Xayne Chalmers and his wife Destin have been trying to have a baby for five years with no success. After several miscarriages and IVF attempts, the couple decide on using a surrogate to carry their child. So, they turn to Destin’s cousins Domi to have their child.

Destin has been living pillar to post since she was eighteen when she left her parents’ home. She was a troubled young woman who was virtually homeless. So, when her favorite cousin asked her a favor that could potentially leave her financially set for years, she couldn’t say no, and took her up on her offer.


Little did any of them know that a pregnancy pact and a couple’s dream would turn into a nightmare of epic proportions.

From infidelity, kidnapping and even a murder plot, things go awry for one person involved. Find out what happens when these lives collide, and a baby gets

thrown in the mix.





“Xayne, hurry up baby. If you stay in bed any longer, you’ll miss your flight,” I called from the bathroom to my sexy beast of a husband.

“I’m up babe,” Xayne’s deep voice resonated in my ears. As much as I wanted to run back in that room and jump his bones, I knew that he had to be on a flight in two and a half hours.

I heard Xayne groan as he got up from the bed. I mean this man was a fine as all get out. He was six- three, about two hundred pounds of slim muscle. His skin was the color of a Hershey bar and his eyes looked like chocolate chips. He always kept his hair cut short with waves that will make you want to surf on his head. He sported a full beard that was trimmed and groomed to perfection. That man was a gorgeous African king, and I was proud to be married to him.

We met our freshman year at Hampton University. He was pre- law, and I was looking to receive my degree in civil rights and criminal justice. He was now one of the biggest entertainment attorneys on the east coast. And I was one of the leading civil rights and defense attorneys in the Hampton Roads area. We were affluent, but not overly wealthy. We lived a very comfortable lifestyle, but we were still missing something.

Xayne and I had been married for ten years and we were desperately trying to have a baby. I knew that we could adopt, and we were still leaning in that direction. But I wanted to give my husband a child that had his own blood and DNA coursing through their veins. But the universe was working against me. I had five miscarriages from natural pregnancies, so now we were attempting IVF treatments to see if we could get pregnant.

“Turn around real quick. I’ll only be a minute,” Xayne whispered in my ear, interrupting my thoughts. I faced the bathroom mirror and let my husband inject me with synthetic hormones so that I could produce more eggs.

“Ouch,” I said as I felt the needle prick my skin. Just as soon as it started it was over and I was ready to fix my husband a cup of coffee for the road.

“Are you flying commercial or private?” I asked. 

Sometimes these labels and artists would fly my husband first class or commercial to them to negotiate their contracts or broker any endorsement deals they have on the table. Hell, my husband had talent. He could sing the panties off anybody. That’s how he got me.  He sang right to me and then my panties ran off my body.

“Private, so I don’t have to rush. I can be at the airstrip right on time. I got time to enjoy a bowl of cereal with my sexy ass wife,” Xayne commented before pulling me into a kiss.

“You’ll be eating alone. I have to be in court today,” informed him.

“For what this rime?” he asked.

“They’re trying to try a fourteen-year-old boy as an adult for that robbery that happened by Buckroe beach,” I sighed. 

The one thing that I hated about being a defense attorney was how so many kids were being tried as adults. This boy was in the wrong place with the wrong people. He was in a car with his brother and his brother’s friends when they decided to rob a 7- Eleven. David was just sitting in the car and scrolling through social media when the robbery happened. I don’t even know why they were charging him other than they were all black and I knew the prosecutor on the case had a hard on for convicting black teens wrongfully.  

I already had a motion filed to dismiss this case and to have the prosecutor thrown off the case. The other defendants pled out because they knew they were guilty and did as I advised. Plus, they were all nineteen and twenty and repeat offenders as juveniles. But David was an honor student and had never been in trouble. He was already a junior in high school and had several colleges looking to add him to their academic programs and I was going to see that he made it to college.

“Damn. I know you’ve got this though. There isn’t anyone better than you when it comes to handling Gerald Zimmerman. After this they might disbar him. I even had to file a complaint against him” Xayne said after I explained the case. 

“I just know this bastard is going to hold us up in court all day. I have to go but know that I love you to life. Be safe and call me the minute you touch your hotel. If I don’t pick up, I’m still in court. Hopefully this will be quick, and I can come home and work from home instead of my office,” I explained.

