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Brynn Henderson experiences the worst day of his life when his father Jameson Henderson, screenwriter and CEO of Henderson Studios, is tragically murdered. Brynn worked by his father’s side producing movies for years and doesn’t know what his life will look like without his father in it. Brynn wants justice and soon after his father’s death he learns of a secret that has been kept for years that forever changes his family. Brynn is left to split his father’s billion-dollar fortune with his brothers, but shocking information about control of Henderson Studios makes it hard to move forward.

Emory Henderson feels he is at his breaking point with the revelation he finds out on the day his father died. But his biggest regret is not showing his father what he could achieve before his death. Emory is determined to make a name for himself and sets out to achieve his dreams. On the way to the top Emory encounters a temptation that might make him lose it all.

Gage Walker Henderson is living a peaceful life in New York with his wife Trinity when he is notified of the death of his father he never knew. Gage was content teaching a creative writing class and attending church. He feels overwhelmed to meet his new family in Los Angeles. The bright spot is now Gage gets to pursue his real passion, follow in his father’s footsteps as a screenwriter, and build a legacy with his brothers. But the new move brings to light problems in his marriage he never knew he had.   




     “Here is to another productive day.” My father Jameson said as we clinked glasses. We were having a drink in my office at Henderson Studios and unwinding after a long day. We had been directing the last scenes of the Movie Blade of Love and we spent the last two hours editing the footage. I enjoyed moments like this with my father. We were always pleased when another movie was wrapped up. We always had great talks after we finished editing a movie.

     “This movie is going to do big numbers at the box office.” my father said with a confident smile. 

     “I agree.” Blade of Love was a thriller with an amazing cast. 

     My father Jameson Henderson is the CEO of Henderson Studios in Los Angeles, California where I grew up. He started his production company twenty-five years ago. My father was a movie producer and screenwriter and gave many talented writers a chance to have their movies produced. My father was a billionaire, and we are proud of all that he accomplished. I worked alongside him for thirteen years. I started working with him after I graduated from college with a degree in Cinema Studies. I helped direct and edit films. I enjoyed working with my father. We finished our drink and my father rose to his feet. My father was a tall man at 6’3. He was still a handsome man and in good shape at sixty years old. He was brown skin and had a bald head. He looked dapper in one of his many Dolce and Gabbana suits. I looked like a younger version of my father at the age of thirty-five with a caramel complexion.

     “I’m going home now. Your mother probably has my food waiting for me in the microwave.” He picked up the briefcase full of money that was sitting beside my desk. “I’m going to drop this money off at the bank first thing in the morning.” The money my father was going to take to the bank in the morning was another one of his huge accomplishments. Earlier today he signed a ten- million-dollar deal with George Khela, a British movie producer and screenwriter. My father was going to partner with him in the UK. It was an excellent deal, and it would give my father a chance to make more money and expand his movie credits. George recently opened a studio in the UK, and he admired my father and wanted his guidance. My father was going to send some of his staff to the UK and hire some new employees to help him get started. George had worked with some great British actors who wanted to star in some of my father’s movies. My father would help train them and get them started.

     “Okay Dad, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll lock up the studio.” My father left and headed towards the back entrance of the studio where his car was parked. 

     I poured more champagne in my glass and gulped it down. Then I begin turning off the lights in the studio. I was almost done when I heard two loud ear-piercing noises that sounded like gunshots. I was immediately filled with dread when I realized where the shots were coming from. I dashed to the back of the studio. I could hear a car racing away as I neared the exit. When I reached the exit, I quickly pushed the door open. I thought my heart was going to explode when I saw my father sprawled out beside his black Rolls Royce Phantom. I darted over to him and saw that he had been shot twice in the chest. He was bleeding profusely, and a huge blood puddle had pooled beneath him. I immediately kneeled down and hastily took off my suit coat jacket and pressed it against his wounds. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cell phone and called 911 and explained to them what was going on. They said they would send someone immediately. I ended the call and put all my focus on my father.

