Seventeen-year-old Camryn Piers has only one goal in mind: graduate high school and get as far away from Monroe as she possibly can. Camryn has a vision for her young life and it doesn’t involve getting caught up like most of her peers. She wants to become a Journalist and one day write a best-selling novel or two. Camryn’s a good girl who only wants the best for herself and works hard to achieve her goals without the distraction of boys and the issues that come with them. She was perfectly fine being the single virgin who never had a boyfriend in her life.

In walks Aasim or Ace as he’s known in the streets of Monroe, Louisiana. The handsome strange that Camryn runs into at a gas station and is immediately attracted to him. Ace is widely known throughout the city as being a boss and a savage in his own right. At the age of 22, Ace owns a nightclub and several other businesses in and out of Monroe, but he’s mostly known for being a drug dealer. Ace had sworn off of love after having his heart broken to pieces at the age of eighteen, but when he sets his sights on young Camryn, he’s ready to risk his heart and anything else just to have her…despite what others might have to say.

Will Ace and Camryn fall in love or will the chains around their hearts keep them apart?

Chapter One



“Shit!” I mumbled to myself as I crouched in front of my locker to pick up the books that had fallen from my hands. I grabbed them up quickly and rolled my eyes in slight annoyance when I heard the annoying and obnoxious sound of my loud mouthed friend Kira’s voice. Kira Thomas and I have been friends since we were in the second grade.

At first meeting, everyone would think Kira is the sweetest and friendliest girl ever, but in reality, she’s a total bitch. That’s my girl though so I don’t really judge her too much. She approached me with a slick grin on her face as she ran her fingers through her natural wavy hair that she often kept in a sleek bun, but decided to wear it out today.

“Girl, I’ve been texting you all damn day and you haven’t replied once. What’s up with that? Your phone not working or something?” She questioned me.

“You know I told you I cracked my screen a week ago and I can’t get it fixed,” I told her as I leaned against my locker.

“Oh shit! That’s right, I forgot you told me that,” she cackled. “Girl you needed an upgrade anyway, that damn android was played out anyway.”

“Well, when I get the money I’ll get me a new phone. Until then, you’ll just have to catch me when you can.” I shrugged in a nonchalant manner.

“Shit, you need some help or something?”

“Nah Kira, I’m good,” I shook my head. There was nothing in this world I hated more than a damn handout from anybody, I rather figure shit out on my own.

“Whatever,” she scoffed. “Anyway, I’m about to head to class before Mrs. Capers try to write me up again, so I’ll catch you later. You coming over to my house after school, right?” She asked.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head because I had no intentions of going to Kira’s house after school. Her mom and stepdad are hardly ever home and all Kira ever wants to do is have a bunch of people over to act a damn fool and I wasn’t feeling it at all.

“Maybe some other time, I gotta go to work,” I told her and she scrunched her nose in disgust.

“Eww, you always working, dang!”

“Well, that’s what you have to do when you ain’t blessed with a step daddy that owns his own successful restaurant, a daddy who’s a police officer, and a mom who’s the head nurse of a hospital,” I replied sarcastically. “I have to work and make money to survive.”

Kira didn’t grow up in the same neighborhood that I grew up in and she didn’t have to work or hustle to survive in life. Everything she ever wanted or desired was handed to her on a silver platter. She grew up in the Garden District with her mom, step dad, and two younger siblings in a large two story house. Sadly, she was so ungrateful and spoiled that she didn’t appreciate her life at all. She was kind of like NewNew from the movie ATL, had a perfectly good suburban but wanted to be from the hood/projects so badly. I’ll never understand that mindset.

We eventually parted ways and headed to our next class, but when school was over, we linked back up and walked out the building together.

“Mrs. Lewis be tripping giving people all this damn homework for no reason. Like damn, we still have other classes to do work for, but you want us to do a five page essay on some bullshit assignment and have in by Friday. Where they do that at?” Kira complained, annoyingly.

“You always complaining about school work, how you expect to get into a good college if you never wanna do your work or keep your grades up?” I asked her and she scoffed.

“Girl please! I’m going to Grambling State University, I don’t need all As and a perfect ACT or SAT to get into that damn school.” She laughed out loud and I shook my head.

Look, don’t get me wrong, Grambling is a good school if you’re just going to party all the time and neglect your studies. For me, I’m trying to go somewhere that isn’t so close to home with a better academic focus than Gram.

“Zaddy’s here!” Kira exclaimed as she nudged me. Suddenly, an all black Audi with dark tinted windows pulled in front of the school with music blasting loudly causing a few heads to turn. The passenger window rolled down and there was Kira’s boyfriend, Marcus Black. Marcus is three years older than Kira, who’s only seventeen, and he’s a basketball player for University of Louisiana at Monroe.

I kind of thought it was weird that a college guy like Marcus could be interested in a seventeen year old high school student. I mean what exactly could she have to offer him aside from sex and head? I’m not hating on my friend or anything, but come on, what could they possibly talk about or do after the deed is done? If I was to ever consider dating an older guy, which I probably never would, he would have to be interested in more than my body and be willing to offer me more than just sex.

I surveyed Marcus as he sat in his car waiting for Kira and I had to admit he’s actually kind of good looking. He had this deep dark chocolate complexion that looked velvety smooth if you touched him. He nice textured hair with soft 360 waves cut in an all even, blended taper. He had these beautiful hazel eyes that looked as if they glowed at night and these thick full lips that he kept moist by licking there ever so often. Even as dark as his complexion was, you could still see tattoos that covered his arms and hands from a mile away, and he had a bright white smile that could put the sun to shame.

Kira hopped in the passenger seat and leaned over, planting a sensual kiss on his lips before placing the seatbelt over her body. Marcus gave me a simple head nod and I returned it back.

“You need a ride home, lil mama?” He asked me and I could see Kira give him this stank look like she was annoyed that he’d offered me a ride.

“Nah, I’m good, thanks though.” I told him.

“Girl come on, it ain’t a problem. Plus, I know you don’t wanna catch the bus with them ghetto ass people. Get in, Moon.” Kira said, trying to sound all nice and sweet. I hated when she switched up around people, especially guys, that shit was annoying as fuck.

I cringed at the sound of her mentioning my nickname which she knew I hated, but she didn’t care at all. My daddy gave me that nickname when I was a little girl, he said it was because my face was shaped like a moon when I was a baby, all round and chubby. He passed away when I was thirteen and life just hasn’t felt the same since he’s been gone.

“I’m good, KiKi, I’ll take the bus. It’s not like I’m in a big rush to get home anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I waved and headed up the sidewalk toward my bus. Working after school wasn’t something that I wanted to do, but I had to do it in order to provide for myself. My mom received Foodstamps and SSI benefits, but she didn’t do shit for me so I had to get it on my own.



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