Recently receiving her CNA license, Kyla finds a job in the newspaper ad caring for a sixty-five-year-old woman. She soon meets the mystery grandson in person, and he's a real cowboy.

Caiden arrives in town to assess the CNA his grandmother has hired, but he's suspicious of her. It's not the color of her skin but simply because she's a woman. Thanks to his ex from ruining any connotation of falling in love again.

Will Caiden be tempted to fall for another woman or learn to live as a bachelor? Will Kyla give Caiden a chance, or simply do her job and leave?  


Italy, Ga


Kyla received her nursing assistant certificate a month ago. Needing to find a job as soon as possible, she picked up the newspaper on the coffee table in her small apartment. Her eyes searched and landed on an ad for a CNA (certified nursing assistant) position. The ad stated, ‘Looking for a CNA with some experience working with the elderly. Has to be CPR & BLS certified. Provide care for a sixty-five-year-old woman with a broken arm. Please call Caiden Rogers for more information @ 214-555-5455.’ Kyla scribbled the number down on a notepad. She picked up her phone and blew out a puff of air before dialing the number. The line rang four times before a deep voice answered.

“Hello?” His voice was sharp and stern.

“Hello, May I speak to Mr. Caiden Rogers?” 

“Umm, this is he. May I ask whose calling?” the man asked with a southern accent.

She paused, her words caught in her throat. “This is Kyla. I’m calling about the CNA position.” 

“Oh, yes, I forgot about that. I ran that ad about a week ago. Recently my granny broke her arm trying to wash clothes. When she stepped back somehow, she claimed she slipped on something slippery. And you know the rest.” He chuckled.

“Sorry to hear,” was all Kyla said. Granny, who still uses that as a grown man? She thought. Guess you’re never too old for tradition, she mused. 

“How soon can you start?” his question was curt.

“Soon as possible, sir.”

“Good. Your interview is Monday at 9am.” The man gave her the address to his grandmother’s house.

Worried that the potential employee didn’t ask for any credentials, Kyla provided her background instead. “Umm, excuse me, but don’t you need to run a background check and check my references?” she asked.

He paused then chuckled. “Not really because my granny will do that.”

“Oh, okay.”

“But, thank you for being honest.”

“You’re welcome.” She waited for the man to hang up but instead she heard noises.

Shriek. Shriek. Kyla pulled the phone away from her ear. She didn’t know what the man was doing on the other side, but the noise was nerve-wracking against her eardrums. She thought about ending the call until the man cleared his throat.

 “Um Kyla, I am going to have to call you back. I’m out of town,” he lied. “Well, actually, I live out of town. I have to tend to some cowboy work.”

Cowboy! Kyla never met a cowboy in her life, but his occupation piqued her interest. She’s only read about them in romance novels or seen them in movies. “Really?”

“Yep, so after we hang up, I’m going to call my granny and let her know to expect you on Monday.”

“Okay, and thank you once again.”

“You’re quite welcome, but it’s up to my granny whether you’re hired or not.” 

"Well, I better make sure I'm the best candidate, so she will not look further than me." Kyla giggled as she listened to Caiden's lively chortle. 

Monday morning

In mid-season of January, Kyla dressed in a purple scrub set with a green long sleeve shirt underneath. She wore a light coat, marched up the front steps of a one-story brick home, and admired two white wooden chairs and various potted and hanging plants adorning the wraparound porch. Halting her footsteps on the top tier, she tucked the manila folder under her right arm and pressed the doorbell. 

As she waited, chills coursed through her body as a guff of wind whipped against her. It caused her to bundle the jacket tighter around her neck. It was forty-five-degrees outside. 

Sooner than later, Kyla heard the clicking sound of someone unlocking the front door. She looked over the chic dark golden blonde-haired woman, with the prettiest peaches and cream pigmentation. She wore a long-sleeve sweater and dark pants. The woman's hair pulled in a bun at the nape of her neck as it was adorned with a silver necklace as she opened the door.

“Good morning dear, let’s get you out of this cold weather.”

“Good morning,” Kyla exclaimed as she strolled inside the house stepping into the enormous foyer. Kyla waited for the woman to close the door to lock it. Kyla surveyed her surroundings and admired the high ceiling with a beautiful chandelier hanging above her in the foyer. Her gaze locked on the woman’s right arm in the sling. To be a sixty-five-year-old woman, Kyla thought she looked well for her age. Her skin was flawless.

"Come this way."

Kyla trailed behind the woman. They stopped in the living room. A chill ran through her that caused her to shiver from standing outside in the cold. The woman waved her free hand to the side, smiled, and sat down on the comfy sofa.

As Kyla noticed the woman patting the space next to her, she took the hint and sat down too. Kyla crossed and uncrossed her legs because she was nervous.