     “Who did this to you?” I asked. My father could barely keep his eyes open, but I was going to try to get that information. Whoever did this to him was going to pay. My father opened his mouth to try to say something, but he was too weak. I was losing him. “Stay with me Dad! You’re not going to die like this.” I was petrified at the thought of losing my father. I looked up to him all my life and couldn’t imagine life without him. My father lost consciousness. “Dad wake up!” I screamed. My father’s eyes remained closed. It looked like his breathing had stopped. I used my finger and felt for a pulse on his neck. He had a faint pulse. I prayed the ambulance would get here in time. 

     They finally arrived five minutes later. The paramedics quickly assessed his wounds to see how serious they were then put him on a stretcher and loaded him into an ambulance. I sprinted to my car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. When I arrived, I followed the paramedics inside and went over to my father. His eyes were still closed, and it didn’t look like he was breathing.

     “Is he still alive?” I asked the doctor who walked alongside the stretcher.”

     “Yes, he still has a pulse. We are going to do everything we can to save him. Please have a seat in the waiting room. I will give you an update as soon as I can.” 

     I did as he instructed and walked over to the waiting room area and sat in one of the gray chairs. I could feel myself breaking down, but I was going to try to hold myself together. I thought about my mom and brother. I had to let them know what happened. I was about to pull out my cell phone to call them when two Detectives walked over to me.

     “Are you here for Jameson Henderson?” one of the detectives asked me.

     “Yes, I’m his son, Brynn.”

     “Yes, Brynn, I recognize you. I’m a huge fan of your father. I’ve watched so many of his movies. I’m Detective Speight and this is Detective Dawson. I’m so sorry about what happened to your father. We will do everything to bring his shooter to justice. There are officers out right now searching the area. Can you tell us everything that happened?” They sat down in the chairs across from me.

     “Yes, my father had just left the studio and was about to head home. I was still inside locking the studio up. I was almost done when I heard gunshots. I raced outside and that’s where I found my father suffering from two gunshot wounds to the chest. I didn’t see any cars around, but I did hear one driving away before I reached the back exit.” Both Detectives took a moment to write down everything I told them.

     “Does your father leave the studio the same time every day?” Detective Speight asked me.

     “Usually, he leaves late but occasionally he might leave earlier.”

     “Based off what you told me, it sounds like someone was waiting there for your father.” Detective Speight surmised. I froze in shock. I quickly analyzed everything that happened in my mind. It didn’t seem like a coincidence that my father was shot on the night he was taking a briefcase of money home. “Did you remember something else?” Detective Dawson asked jolting me out of my thoughts.

     “Yes, my father was carrying a briefcase containing ten million dollars. He just signed a deal with George Khela. He was going to drop the money off in the morning because it was too late to take it to the bank tonight. George was having trouble wiring out the money, so he brought it to my father in cash. That may have been the reason why he was shot. Was the briefcase at the scene?” All my focus was on my father. I didn’t notice if the briefcase was missing.

     “No, a briefcase full of money was not recovered.” Detective Speight replied. “Which means that it was a robbery. Someone knew your father was leaving with the briefcase. Who knew your father would have the money on him?”

     “A couple of our employees and my family. The deal he had with George Khela hadn’t been made public yet, but some of George’s people may have known about the money.”

     “Okay, I will need to talk to everyone that knew about the money.” Detective Speight explained.

     “I need to call and tell my family what happened.” I gave him the names of the employee and my father’s lawyer, Bryant Wilkerson, the accountant and Danny Wilbourne.

     “Okay, I will question the employees tomorrow and talk to your family soon. I hope your father pulls through and please let me know if you remember anything else.” Detective Speight said and both of them handed me their cards and they left. Now I had to make that dreaded call to my mother. I removed my cell phone from my pocket and called my mother.

     “Hey Brynn, are you and your father still at the studio? I’ve been calling him, and he hasn’t been picking up.” I took a deep breath and sighed. I hated that I was about to break my mother’s heart.

     “I’m at the hospital mom. Dad’s been shot.” My mother gasped.

     “My God! What happened?”

     “Dad was shot when he was leaving the studio.”

     “What hospital are you at?” I told her.