I kissed my husband deeply before I walked out of the door and climbed in the dark blue BMW truck that he gave me for my thirty- first birthday. I loved my cute car. It was the car that I planned on using to ride our baby in on nights that they couldn’t sleep. I had so many plans for our lives, but they weren’t coming true. Instead, we had an unfinished nursery and so many packs of diapers and bottles with baby to use them.

I turned on my radio and listened to The Steve Harvey Morning Show on my way to the courthouse. Luckily, we didn’t live too far from downtown Hampton. I just hated the parking in the area. I had to park by the bus station and then walk to the courts. I hated walking this route because the men, and I use that word loosely, catcalling and thinking that had a chance with me.

Don’t get me wrong. I never judge a man by his struggle. But the way some of these men looked and acted was just atrocious. They were dirty, dry looking and smelled of alcohol and cigarettes. I was used to men smelling like Creed, money and success. So, anything less was a turn off. Plus, I had the best man that I could ever wish for. I had no eyes for anyone but him.

I pulled into the parking area and saw some of my fellow legal colleagues that I would have a drink or two with after a long day in court. These were some of the prettiest and sweetest women I knew. One was my sorority sister and we pledged together our junior year. She went into family law, and we often worked on cases together. She knew all about my struggles with having a baby, and I considered her my best friend and sister.

“Well, hello Miss Chanel from head to toe. I have been searching for that bag. It’s been sold out for months!” I exclaimed when I embraced Tavia. She was rocking a black Telfar bag that she used to hold her legal docs. Every time I went to the site, they were completely sold out.

“Girl, I had to get Casey to hunt this down for me,” she said speaking of her wife who played for the San Antonio Stars for five seasons.

“It helps having a sports legend and Olympic medalist for a wife,” I joked.

“That may be true. This is going to be a long day for me. I am in the middle of a nasty custody battle. The dad is claiming that the mom is a drug addict. But she is as clean as they come. He also had her arrested on a domestic assault charge that should have been for him,” she said.

She then explained how the woman’s neighbors called the cops because the man was harassing the woman in their front yard in front of their three-year-old son. Every time she walked away, he would forcefully grab her and mush her in the face. When he heard the cops approaching, he ran off and caused injury to himself to make it look like he was beaten. Since he was marked up, they had no choice but to arrest her. No one believed his story and witnesses vouched for her getting the case thrown out.

He was a repeat offender with heavy drug possession charges under him. I even helped subpoena his medical records about his overdoses or stays in the hospital for injuries due to injecting himself wrongly with heroin. Not to mention I was on the opposite side of a case involving him when I first became a lawyer. This custody battle shouldn’t take as long as Tavia thought thanks to me.

We parted ways and she headed to Juvenile and Domestic Relations court. I was headed into the General District Court to have this case thrown out and all charges dropped. Tavia and I agreed to meet up after court and have dinner at my house. Her wife was out recruiting since she was a scout for Hampton University. With both of our spouses out of town, we finally had some time to have sister time and really catch up on life outside the courtroom.


A few hours, two recesses and a bunch of objections later, I was walking out the courtroom with a somewhat happy mother. I was able to have the entire case thrown out and David’s record expunged. There was nothing holding him back from making his mother even prouder than she already was. I hugged them both and promised David that I would be happy to be at any award ceremony recognizing him. I was proud like he was my child and he and his mom had become like family over the past few months.

Since that was my only case for the day, I decided run to The Fresh Market in Newport News to get some ingredients for dinner. I wanted to make a roasted rack of lamb, butternut squash soup, smashed potatoes, and roasted baby carrots. I found a nice fruit tart and bottle of Riesling for me and a Malbec for Tavia. I had a bar full of liquor so we could make my favorite French 75 and enjoy the night.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I sighed when I saw the message. It was my little cousin Domi. I knew that her text was probably her looking for money or a couch to sleep on. I loved her, but the choices she made, kept me at a distance. She was looking for a rapper to come up off and wanted my husband to help her secure the bag as she liked to say. I was about to text her back when my husband decided to call me.

“My sexy lawyer made it to Vegas just fine?” I cooed into the phone.

“You know it. I see you’re out of court early. I guess that means you beat Zimmerman at his own game?” Xayne asked me.

