The problem with being fake is that eventually your mask starts to fall and when it does, people around you won’t recognize the person before them. This is what happens to Ember. Ember has had to wear a mask most of her life to not only keep people from getting in but to also keep herself from having her heart crushed into a million pieces.  Her first heartbreak didn’t come from a man…it came from her mother Neecee. When Neecee leaves Ember to be raised by her father she builds an ice box around her heart.


Eventually she meets her knight and shining armor Iro.  Iro is a man any woman with a pulse would love to have. He’s handsome, owns a bakery, gives Ember a loving home, stability and anything her heart desires but there’s one problem…Ember can’t make herself love him the way a wife should love her husband but she keeps her mask on in hopes one day that will change.  


Feeling empty and unfilled with the life Iro provides, Embers starts having a torrid affair with a man name Ford. He brings her excitement and the best sex she’s ever had. This leaves Ember torn between the man she needs and the man she wants.

When her mother Neecee returns to Detroit to rekindle a relationship with Ember, she’s bringing lies, deceit, a fiancé and a score to settle with Ember’s dad William.

See what happens when all of them have to take the masks off.  

You never know what someone is holding onto on the inside…so get ready for this group to bare their souls but in order to do that, everyone must unveil secrets! Life changing secrets.  

Are you ready to attend this mental masquerade ball? If so put your mask on and enter Ember’s world but there’s only one rule…at some point the mask must come off.  


            I was currently going through a total mind fuck.  Everything in my life was unraveling and it felt like I had been thrown down a rabbit hole.  When your back is against the wall you find yourself doing crazy shit…like right now here I was sitting in a dingy bar drinking and I hid this release spot from my family and friends.  No one knew this was my solace and place to unwind and think when I needed my mind to transport somewhere else.  No one in my life was understanding my current situation and it was eating away at me.  The two men that I was closest to, I seem to be arguing with the most lately and that was my husband Iro and my dad.  Both were pissed that I had mentioned finding my birth mother.  For some that may not sound like a big deal but for me, finding her also meant shaking a hornet’s nest.  I knew once I shook it and she came out…people would get stung but sometimes you had to go through hurt in order to get a peace of mind.

            Neither one of them understood my need to connect with her.  No one knew it but I had been secretly watching her through Facebook.  When I typed her name in the search bar, I didn’t expect she would pop up.  Hurt, excitement, nervousness and pure anger ravished me. It was so hard looking at pictures that she posted smiling and all the positive affirmations.  How could her life be going so well when she had walked out on me and never looked back?   I was a fucking basket case and she was looking like she was living her best life.  Watching her had become an obsession. 

            After I tossed by the last of my 1800, I felt like someone was watching me.  The weird things was, I could actually feel their gaze. This was the first time that I had felt out of place.  When I visited, I always kept to myself and sometimes I would sit and drink while watching my mother on Facebook but tonight was different.  The energy in the room was different.  Someone in there had shifted the entire aura.  Everything about tonight was a little off.  Usually, I would sit in a booth and detach from the real world but tonight, I had so much on my mind I decided to take a seat at the bar and evaluate my life.  The feeling of being watched had intensified.  Slowly turning in my chair, I tried to catch the eyes that had been boring a hole in me but all I saw were people minding their business. 

            I damn near fell off my seat onto the floor when I spun back around only to find a handsome man with a beautiful smile sitting right next to me.  Without uttering a word, I knew it was him.  He was the one who had been watching me.  His eyes were very intense and I liked it.  Without even thinking about it, I took my thumb on my left hand and felt for my ring.  Why was I even concerned about him seeing my ring?  I hadn’t known this man’s name yet and I had a feeling my life was about to shift.