     “I’m on my way now!” my mother rushed out. We ended the call. I then called my brother Emory and my wife. They both were upset like I expected and said they would be here right away. It was nerve wracking waiting on the doctor. I didn’t try to occupy my mind with magazines or anything else because nothing was going to take my mind off this. My mother, Madelyn arrived, followed by my wife Camila, and my younger brother Emory. When they spotted me, they all dashed over to me.

     “Did you get any news on your father?” My mother asked me frantically. 

     “No, the doctor hasn’t been out here to give me an update. He was shot twice in the chest.”

     “Oh no!” My mother’s face twisted in horror, and she looked like she was about to faint. My brother quickly tried to help her keep her balance and helped her sit down into the seat. My wife sat next to me and put her arms around me.

     “I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how frightened you were.”

     “I was. It all happened so fast. One minute I was just talking to my father and the next he was sprawled out in front of his car shot. His briefcase full of money was missing so that had to be the motive.”

     “Whoever did this better pray the cops find them before I do.” Emory snarled.

     “Try to relax son. I’m angry about this to but let's focus on your father for now.”

     “Are the kids at home?” I asked my wife.

     “Yes, I told them their grandfather had been hurt and that I needed to get to the hospital immediately. I didn’t give them any details.”

     “Good.” I didn’t want my kids to know their grandfather had been shot yet. That would probably cause them to panic. Camila has a son Darriell that she had before we met. He is fourteen years old and just started high school. We had two kids together as son, Karson who is twelve, and a daughter Skye, who is eleven. The doctor finally walked over to us about twenty minutes later. His facial expression was stoic. When he arrived in front of us, he looked at our anxious faces. His facial expression became grave, and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. He began to speak.

     “Mr. Henderson suffered two gunshot wounds to the chest. One nicked his heart. He had lost a lot of blood when he arrived. We did everything we could to save him, but he died. I’m so sorry for your loss.” 

     I felt like my heart had been snatched from my chest as tears began to spill down my face. My mother started crying uncontrollably. Emory comforted my mother as he cried too. My wife started crying and wrapped her arms tightly around me. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My father was dead. How did I begin to live without him. After we gathered ourselves, the doctor told us we could go see him. We all followed the doctor to the room. We all went inside and gathered around his bed.

     “We have grief counselors available if you need them.” The doctor told us. He left the room to give us time with my father. 

     We were all speechless as we stared at his lifeless body. My father meant so much to us. My mother started sobbing again. She started sobbing so hard she left the room. My brother went after her. I know this was very difficult for my mom. They had been married for over thirty-five years. Camila held my hand tightly as I stared at my father. He looked like he was sleeping. I could feel myself start to break down again, so I left the room. Emory and my mother were waiting outside in the hall. My mom had gathered herself a little. Her eyes were red rimmed and swollen. My mom was a very beautiful woman. She was fifty-eight and light skinned with long thick hair. But right now, she looked like she had aged five years.

     “I need to tell you all something.” By the tone of her voice, I could tell this was very serious. “Let’s go find a quiet corner in the waiting room.” We walked to the waiting room and found an empty section where we could have some privacy. We gave my mother our full attention as she began to speak. “I knew this day would come when me or your father would finally have to reveal the truth to you. Me, Emory, and Camila exchanged perplexed looks. We had no idea where my mother was going with this. She paused and looked at us with pain filled eyes as she nervously clenched her hands together. Now that your father has passed, it’s time that you finally know about your brother. We all looked at my mother in astonishment.

     “Dad has another son?” Emory asked as he looked at my mother with wide eyes. 

     “Yes.” My mother muttered.

     “If dad has another son, how come we never knew about him?” My mother was quiet as a conflicted look came across her face. “Did dad have an affair or something?” Emory asked. My heart began racing as I waited for my mother to answer.

     “Yes.” My mother replied as tears started streaming down her cheeks.

     “Where is he?” I asked as calmly as I could. Inside I felt like I was about to explode.

     “He lives in New York. His name is Gage Walker and he’s about thirty now.”

     “I don’t believe this!” Emory huffed and hopped up out of his seat. He stormed out of the waiting room. I wanted to go after him, but I needed more answers from my mother. By the look on her face, I knew she was dreading answering them.


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