Being the victim of physical and mental abuse, Kari finally gets the opportunity to break away from her mother’s cruel ways. Once getting the freedom she long desired, Kari takes pleasure in being out on her own with having no one to answer to. Her open orientation on being bi-sexual has her feeling there isn’t a male or female that could be the one to give her what she’s looking for.

Deondre is the star athlete to one of the most well-known HBCU’s in the country. Turning pro would soon be his focus while having nothing standing in his way. That is until his girlfriend Nya shows her true colors and makes him question the future of their relationship. Refusing to take No for an answer, Nya attempts any and everything to patch their relationship back together but it all fails with flying colors when Deondre comes in contact with Kari.

Ty’anna is new to taking over the throne that bumps her up to the Queen Pin status. Having much on the line to lose, love is the last thing that crosses her mind. After getting betrayed in the worst way from her ex-girlfriend left Ty’anna’s heart being put on lockdown. Her attention soon gets grasped when Kari comes into the picture.

Chapter 1


“Kari! Get’cho ass up!” Danielle stormed into her daughter’s bedroom. She yanked her by her hair and dragged her onto the floor.  “I know you heard me calling you! Get up!”

“Ma, stop!!!” Kari wiped her eyes while still being half sleep. She was in the middle of a deep dream when her mother came in yelling at the top of her lungs. Her eyes adjusted to the sunlight that peaked through her blinds. The alarm clock on her nightstand showed it was only five minutes after eight and Kari could smell the alcohol reeking from her mother’s pores.

“I been calling yo ugly-ass for the last ten minutes! Hurry up and fix our breakfast! Now!!” Danielle demanded before leaving out the room.

Kari stood to her feet as a few tears ran down her cheeks. She felt like she was reaching her breaking point from her mother’s daily physical and mental abuse. She went outside her bedroom, walked down the small and narrow hallway until she reached her bathroom. Not wanting to add on to her mother’s fury, she washed her face and brushed her teeth. She went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and frowned when she seen the options that were present. There was a half-gallon of expired milk, moldy white bread, cold cuts, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and yogurt.

“Pancakes and eggs it is.” Kari shook her head. She looked inside one of the cabinets and took out the box of Aunt Jemima Pancake/Waffle mix and poured a generous amount into a bowl. She then cracked six eggs and whisked them together until she was satisfied. Looking at the time on her watch, she only had forty-five mins left to get ready for work. Kari quickly made a total of eight pancakes and placed them onto two separate plates along with the side of eggs.  She placed the syrup under her arm and carried the food into her mother’s room where Danielle and her trick were on the bed waiting impatiently. Kari ignored her mother’s mean-mug and handed them both their plates.

“It’s about fucking time. Shit.” Danielle grouched as she snatched the syrup bottle from Kari’s hands. “Oh, be sure to get me a bottle of Grey Goose before you come back home.” Danielle ordered. She drizzled the syrup over her pancakes and eggs.

“I don’t have any money ma. I don’t get paid until. . .”

“You heard what the fuck I said! Let yo’ ass come in here without my shit and that’s gone be yo ass! Now get out my face!” Danielle waved her off.

Kari bit the inside of her of cheek to keep from going off on her mother. She inhaled and turned to leave but got knocked down when her mother sneakily kicked her from the back.

“Cut yo’ eyes at me again and I’ll beat’cho ass!” Danielle raved and slammed her door after her.

Kari got up and went to go take a shower. As she washed her body, she cried a river of tears. Kari couldn’t pinpoint her mother’s reasoning for constantly treating her like shit. She was the baby of two older brothers where one got killed from gang violence and the other who is at the end of doing a four-year bid. Kari scrubbed her chestnut smooth skin until it turned red from being so frustrated. She turned off the hot water, wrapped a towel around her body and headed back to her bedroom. She ran her hands through her closet until she found a good outfit to wear. Since it was the middle of September, she chose a short-sleeve white and yellow American Eagle shirt, light denim ripped skinny jeggings, and all black Nike shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror that was connected to her dresser and was content with her look. Kari grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door. She hit the unlock button to her 2009 silver Nissan Maxima when she got in range. She hopped inside, lit a blunt and turned up the volume to her radio that was playing Young Thug Ft. Gunna Hot. The loud was doing it’s job by removing the stress she had built up from her mother. Kari moved through the medium traffic as she made her way to the hair salon that was located downtown Greensboro, NC. She inhaled the last few puffs of her bud and dropped the roach inside a small jar. She placed it inside her center console and grabbed her belongs to head inside the studio. Doing hair was a special gift and talent Kari possessed that made her to be one of the best hairstylists in the city. She was blessed to obtain numerous of loyal customers that recommended her services to any and everyone that needed their hair to be slayed. Kari walked up to the double doors and made her way into the massive building that housed private rooms for other stylists and barbers. She opened the door to her station that had everything you could possibly need to accommodate herself and her customers. Kari’s room consisted of; shampoo area, furniture set, a 42-inch television that was mounted on the wall, a speaker, mini fridge, and African art and pictures were decorated around the walls. She placed her purse inside a cabinet that was rested above her shampoo station and took out her phone to read a few missed texts.

*Knock! Knock!*

“Hey love!!” Laci, Kari’s best friend, greeted. She shut the door behind her and gave Kari a warm hug.

“Wassup best fran.” Kari faked a smile.