“Relax yourself, darling,” she heard the woman say.

“Yes, ma’am.” Kyla nodded. “I’m nervous is all.”

“No need. I’m friendly.”

Kyla kept her head down.

“I don’t know why my grandson wanted someone to come and check on me, but I guess he has his reasoning.”

Kyla lifted her head and smiled gently. Holding a deep breath and exhaling, Kyla was anxious. 

“He’s my only grandson,” the woman in front of her stated, “I have two granddaughters as well. One lives in Tennessee with her family, and the other one lives an hour away from me in Macon. You would think the one that lives the closest would visit often.” Her face contorted. “My grandson lives in Texas. His father, my son, moved there when he changed jobs so he could take over tending to the land, but let me get on to the real reason why you are here.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kyla answered.

The woman held her head high, chest poked out, and observed her. “I guess you can do what I can’t do at this moment like preparing food, housekeeping, laundry, bathing, of course, and watering my indoor plants.”

“Yes, ma’am. I can do that and more.” Kyla's legs began to shake. She folded her hands in her lap on top of the folder.

“Oh, how sweet of you.”

Kyla uncrossed her hands and opened the manila folder to pull out two sheets of paper. She passed them to the woman who sat beside her. The woman glanced at the papers but didn’t elaborate on her resume. She placed the sheets of papers on the sofa beside her. “By the way, my name is Ms. Joan Rogers. You can call me Ma Rogers or Ms. Rogers.” Ms. Rogers smiled sweetly. “So, tell me something about yourself?”

Kyla coughed to clear her throat. “As you can see I’ve been certified as a CNA not too long ago, I used to work as…”

Ms. Rogers interrupted her. “No, honey, I meant personal.”

 “Oh,” Kyla surprisingly stated. “I’m an only child. I was raised by my mother. I love my mother and would do anything for her as your grandson is doing his best by taking care of you.” The corner of her mouth curved. She hoped that was a good answer. When she stared into the stoic face of Ms. Rogers, Kyla was compelled to add more to her answer. “Uh, I don’t have any kids.”

“Do you want children?” Ms. Rogers asked, pausing before giving her some background information on her grandson. “My grandson is thirty-five years old. I told him that he doesn’t need to be an old man trying to chase after young children.”

Pregnant pause. “I do, but I’m waiting for that prince charming. Unfortunately, I’ve been unlucky to find anyone to suit my needs,” Kyla exclaimed after three failed relationships. Unfortunately, her past boyfriends didn’t see children in their future. Kyla wanted plenty since she was an only child. And at thirty-two, she wanted to find a man who was willing to give her as many children as she desired.

“I understand, darling. I was married to the most amazing man. I met him when I was twenty. We married at twenty-two. I gave him three children, two girls, and a boy. My late husband worked as a cattle rancher tending to his farm. When he wanted a change, we left that behind moving from Texas to sweet Italy, Georgia. He became a carpenter and then later retired and lost his life battling prostate cancer eight years ago,” Ms. Rogers replied in a throaty Texan tone.

“I’m sorry for your lost, Ms. Rogers.”

“Thank you, honey, but I’ve been well taken care of if you know what I mean,” Ms. Rogers winked her copper-colored eyes as she waved her good arm around her home. "My home is twenty-three hundred square feet. It's decorated with a Costa Brava three-tier water fountain. I got that shipped from Texas. They don't make that here. My front yard is adorned with Crate Myrtles, Oleander, and Pomegranates trees that sits on an acre of land. I do most of my gardening, or at least I did before I broke my arm." She laughed a hearty chuckle.  

“Yes ma’am, your home is breathtaking,” Kyla uttered.

“Well, since that about covers everything, I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at seven-thirty.”

 “Oh, yes ma’am,” Kyla said as Ms. Rogers passed back her documents to her. Kyla placed them back into the folder and gradually stood up from the sofa. “You don’t have to get up. I’ll lock myself out.”

“No, bother dear, I have to get up to go to the bathroom.”

Kyla began walking toward the front door and then paused when she questioned her pay. She spun around and asked, “Before I go, may I ask you a question?”

 “Certainly, dear.” 

“How much will I get paid?”

Ms. Rogers’s mouth was curved into a full smile. “My grandson didn’t tell you.”

“No ma’am, he said you would decide.”

“Eighteen dollars an hour,” Ms. Rogers stated as Kayla’s jaw dropped open.

“Did I hear you correctly?”

“Yes, and I’ll need you from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the evenings Monday thru Friday with the weekends off.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early and thank you so much,” Kyla exclaimed in a fruity tone before zipping up her jacket and walking toward her ‘11 red Hyundai Accent. Eagerly about her new job, Kyla couldn’t contain her happiness. She called her mother.



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