“You know how I do. Tavia is coming over since Casey is in Florida scouting for the next two weeks,” I explained.

“That’s good. It makes me feel good that you won’t be alone. I hate that you’re usually by yourself while I’m out of town. If only your folks lived closer,” he mused.

My mom and dad moved to Seattle when I graduated and moved on campus. My dad was a medical researcher and was offered the job of a lifetime teaching and working for the University of Washington. My mom never worked a day in her life and devoted her time volunteering at various homeless shelters and hospice programs. They had been married for forty- two years and had four kids. 

I was close with my family even though we were spread across the country. My sister Dove lived in Allentown and taught Art History at Cedar Crest College. Craig was an anchorman for a local television news station in Poughkeepsie, New York. Israel was a fetal surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. We were all professionals and lived busy lives. But we made it a habit to travel to each other for the holidays that we rotated between us.

I always felt funny because I was the only one of us that didn’t have kids of my own. I was the cool rich auntie that spoiled the kids. Seeing my nieces and nephews run around made yearn for that even more. It was my biggest insecurity in life and made me feel like less of a woman. I knew that Xayne didn’t think that way, but it was something that was always at the back of my mind.

“I know, but you know my dad will die in a research lab,” I joked with Xayne. I was at the check out line when an idea crossed my mind.

“Baby when you get home, let’s go away for the weekend. Nothing big. Just a quick trip to Niagara Falls or something. There’s something I want to talk to you about. I think this will be something that will help us both,” I said as my face lit up with a smile.

“Any time I get alone with you with no phones or work is a good thing. I’ll book everything and we’ll go as soon as I get back,” he said. I disconnected the phone and headed back to my house to cook dinner.


“You should’ve been a chef instead of a lawyer,” Tavia complimented after her second plate of food.

“That would have given my dad a heart attack,” I laughed. I knew that my dad would have supported any career I chose, but a chef would have been a little hard to take considering what my SAT scores were. That and the fact that I only liked to cook on occasion, would have cause a shockwave in the family.

“So, what was so important you made me come over right after work? Oh, by the way, custody went in favor of my client. She also got a non- contact order for her and her kids. If he so much as likes a post on social media, he’ll go to jail,” Tavia explained.

“Do you and Casey ever want kids?” I finally asked. 

“One day we want to adopt. But I don’t want to give birth and Casey has PCOS. But we are looking to adopt in a few more years. Is that the route you and Xayne are going?” she asked me.

“We’ve talked about it, but only after I had a child of my own. But now I can’t seem to get pregnant. I have healthy ovaries and I have more eggs than it should be legal. It’s my uterus. The doctors keep saying that it’s difficult, but not impossible. I’m thinking about using a surrogate at this point,” I finally admitted.

“If you think that will help things with you, I say do it. But don’t do it because you feel like you’re less of a mother because you can’t give birth right now. There is a reason for it, and you shouldn’t try and rush the process. That can have some consequences you aren’t ready for. Have you looked into a surrogacy agency? I know a few,” Tavia asked.

“I was thinking about asking my cousin Domi. I mean she’s young, healthy and needs money. This will be mutually beneficial for all of us. Xayne and I are going to Niagara Falls when he comes back. We’ll talk about it then,” I told her.

“I don’t want to rain on your parade, but are you sure you can trust Domi? She seems a little vapid and loose for lack of a better word. If you do this, be very careful that she doesn’t milk this and try something. Put her in her own condo away from your home. I will also help draw up the contract since I have dome these before,” Tavia advised.

“All I ask is that you support me. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I want a baby with a mix of DNA from myself and my husband. I want to look at a baby that has my smile and his eyes. I want to be pushed to the brink of insanity because I only got two hours of sleep in a week. I want the good, the bad and the ugly that happens when you have a baby,” I told my friend.

“Well since you put it like that, then go ahead friend! I’m here with you all the way. Just let me help you with the legalities. I don’t want you and Xayne to go through what some couples go through. They get a surrogate and the surrogate either backs out or attempts to take custody of the baby. Let me do this for you,” Tavia pleaded.

“Sure. And just so you know, you and Casey are the baby’s godparents,” I said and jumped on my friend hugging all over her.

Everything was looking right so far. I just needed to get Xayne and Domi on board to make my dreams come true.