,” I ordered with my hand held out. He handed me the money as I got inside the car.

“Where to?”

“Just keep driving and I’ll tell you where to turn,” I instructed. While he continued to drive, I texted Modell the make, model, color and the license plate of the car that I had gone off with. That was something he made all his girls do. Not because he cared for us, but just in case some shit did happen to us, he wanted to make sure he got his money either way. “Turn down that alley way and park behind the dumpster.

He barely put the car in park before he was pulling his chubby little dick out. I refrained from showing how repulsed I was by the smell that suddenly appeared once he dropped his drawers.

“What can I do for you, baby?” I asked.

“I want some sucky sucky and then I want you to get on top,” he told.

“You have a condom?” I asked trying to hold back the vomit that I had suppressed in my throat.

“What we need that for?”

My neck jerked back at his ignorance. Good thing I made sure to stay prepared with condoms of all sizes. I looked at the size of his dick and searched my stockpile of condoms for the perfect fit. I figure the slim fit would work best for him. I handed it to him for him to put on himself. While he did that, I removed my pantyhose, as well as my panties so that things could move as fast as possible.

Once he was done placing the condom on, I got down to doing what I had to to make this money.

My name is China White. I’m 29 years old and I’m a prostitute working for a pimp name Modell. I had been strolling the streets of Newark since I was sixteen. I had been on these streets way before they started putting up the Say No to Prostitution signs up and down Clinton avenue. My mother kicked me out right before my sixteenth birthday. I was a fast ass who refused to abide by her rules, so she put my ass out on the street with nothing. Not even a pair of draws. Plenty of times I wanted to go back home, but I refused to give my mother that satisfaction.

When I turned sixteen, I got a job working overnights at Checkers. My girl Nesha would leave her window unlocked so after I got off work, I could sleep in her bed until her mother got home from work. When I wasn’t crashing there, I would rent out a room at the Rodeway Inn for a few nights. It was embarrassing being seen walking out the hoe motel, but it was either there or a park bench, so I just made sure to wear a hood every time I left out.

Staying at the motel was taking up all my money. Luckily for me, I met Donte soon after. Donte was this Spanish dude who hung outside the liquor store next to my job. He would come in every night for some loaded fries and to flirt. He was about ten years older than I was which was cool with me because I liked older guys. Once he and I started fucking, I started crashing at his house for a bit, but of course, that shit didn’t last long. About a month later I was back staying at the motel. That’s when I met Modell.

I never noticed him, but he said he had been watching me come in and out the motel every night for work. He told me he could help me make more money if I came and worked for him. I assumed he was a drug dealer, so if the job he had for me was bagging some shit, I was with it. Shit I had my license, if he needed me to be a mule, I would be that too, depending on what he was paying. But I slowly started to learn that Modell wasn’t in the business of slanging drugs, but more so in the business of slanging hoes. I turned him down but that didn’t stop him from pursuing me.

Modell wasn’t the kind of person who took no for an answer. He was going to get what he wanted, and he was good at doing so. When I wouldn’t agree to be one of his hoes, he said he was just testing me and what he really wanted was for me to be his shorty. Modell was cute in a Cory Hardrict way, just with light brown panty dropping eyes. He had money and respect from the streets, so of course I was down to be his shorty.

Being Modell’s shorty required me to quit my job at Checkers. According to him, his shorty couldn’t be seen flipping burgers and shoveling fries. For the first few weeks he provided me with everything a girl could need. He even let me stay at his place, but I slept in a separate bedroom as him. According to him it was because he liked sleeping alone. I slowly found out it was because I wasn’t his only shorty. I was one of three he was grooming.

He started telling me that I needed to earn my keep and that nobody got to live, sleep and eat for free. I offered to go back to Checkers, but he wasn’t trying to hear that. His shorties worked for him and him only. I knew what that meant, and I wasn’t down for the shit. I tried to run away to keep from having to work for Modell, but not even that worked. He found my ass within 48-hours. He had eyes all around the city even inside the homeless shelter because that’s exactly where he found me.

I was sleeping peacefully on a paper-thin cot one night, when I was dragged out that shit by my feet and across the floor like a sack of potatoes. You would think I weighed ten pounds instead of 110 pounds. Once Modell got me back to his apartment, I got an ass whopping like one I have never gotten before. I don’t think my momma ever beat me that bad. I couldn’t see for at least three days because of the swelling and I had to drink Ensures until the swelling in my lips went down and I was able to eat again. Two weeks later I was out selling my ass for cash. Pussy popping for a profit.

Modell would reserve me for the hood niggas that had OD cash. He would get me a room for the day at a hotel and have three guys a day lined up for me. I was bringing in at least a thousand dollars a day. Well I was bringing it in, and Modell would take eight hundred of it for himself. I was one of his top shorties for like five years until niggas stopped requesting me and Modell kicked my ass to the corner… literally. He made me start walking the streets with a goal of six hundred a week or an ass whopping and I wasn’t sure if I could survive another one of Modell’s ass whippings. The little bit of money I did make why strolling the block went straight to Modell. Every now and then I would be able to slide a twenty or two under my coochie but that wasn’t often.

I was frail as hell because I barely ate. The times I did get away with a few dollars, it was a choice between food and drugs and drugs won like ninety percent of the time. I didn’t do the hard shit like crack or meth or heroin. My preferred drug was coke or molly and sometimes I would be able to cop some edibles because I didn’t know how to smoke weed.

