After attending a Christmas party at one of Atlanta’s hottest R & B clubs, Raya Williams catches the eye of Major Bennett. One too many drinks land her in bed with the incredibly sexy man. Doing the walk of shame, she doesn’t expect to ever see him again until he appears at the bank she works at. His reckless mouth and rough exterior makes her even more attracted to him.

What was supposed to be a one and done situation turns into a holiday affair. Things seemed to be going smoothly until Raya learns of Major’s heartache. With his cold and hot ways she battles on whether to let him be or continue with what they have going on. She senses that he needs her just as she needs him.

Once they start to figure things out drama and danger lurks around the corner, causing Major to question if the real love and happiness is meant for him. Will Major and Raya be able to move forward or will it just be too much for them to bear?

Chapter One

            Raya stretched and groaned in pain. Her legs and pussy was sore as hell. Not only that her head was banging like hell. As she moved around a little, in what she thought was her bed, she froze when she felt a hard body. She slowly rolled over with her paralyzed pussy. When she did, her eyes widened as her mouth dropped open. There, laid next to her, was a man that she had no recollection of.

            How much did I fucking drink last night?

            Whoever he was, laid on his stomach with his hands underneath his pillow. Raya took a minute to look at him. Deep and thick waves cut low graced his head. He had a beard cut close to his face. His skin was the color of hot chocolate. Tattoos cover his back and from what she could tell his whole torso. It was obvious that he hit the gym frequently because his well defined back had her pussy purring like a damn kitten.

            This nigga is beautiful.

            Raya peeked under the cover and he was naked as the day he was born. There was a Magnum wrapper under the sheets. Without evidence of a condom, she already knew that she had been fucked and good. She winced in pain as she moved her legs to the edge of the bed. Her brain couldn’t remember a damn thing from last night. She needed to get her ass out of this strange man’s house. She wondered how the hell she ended up there in the first place.

            Finally managing to stand, she slowly made her way around the humungous bed. It took her a minute to get her legs to cooperate with her. She felt like a baby trying to walk for the first time. She wondered what that niggas dick was made of. Like, did the shit have superpowers? Her whole body was sore and she needed to soak in a hot tub of water. It was cold as hell outside and she already knew that she was going to have to do the walk of shame out into the cold.

            Her panties were ripped, and she was going to have to go out with her bare pussy. She was going to have icicles hanging off her ass. Finding her red sequin dress, she slid it over her luscious body. She stepped into her heels and grabbed her clutch. Raya looked back at the stranger one last time before walking out the door. Pulling her phone from her clutch, she pulled up her Uber app. As she walked down the stairs, she took in his house. It was a damn mini mansion.

            What the fuck does he do? I know he puts pussies in ICU.

            She had to get his address from outside before calling the Uber. Once she did, she got her Uber and waited. While she waited, a thought popped into her head. She made her way into his kitchen. The shit was ridiculous in size. Her home was nice, but it didn’t compare to what she was standing in. Deciding that she would whip up a light breakfast, she washed her hands and quickly got started.

            After she was done, she placed a mini feast on his kitchen island. She made waffles, cheese eggs, and bacon. To top it off, she cut up some fruit as well. Searching through his drawers, she found a pen and small pad to leave a note. She scribbled a few words, and by that time, her Uber was outside.



            Major woke up with a killer fucking headache. He knew that he had drunk too much at the Holiday party. The party was thrown at his R&B club. Everybody that was somebody was there. Women filled the place as well as men. Major usually stayed in his office when events like that were held. Last night, he watched the monitors in his office. When the beauty in the red sequin dress walked through the doors, he knew he had to make an appearance.

            Major hated the holidays all because it brought back so many painful memories. He really didn’t fuck with women on that level either. Only thing he did was fuck when he needed a nut. He had no love for the scandalous bitches out there. As he sat on the side of his California king in all his naked glory, a smirk graced his face. He looked at the ripped thong on his floor. He could still smell her sweet and intoxicating scent embedded in his sheets.

            Standing, he stretched. He made his way to his lavish bathroom with his well-endowed dick swinging right to left. The bow of his legs drove women crazy as well as the tool between them. He stood in the mirror staring back at himself. Major knew he was fine as shit. He was told damn near all the time. There was more to him than just his looks. He was a businessman- a smart businessman at that. After brushing his pretty white teeth, he got his shower started. As soon as the hot water fell on his back, he flinched. The beauty from last night had scratched his shit the fuck up. He had to admit that last night was on helluva a way to kick off the holidays.


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