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Everyone has a story to tell about their mother— good or bad, happy or sad. Abandoned by her mother at the age of seven, Mya Francis makes the difficult decision to return to her native country of Trinidad, determined to find uncover the truth behind her mother’s abandonment.

Over the duration of an exhaustive week-long search, Mya visits one destination after another in search of answers that will finally give her peace. Sadly, each stop along her journey leaves her even more lost than the one before. Still, Mya is determined to discover the truth behind the events that happened so long ago. Secrets are meant to be buried and left undisturbed, so will Mya be ready for the shocking revelations that await her? Will she regret her persistence, wishing that she left the secrets at rest? 

With no idea of the outcome of her quest, Mya is determined to make peace with her past so she can move forward with her life and finally… forgive. But is Mya ready for the pain that may surface when the long-buried secrets are uncovered?




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