Shit, I wish I were high right now to get through this night. After about ten minutes of head and five minutes of dick riding with this man’s finger in my ass, I was climbing off him and back into the passenger seat. I pulled out my baby wipes I always carried with me and started cleaning myself up.

“You can send that CashApp now,” I insisted. He sat in the driver’s seat still trying to catch his breath. “Did you hear me?” I asked him.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard you. I just need to collect myself,” he spoke, as he opened his door stepped out the car. He walked around to the back of the van and started pissing. I shook my head and continued to wait for him to be done so I could give him Modell’s CashApp and go my ass home.

I received a text from Modell asking what was taking me so long to get him his money. I rolled my eyes and responded that he should be receiving it in a minute.

“What the fuck is this guy doing?” I questioned, turning in my seat to see where he was, but I didn’t see him. I stepped out the van looking for this guy when I was hit in the back of the head with something hard and I went down. The van sped off as the tires sent mud flying into my face.

“Motherfucker!” I cursed sitting up on my ass and wiping my face. I grasped the back of my head and felt something wet that I assumed was mud, but when I looked at my hand it was blood and I was bleeding bad. “Shit.” I attempted to stand to my feet but stumbled a little because I was feeling a little dizzy. I looked at the fifty-dollar bill hanging out my purse and wondered whether I should bring it to Modell or use it to get a ride to the emergency room. I knew I was going to be in for an ass whopping whether I gave him the money or not, plus the blood dripping from my head was telling me to go with option two.

            Once I was able to gather myself and my things, I made my way back out to the main road and called a taxi to University hospital.



Three hours later, I was being released from the hospital with twelve stiches in the back of my head and some wack ass ibuprofen for my headache. I hailed a taxi home to where I shared an apartment with six of Modell’s other corner workers. Since I had been here the longest, I was one of the luckily ones to have my own room and I made sure to put a lock on my shit. Some of those bitches in there would steal the paint off your walls if you turned your back too long.

When the cab pulled up to the apartment, I was about to tell him to keep going after spotting Modell’s car parked in the driveway, but like before there was no where I could run and hide where he wouldn’t find me. After paying the taxi driver, I got out the car. Out of the fifty dollars I had, there was only thirty left. I was going to offer it to Modell with hopes that it saves at least one of my eyes.

Before I could put my key in the key slot of the door, it came rushing opening and there stood Modell. The glare he held as he looked down at me caused a shiver to run through my entire body as I stood there and braced myself for the first blow.

“What you think you doing?” he asked me.

“I was just trying to come in,” I responded meekly because any sign of bass in my voice was a punch to the mouth.

“Come in where? Not here. Only money makers live here, bitch. Where the fuck is my money?” he questioned with his hand out.

“I don’t have it. The dude hit me with something from behind and sped away without paying me. You have his plate number; can’t you find out where he lives.”

“Bitch, I did find him after I ain’t hear from your ass for hours. He told me he gave you the money before he fucked your lying skank ass. Now where the fuck is my money, hoe?”

“Daddy, I swear all he gave me was fifty and he was supposed to cash app you the rest. I was trying to get him to send you the money, but then he started getting all weird and shit. Before I knew I was in the mud bleeding.”

“Before you knew it? Before you knew it? Bitch you should have known the number one rule; business than motherfucking pleasure. Where the fifty he gave you?”

“I used it to get to the hospital. My head was bleeding really bad. Look, here’s the paperwork from the hospital.”

“I don’t give a fuck about that paperwork,” he said, smacking the papers out of my hand.

“Here, I have thirty dollars left from the fifty.”

“Thirty dollars? What the fuck is that going to do for me? That’s not even enough paper to wipe my ass with. Give me my god damn key. You can’t pay rent; you can’t sleep here. Get your shit and get the hell out my apartment.”

He snatched the key from my hand and kicked a pile of clothes I recognized as my own, to my feet.

“You really gon’ do this to me Modell? After all the money I made you in the past years. I kept all these hoes in line for you and you gon’ put me out on my ass?” He looked at me with a blank stare before closing the door in my face. I stood there for a second shocked. I came here expecting an ass whopping and instead I got evicted. Now where the fuck was I going to go.  I looked down at the thirty dollars in my hand. At least I had enough to get me something to eat. I could probably crash on a park bench for the night, but at least I was going to have something to eat.

Before I could finish my thought, the door came back open and I was hoping that he was going to tell me to come back in and that this was all just a joke to teach me lesson, but instead he snatched the thirty dollars out my hand and once again slammed the door in my face. Damn now what was I going to eat?

I bent down and started gathering my things and placing them on my bed sheet which would make it easier for me to carry since the motherfucker couldn’t even give me a damn bag. I searched the pile for my new Uggs that Modell bought me for Christmas, so that I could change out of these uncomfortable heels.

“Where the fuck is my shit?” I asked out loud as I continued to riffle through the pile. Once realizing they weren’t there, I stood up and started pounding on the door. “Where is my Uggs?” I screamed, not caring if I woke the other people that lived in the apartment building. “Give me my shit?” I shouted once more with my fist pounding the door.

The door came open. “What these?” Modell asked, holding up my pink boots. I reached for them but he pulled them back. “Erica, come here baby,” he said calling one of the new girls who slept on the couch. “What size you wear?” he asked her.

“A seven,” she answered.

“These an eight, you can have these. Just wear double socks,” he told her, handing her my boots. “You ain’t got no Uggs in here, China. Now take yo’ ass on somewhere. And you better be on that corner tomorrow as soon as the sun go down or I will give you the ass whopping your sorry ass should have gotten tonight.” With that the door was slammed in my face for a third time.



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