Patrice “Puddles” Jones is a brilliant 20yr old woman who has a bright future ahead of her that was until her father passed away leaving her, her mother, younger sister and brother to try and pick up the pieces of their once happy life. Just when Patrice thinks her life is on the up and up another tragedy occurs leaving her struggling under the pressure of having to care for her family. One night was all it took for Patrice Jones to transform into “Puddles” every man’s fantasy…will Patrice fall victim to a dangerous world where anything goes? Or will she prevail against all the odds that are stacked against her?

Loso “T-mac” Williams is the one and only son of street legend “Killa-P” with all the drama surrounding Loso due to his father’s sudden departure from the game he’s slowly but surely losing all sense of reality. Friends became foes, b*tches became ho’s, never one for that petty bullshit he cuts everybody off to a minimum and keep it solo dolo. In the aftermath of a shooting gone wrong Loso may have stumbled upon the best thing in his entire life.


Follow this journey filled with lies, deceit, betrayal, and most of all love as two lost souls travel the road to success.

Chapter 1

    “Patrice Jones,” the principal spoke into the microphone as the crowd stood and erupted into loud cheers and applause. She stood tall smiling over at her family as she approached the stage to accept her college degree.

“That’s my baby girl right there.” Her father’s voice rang out over the loud applause and cheers.

“Congratulations Patrice, you have such a bright future ahead of you.” Principal Rice said to her before passing her the degree.

She thanked him and walked off stage with the biggest smile plastered across her face, she sat back down in her seat and after about another forty minutes or so graduation was over with. She laughed and smiled along with all the other college graduates as they tossed their hats into the air. Patrice had come a long way to get to where she was standing right here today. It had been a variety of times that she felt like giving up but she pushed through.

“I’m so proud of you baby.” Her mother cried out hugging her as tight as she could manage with her short arms.

“I can’t breathe.” Patrice said while laughing at her overly dramatic mother.

“Leave her alone Shayla, let the girl get some damn air.” Her father fussed

Patrice laughed at her parents and their bickering, this was the everyday norm for these two it never amazed her how those two kept at it on a daily basis.

“Come on let’s head out so we can beat this busy traffic.” Her father said to them before leading them through the crowded hallway and out the building. It was no surprise about the 98 degree weather outside considering the fact that Alabama stayed hot most of the time.

“Oh hush Roy your grumpy ass always complaining about something.” Her mother said to him while following him towards the car. Patrice bent down to fix the strap on her sandal and the next thing you heard was ‘POP…’POP… TAT… TAT…. and the screeching sound of tires burning rubber. She jumped up frantically searching for her parents, when her eyes landed on them a scream fell from her lips that could be heard blocks away from the scene. It was a scream that was filled with hurt beyond recognition. Her father laid there motionless with blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth, but that wasn’t why her scream held so much anguish… the whole top half of her father’s head was missing and in its absence was a bloody heap of what used to be. She stood in shock shaking like a leaf on a tree during a cold and chilly day and that’s exactly how she felt, she felt cold and alone and no matter how hot it was outside she couldn’t feel the warmth. The paramedics and police finally arrived on the scene backing people away from the crime scene tape, the paramedics were calmly talking with her mother trying to get her to let go of her daddy’s lifeless body.  She wanted to walk over and help them with her mother but her feet were planted in that one spot and no matter how hard she tried to push forward she couldn’t find the strength to go help her mother.

“Miss… we’re going to need you to let go of his hand.” The female paramedic said to Patrice’s mother.

Her mother shook her head as more tears slid down her cheeks. She started rocking and crying just staring into her husband’s face.

“Why my husband? Why? He ain’t never done no wrong to nobody.” She cried out with her southern accent dripping from her voice.

She finally releases his body after placing a gentle kiss to the inside palm of his hand. Everybody watched on in silence as the paramedics placed his bullet riddled body on the stretcher with the infamous black body bag and laid him on top of it before zipping the bag up closing her father inside. That’s when reality hit Patrice and sent her into a panic; she plopped down on the scorching hot ground ignoring the way the heated sidewalks felt against the visible skin of her legs.

“My daddy is really dead.” She mumbled with tears pouring from her eyes.

“Miss we’re going to need you to answer a few questions for us.” The police officer said to her mother who was still sitting in the same spot.

“I don’t know what happened… One minute my husband was here and the next….” She choked out.

Patrice walked over towards her mother and helped her stand and pulled her in for a hug, even though she knew her mother was going to need a lot more than a hug to move past this loss it was a start.

“Come on man can’t you cut them ladies some slack can’t you see they crying and hurting and shit.”  A man said from inside the crowd of people that had formed around the yellow police tape.

The officer glances over at Patrice and her mother and passes them a card before walking back towards the crime scene.

“Come on mama let me get you home.”

“What’s a home without the one your love?” Her mother sniffled

Patrice sighed as she led her mother to the passenger side door of the car, once her mother was settled, she drove them home. All the while there the only thing that stayed on her mind was who would want to hurt her dad.