“Mmm, what’s wrong?” Laci gave Kari a concerned look. She backed up a couple feet to give her friend some space.

“My mama. I can’t take her shit no more.” Kari stressed. She sat down on the lounge sofa with Laci following suit. She let a couple of tears escape before continuing her story. “She literally pulled me out of my bed this morning while I was still sleep. Over some bullshit ass breakfast.”

“What! See, you better than me cause’ I would’ve fought my mama if she did some fuck shit like that.” Laci said. She held onto her friends’ hand that was shaking slightly inside hers. “Why you continue to put up with her shit? You know you ain’t gotta stay with her. You can stay with me until you get your own place and you know that.”

“Because I’d feel like a burden on you and your mom. I just can’t bring myself to do it. Plus, I’m bout’ to move out soon anyway. I’m just a few hundred dollars away from the deposit on the apartment I been saving up for.” Kari blew her nose.

“Forreal? I’m happy to hear that. But what was your mom’s problem?”

“Girl, the usual. Her ass high off that shit and drunk along with it. She wanted to take her anger out on me because she didn’t get no money from her hoe-of-the-day. After years of fucking niggas for money, I’m pretty sure her pussy done dried the fuck up. And now she expects me to fund her habits until otherwise. Not gonna happen.” Kari expressed. It was no secret that her mother was a crack addict and alcoholic. Unfortunately, she had to deal with the drama that came  with it.

“That’s a damn shame. And yet you continue to be a good daughter who don’t talk back, fight back or nun. When you have every reason to. She gone be pitiful as fuck when you leave.”

“Damn right she is. I’m only taking my clothes with me. Everything else I’m replacing. I done paid for a new bedroom set, and furniture for my living room. Everything else, like towels, dishes, and decorations I have to shop for.” Kari informed.

“That’s wassup. I can’t wait to see your new place. Do you know what floor you gone be on?”

“The first. The realtor called himself trynna holla at me and hooked me up. He ain’t hittin’ on nun tho. Plus, my intuition tells me he gotta woman.” Kari chuckled.

“Okayyyy, bitch. You done started finessing already.” Laci gave Kari a high five.

“Got to. These niggas out here ain’t shit. You ready for this slay?” Kari got up and took her position behind the stylist seat. She had strips of red braiding hair lined up neatly across a rack. She then turned on her Bluetooth to her speaker and played Dreezy Ft. T-pain  Close To You.

“Hell yea. I need a break from doing my hair.” Laci stated taking her spot in the chair.

“I don’t know why you choosing to get braids knowing damn well you don’t let them stay in no longer than a month.” Kari shook her head. She began the process of parting Laci’s silky hair into triangle sections.

“I don’t know. It’s just a habit I guess. Once that new growth comes in, I gotta take it out. I can’t stand a lot of buildup in my hair. You feel me?”

“Mhmm. So how’s your classes been so far?”

“They aight for the most part. Gotta lot of shit that’s already due in a short amount of time. I seen some fine niggas around campus, I could put you on if you want.” Laci made known. Being a student at A&T had its pros and cons but one of the pros were the many options of men that a female could pick from.

“Nah. They ain’t nun but sum fucking whores and my time is too precious for it to be wasted.” Kari declined. She tucked Laci’s hair to perfection as she lit the end of her first plait. She was styling her friends hair into medium waist-length box braids.

“True that. But you still need some dick tho. How long has it been now?”

“Tomorrow will make seven months. And you just had to remind me.” Kari sucked her teeth. She made a promise to stay celibate until she found someone who was worth her time. As more time passed and the dealings with her mother, Kari found herself wanting to give in and say fuck it.
“Aye, I’m just saying. I’m looking out for you, hell. You sound like yo’ ass in need.” Laci teased. “Oww!” Laci rubbed her neck from the sting of Kari’s comb.

“You fucking right I’m in need. I just hate to have waited this long to end up taking a chance and getting some whack-ass dick. Fuck that. That’s one of my fears.” Kari replied.

“I feel you. Well you got enough experience to tell when a nigga is all talk. Cause I’m beginning to worry about you.”

“Whateva. As long as I got my bud then I’m straight. I really don’t need no dick, just give me some bomb-ass head and I’ll be fine with that. Cause niggas these days don’t believe in foreplay and shit. They just wanna get straight to fucking, like nahhhh. You gotta get this pussy wet first my nigga. Shittt.” Kari preached making her and Laci bust out laughing.

“You betta say that shit. And these niggas around here feel as though they’re entitled to get their dick sucked without returning the favor. You got me all the way fucked up. Shit don’t work like that.” Laci added.

“Exactly. And you wonder why I don’t fool up. They some fucking clowns and the shit is old as hell.” Kari responded. She parted Laci’s hair to begin her second row of braids.

“Damn right. So no studs haven’t caught your eye?”

“Nope. Well, there was this one who I seen at the mall but I got nothing but weird vibes from her. The tiny convo we had didn’t go no-where cause’ she had no game. It was quite embarrassing.” Kari answered.

“Well damn. That’s disappointing to hear.” Laci responded.

“Mhmm, so I’ma just chill and let whoever is meant for me, find me. Cause I damn sure ain’t gonna chase nobody.”

“I taught you well.” Laci smiled.

“Yea, yea. After I finish your hair, you trynna get sum to eat? Cause my next client won’t be in for another hour once I’m done with you.” Kari suggested.

“Sounds good to me. What you got a taste for?”




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