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Azura Lennon is the leader of the “Royal Ones” a violent drug gang. The mention of her very name causes terror in the hearts of thousands. The only person who knows the real Azura is her best friend and hitman, Zaheer. The same Zaheer that despite being a lesbian has her heart crying out for him. 

Zaheer Williams is one of the most sought out Hittas on the West Coast. Simply put: once you hire him, the person you wanted wiped off the face of the earth will be. That’s just a part of the life he lives.

…Just like how he and Azura are always linking up. It never matters if either of them is in a relationship, the two always will find time to express their love for one another. …The only thing that neither could have seen coming was their love being the reason that another may want to seek revenge against them.



The Past

Azura Lennon sat in her dorm room, taking a large gulp from her fourth glass of Caramel Crown Royal and Coke. Sitting at the edge of her bed, clad in a red t-shirt and Puma boxers, she felt the powerful thumping of the musical waves from the party down the hall that was still going on at three o’ clock in the morning on a Wednesday. While everyone else was partying (even though a lot of them had to get up in a couple hours to get ready for class and she had psychology class at ten) she was up, drinking and plagued with worry. 

She would have gone to the party with her girlfriend, Drea, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy herself. Drea even texted her about still coming, but again — she couldn’t. It was because her roommate — her best friend was out in the streets, risking his life. He was risking his life for her — for her family. Azura always felt guilty for bringing a man so sweet into her world, but when the money, clothes, and confidence came he didn’t have any qualms. Some jobs, he’d definitely need her afterwards. Others, he’d just want to be left alone. All that mattered to Azura was that he came back to her.

As she finished her drink and got up to make another one, the door swung open and a tall drink of chocolate milk came walking through the door. Her bestie’s attire was what had her eyes glued to him as he kicked his shoes off. A one thousand, one hundred sixty dollar Enfants Riches Déprimés Appliquéd Distressed Denim Trucker Jacket over a ninety dollar Polite Worldwide Logo-Print Cotton Hemp-Blend Jersey T-Shirt, and orSlow 105 Straight-Leg Jeans that were three hundred sixty-five dollar. His entire outfit was close to sixteen hundred dollars. As nice as his outfit was, Azura found herself unable to take her eyes off the huge bulge in the center of his jeans. That let her know that he had been drinking.

You’re always a horny drunk, Zee. She thought salivating at the print of the monster that she had gotten to see more than once and hadn’t been able to get out of her mind. 

Realization suddenly hit Azura like a punch to the face. Azura couldn’t believe she was actually feeling like this again. She was a lesbian. 

Yeah, she had dick in her life, but women were her twist. So why was she having these kinds of feelings for him? Azura wasn’t about to lie. 

He was fine, but goddamn, the man was attractive in a way that she wasn't sure there were actual words for it. He was six feet tall and looked to be almost two hundred pounds. Smoldering almond-colored eyes, a regal nose, and a goatee made up his facial features. Along with his muscular frame, he was one of God’s greatest creations. 

…Then her eyes found his face. It looked as if she was about to cry. His fist clenched as he began to shake. Azura immediately leapt from the bed, embracing him tightly. 

“Did you enjoy the party down the hall?” she rubbed his back, trying to calm him. “The music’s so loud that I’ve been jamming out to the playlist waiting for you.”

“It was a’ight. I just needed something to drink.”

“I can see that and smell it on you.

“This one was bad, huh?” 

With slow breath from Zaheer’s lungs, the shaking stopped. He leaned down to her ear. “Tonight, I killed a woman in front of her eight year old twins.”

Azura nodded, keeping her upper lip stiff as she had to be strong for both of them at this moment. “I know. I know, but remember why you did it. You murked that bitch because she didn’t want to pay up and no one crosses the Royal Ones, right?” Her voice was channeling the full gangsta spirit of her father. 

Another slow breath came from Zaheer. It was her confidence. It was her bravado that would give him strength. Azura looked him in the eyes as Zaheer straightened up, strong and proud. 

“Right?” Azura asked again. 

Zaheer smirked as if his last few minutes of bitching up hadn’t just occurred. “I’m cool.”

“Good, because I’ve been drinking too much to deal with yo’ scary ass.” Azura sucked her teeth, flagging him off and walking back to her bed. Drunkenly, Zaheer’s jacket, shirt, and pants hit the floor. In a ninety dollar t-shirt and his boxer briefs, slid under the covers behind her. 

Azura looked over her shoulder. “Boy, if you don’t use your words with yo’ bitch made self.” 

Zaheer just nodded, wrapping his strong arm around her. That’s when she felt it. Azura felt his dick on her ass, making her pussy do things foreign to her. 

“Zaheer, what is that?” 

Zaheer just snorted, turning his form from her. This was the second time she was reminding herself that she was lesbian. Azura snatched his hand, stuck on the Studio of Ptah sunshine brushed sterling silver, eighteen karat gold and turquoise signet ring that was worth one thousand, three hundred sixty-five dollars.

“You sure you good, Zee?”


“You wanna cuddle?”

“Yeah,” Zaheer told her with all the bass in his voice.

“C’mon, and like always, just don’t tell anybody.”

Azura’s head turned back to him as she ushered him forth.

“I never tell.” Zaheer smiled. “What’s between us . . . stays between us.”

Azura’s head looked back and Zaheer’s lips were on hers. Identifying as a lesbian or not, for the first time, Azura gave herself to him fully and nothing was the same afterwards. . .



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