Welcome to the world where secrets rule, lies are part of the deal and you can't decipher what's real or fake. It’s cheaper to be yourself. How much can someone take before the lies told destroy everything they have? Let us take a journey to find out...

Follow a group of friends as they learn what it means to live in truth. They all will learn valuable lessons when it comes to the  affairs of the heart. You have to be true to yourself above anything else. Secrets hurt and lies destroy.

Walker Howard

Damn, I love watching that ass bounce up and down on my dick. I love to hear the moans and groans. My dick gets harder with every up and down movement. Yes, y’all caught a nigga at a bad time. I need to focus on what I'm doing.

“Damn, baby, bounce harder,” I said through clenched teeth. “Fuck yeah, that's it! Don't fucking stop! Oh, fuck, I'm about to bust so fucking hard inside of you!”

“Yes, Daddy! Please do! Make me nut!”

I flipped their ass over with force. I was going to beat this nut out of me and I did exactly that. The screams were so fucking loud. I could feel myself close to relief. This shit feels too good and my dick was rock hard. I love fucking.

“Got damnnnnn it!!!! What the fuck!” I said with relief.

It was one of the best nuts I have had.

I flipped their ass back over to face me. We both smiled at each other. I proceeded to tongue kiss his ass. He was so fucking sexy. There's nothing like a thug ass nigga to get my dick hard. The harder the nigga, the harder my dick gets.

I guess y’all confused but don't be. I like what I like. I am a lover of dick and pussy. I guess when it comes to labels, I would be a bisexual male. However, I don't fuck with labels and neither should y’all. You can’t put me in a box because I live by my own rules.

I have been this way since I was sixteen-years old. I discovered my love of dick courtesy of my next-door neighbor. He had a whole family but he liked to suck my big, chocolate dick after school. I guess I'll warn y’all now, I'm fucking vulgar and I don't have any fucks to give.

I will keep his name out of my mouth because he’s still married. However, he sucked my dick until I went away to college. He still is the best dick sucker in this world. I fucked him a few times and I discovered I was a top. I have never been penetrated and I never will be. I am adamant about that.

I realized I liked thug niggas early on. I could look at a nigga and tell. It was something I called the gift. I loved my gift because I was able to move in silence. I don't like muthafuckers in my business. I don't need opinions to validate me. I do what I want.

I have fucked a lot of hard niggas. They claim they would beat the shit out of a gay man. However, I have them bouncing on my dick by the end of the night. They make shit so easy. The harder the nigga equals, the harder I pursue his ass. I love proving these niggas wrong.

It started in college and it has continued. I fucked men and women because it was easy. I have been told I am charismatic. I have the gift of the gab. I fucked the hardest niggas. I love the dominant attitude they give off until my dick is deep in their mouths and asses.

 I have fucked a lot of beautiful women. I am picky when it comes to them as well. She has to look and carry herself a certain way. I love fucking women too. I would love to have a threesome with a woman and a man. However, that shit is not happening no time soon.

Enough of that talk, I need to focus on him right now. He is staring at me. I love looking at him. He is very attractive. When you see Jaxson, you would never know he loves dick just like me. He dresses and carries himself very dominant. His swag is out of this world. I love that shit about him. He makes my dick hard thinking about what we do.

We met the last year of college. I never knew he got down until five years ago. I guess my gift was off. We were drinking at his crib and the next thing I know, my dick was in his mouth. He is the second-best dick sucker in the world. I enjoyed every minute of him. I ended up fucking him all night. We having been fucking on the regular ever since. He does have a woman. I don't like her prime and proper ass. She is a filler, nothing more or less. I guess y’all wondering what a damn filler is. She is the meantime in between time. She is irrelevant. I avoid being around her as much as possible. She gives off negative energy. I told Jaxson I want to show her what we do. I bet that bitch would flip out. She would never believe I serve dick on a platter to her man. In a perfect world, I would have him and my wife.

Yes, you heard that right. I have a beautiful wife. No, she doesn't know. She can’t ever know. Riley wouldn't be able to handle it. She is so sweet and caring. She makes me show my sensitive side. I trust her but not with everything. I have this secret and I will never hurt her with the truth. I love her too fucking much. I married her because she was everything I wanted and needed. She keeps me grounded.

When I first met her, I knew she would be mine. I’d just graduated from college. I was working as a Network Security Engineer and I made over six figures. She did not meet the criteria of any woman I had previously dated. She was thicker than every woman I dated. She had the most beautiful bronze skin color. She wore her hair natural. She was different. Her conversation, walk, and talk made me pause, and her ass did too. I love a fat ass. She had the fattest ass around. She was what the world would call a BBW. Again, I don't engage in fucking labels. She is beautiful to me. She put me in my place on our first date. I couldn't get enough of her. I knew I had to marry her. She made me feel secure. I felt like I could tell her anything. However, I never tested our marriage to see. I hold her on a pedestal. She is untouchable in my eyes. I keep secrets to protect what we have and it's that simple. Mind y’all fucking business. I know y’all are judging but y’all haven't spent one day in my damn shoes.

He grabbed my face and took me out of my thoughts. I did that a lot now. I honestly was tired of hiding him. I was tired of a lot of shit. We will get to that shit at a later date and time.

“Where did you go, baby?” Jaxson asked me.

“Nowhere! I'm right here, baby,” I said with a smile.

He kissed my lips. I kissed him back. It was on once again. I loved fucking him. The way his body responded to mine drove me crazy. He is the only man to do that to me. My dick was starting to get hard. I knew what time it was. It has been a while since we had a fucking session. We both worked a lot and had other obligations. Tonight, was about catching up. I planned to do just that.

“Come here and make daddy’s dick hard,” I said seductively.

He kindly obliged. I lay back on the bed and watched my dick grow in his mouth. It was amazing to see. I was back where I needed to be. I was about to fuck the sense out of him. I had all night considering my wife was on a girl’s trip.

I don't know how much longer I can do this. I have some decisions to make. I'm tired of the lies. I just want to be free to be me.


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