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Have you ever heard of a family of lies and secrets?  Well the Wood family who's made of Ash, Cherry, Teak and the matriarch of the family Simon Wood is each carrying their own secret that will snatch the heartbeat right out of the family.  Simon raised his three kids to be strong and mighty because that’s the only way he knew how but what he didn’t realize is that raising them to be so strong also taught them to be cold and disconnected.  When they were kids he had his own version of Simon Says but as all three kids grow up and each dive into their own harsh realities the kid version of Simon Says quickly turns into a deadly game.  Growing up without a mother has tainted each one in different ways and Ash, Cherry and Teak will each pay the price for not doing what Simon Says.  

When hidden secrets are revealed, the entire family must learn who to trust and who to walk away from.  Walking away might not be so easy for some after creating webs of lies, deceit and murder.  Each Wood family member has a secret that can destroy someone else but buckle up and see what happens when Dot Wood returns to the family she walked away from years ago.  Everyone wants answers…including her. 

Murder strikes the Wood family and when that casket closes, secrets open up and lies start to mount.  Join this family as they discover not everyone is who they seem to be and when lies get out of hand, destruction comes down on them like a bowling bowl knocking down pins.

Will the FINAL LIE destroy everyone in the Wood family.  Simon Says everything that’s swirling around in the dark will be brought to light but not everyone will survive the truth.  

Simon Says dive into this unforgettable story!

Chapter 1 – Ash


            I was so sick of lying to everyone.  The problem with lies is that you have to keep up the façade and right about now I was sick of remembering every detail of my lie but it looks like I wasn’t going to have to deal with the lie much longer.  

If you had the choice of knowing the date and time of when you were going to die would you want to know?  Creepy huh, well I didn’t’ have a choice in the matter.  Today was going to be my last day breathing…I knew it and the feeling I had running through me was indescribable.   Now that I was lying on the floor in my home about to take my last breathe that question chocked me.  If I could have known today was going to be it for me would I have hugged my daughter tighter?  Would I have tried to make some issues right with family members? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that when I walked into my house that this was going to be the last day of my life.  My eyes were glued on a picture of my daughter I had on a nearby coffee table.  Raising her alone damn near killed me in itself but through all of our trails and tribulations she was mine and I loved her.  Raising a teenage girl would make you want to put your hair out strand by strand but I never thought of this moment.  I had a close-knit family and I knew Noel would be taken care of but how was she going to feel inside knowing both of her parents were no longer alive.  The hurt she was going to feel damn near killed me before my killer had a chance to end my life.  I was an optimistic person but there was no possible way I was making it out of here alive.    

            “Oh now you want to look all scared and nervous?  You bitches kill me fucking with the hornets nest and then when you get stung you looking pitiful.  I told you not to fuck with me but you didn’t listen. I refuse to allow you to fuck up my life.  All I wanted from you was for you to leave me the fuck along but no, you refused to do that.”  My killer spewed venom at me and there was nothing I could do except lay in the pool of blood that was growing underneath me.  You made me do this shit.  You lied to me and that’s something I can’t live with.  I told you a long time ago, take the information to the grave yet you want to play so your burial is coming a lot sooner than you anticipated.  I can’t stand people who lie.  

I felt cold and hot at the same time.   I always heard that when you die, your life flashes before you and that’s what was going on with me so I knew my life was over.  This was pure hell lying here knowing my daughter would never see me again.  Thoughts of who would find me shot an unimaginable pain through my tattered body.  My life had never been easy and it was a shame it was ending in such a tragic and horrific way, not to mention my killer was someone close to me that I never suspected of yanking my life away.  How could they be treating me this way after all we’ve been through. No one should have the right to decide when someone else life should end.  They walked around my house in rage and for the first time in my life, I truly knew what scared to death meant.  The stab wombs all over my body felt like I had a million paper cuts with alcohol wrapped around me.  As bad as it may sound, I was damn near wishing they had just shot me in the head and ended it quickly.  This way of dying was painful and I knew I wouldn’t make it but they wanted to torture me and that’s exactly what was happening.  I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I’m not proud of but no one deserved to die the way I was being forced to.  

“What’s wrong bitch?  You lying there all quiet but any other day you have so much to say.  I told you to drop that bullshit you were talking but did you listen?  Hell no, so I had to take matters into my own hands because I’ll be damned if a stupid bitch like you destroy my life.  All you had to do was shut the fuck up and you couldn’t do that so now you have no choice.  I have told you time and time again.  We had a deal Ash and you lied to me. See the issue with lying is the person you’re lying to feels like you’re dumb enough to believe them and in reality that means you think I’m dumb and I can’t have that.  You’re too much of a loose cannon and I can no longer have you walking around with this secret.”

Blood filled me mouth and I cracked my lips to release it and I felt another sharp jab with the knife in my upper thigh.  The pain was so great that I couldn’t even scream out anymore.  My body must have looked like a paper crochet project.  My eyes collided with their cold vicious glare and I knew I was face to face with the devil.

“Bitch if you don’t go ahead and die, I swear I’m gonna cut your fucking head off.  I have things I need to do today and spending all this time waiting for your sorry ass to die is wearing on my nerves.”  An evil laugh swirled around me and I felt the life slowly leaving my body.  “The funny thing is, I can walk around and do exactly what I want because no one and I mean no one will ever believe it was me who killed you. Look at me bitch.  I want you to know you didn’t have to leave your son motherless, all you had to do was lay low and leave people the fuck alone.  Now look at you, lying here looking like a piece of swiss cheese.  Fuck you bitch.”

Relief finally came when they turned around and left the room and I thought I could at least have a few moments to myself as I took my last breath but out of nowhere, they returned carrying two dresses from my closet. 

“You already know I’m going to have to help plan your funeral so point to the dress you want to be buried in.  I guess that’s the least I can do for you.”

All of the things we went through flashed before my eyes and I my heart broke because all I had was love but clearly that was not reciprocated.  I mustered up every muscle in my left arm because I had lost feeling in my right and as pain ripped through my body, I looked into the eyes who had taken my life and extended my middle finger before everything went black and the last thing I heard was “that was your final lie you bitch.”



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