Chapter 2

Some people say his name should have been Loco instead of Loso but did he honestly give a fuck… Nah not for real. Just like he didn’t give a fuck about this matted weave having ass bitch smiling all up in his face. Loso was a simple man he lived for the streets and he would die by the streets, the shit was in his family. His father ran these streets he ran every street corner in this town. The town of Mobile Alabama was his father’s empire, you see how everybody on that hit tv show ‘Empire’ praised and worshipped Lucious Lyon… well that’s how every dope fiend and hype worshipped Loso’s pops. Nobody dared to approach Killa-P or Loso because in doing so they knew an automatic death sentence would follow suit. Hell when they killed people they killed everybody, they would run up in yo shit and kill yo granny while she was taking a shit on the toilet. They didn’t send people in to do their jobs for them, they did the shit themselves.

“You heading out son?” Killa-P asked Loso

“Nah pop’s just coming in shit you know how this lifestyle is.” Loso replied while sitting down on his father’s couch and breaking down his weed.

“You stopped by and seen ya mother yet?” Killa-P said while looking over some papers on his desk.

Loso shook his head as he broke down the rello he didn’t even want to have this discussion with his pops. It seemed like ever since that day about three years back when his Og caught his pops fucking the ‘Help’ as his mother called it he had been beating down Loso’s back about checking in on his mom’s and shit.

“Nah I ain’t spoke to her; she ain’t neva home no damn way.” Loso said as he pearled his blunt, he picked up the lighter and lit the blunt inhaling deeply before leaning his head back against the couch cushions.

“We have a meeting today with Juan and Menendez today at 2, try not to be late this time Loso.” His father said to him before walking out his office.

Loso sat there and faced the blunt to himself, just sitting and thinking. This drug game shit was stressful as fuck you always had the police on yo ass, all these snitching ass niggas out here perpetrating and shit it was shit like this that made him wish he would’ve chosen a different path.

“Fuck this bitch want?” He mumbled while answering his ringing phone

“Ummm why it took you so long to answer?” Trinity ghetto ass said while smacking her lips

He looked at the phone before hitting his blunt again

“Who dis?”

“Don’t do that shit Loso! you know who the hell this is.” Trinity yelled

“Maaaan what the fuck you want shorty, didn’t I just come drop the dick in you?” He laughed while choking off his blunt

“Don’t come at me like that Loso i’m not one of these buckethead ass hoes you fuck around with. I’m ya baby’s mama.” Trinity said dragging out the baby mama title

“Dead all that bullshit you talking shorty, that baby mama gig ain’t filled yet DNA ain’t opened her mouth and said shit yet.” He said

He held the phone away from his ear while Trinity’s loud mouth ass blared through the speaker. He picked his keys up and stood looking back down to make sure he had all his shit before walking out his pops crib and jumping in his 2016 Chrysler 300. See he wasn’t into all that flashy ass unnecessary shit, he ain’t want to ride around on 30 inch rims and spinners and all that goof ball Jamal ass shit. Simple and classic is what he liked he placed the phone back up to his ear.

“What the fuck do you want shorty?” He huffed into the phone when Trinity had finally calmed all that loud shit down

“Can you come pick me up and run me to the hair salon.” She asked him

“Yeah, be yo sluff foot ass ready though cause if ya ain’t I will leave yo ass.” He told her before hanging up on her response back. He turned his radio on and played that Young Pappy Homicide and pulled out his pops driveway. He pulled up in front of Trinity’s ran down house about 20 minutes later, he honked the horn twice and she came out the house looking ran down like always. She had on a pair of the shortest and tightest shorts she could find with a pink shirt that had a brown stain on the bottom of it and her hair was up in a shower cap.

“Damn shawty you could have at least looked like something before walking yo ass out that damn house. Nah if I would’ve told yo ass you couldn’t get in my shit looking like that you would’ve been in yo fucking feelings.” He said while looking at her ass sideways

“I ain’t tryna impress no damn body.” She said smacking her lips and rolling her eyes

She rubbed her now protruding stomach before pulling the sun visor down to put some lip gloss on her lips.

“I hope yo ass got a ride back.” He told her

She swung her head his direction so hard he could’ve sworn he heard a crack. He gave her ass a look that let her know he wasn’t in the mood to deal with her bullshit today. He pulled up to the hair salon and she wasn’t even out the car good enough before he sped off into traffic.

“I swear it gotta be some better bitches out here man… damn these hoes is busted.” He laughed to himself while watching these bum ass bitches out his window. He decided to be petty while parked at this red light, he rolled his window down and they immediately went into thirst mode.

“What’s good shawty?” He yelled out his window at the darkest one in the group

She smiled so damn hard he could see all 32 of her yellow ass teeth from where he was sitting at the red light.

“Heeey Loso” She said while waving at him

“What’s ya name sweetheart.” He replied

“Sharkann.” She replied

He burst out laughing so hard he forgot he was the light and holding traffic up he rolled his window up and pulled off still laughing at the ratchetness of that girl’s name. Who the fuck names they damn child Sharkann? He shook his head at the foolishness of his town.



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