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My name is Tracee Boyd but my readers have nicknamed me Plot Twist Queen.  If you’ve read any of my books, you know why!  The worst thing you can do when reading one of my books is try and figure out how it’s going to end.  I’ll turn on my left blinker and turn right at any given moment so with that being said, my books will always leave you speechless. 


Outside of my creative nature, I’m a mother of two young adults and I enjoy cooking & shopping. My background is in Procurement & Human Resources industry. 


I’ve always enjoyed reading books but one thing that bothered me was that none of the books that I read, was relatable to me or the people I knew so one day I said…I’m going to write a book.  Some people laughed, some people didn’t believe me and some stood back and watched to see what would come of it.  Let’s just say now all those people anticipate my new books.    


My passion for writing can be found in every book that I write.  I love writing stories that my readers can  relate to in some capacity with a Tracee Twist.  When I gets asked what genre I write in, that question always puzzles me because I don’t’ like to put myself in a box so my answer is always “I would describe my style as “writing gumbo” because I throw some of everything in my creative pot!! My main goal with every book is to entertain, enlighten and make your mouth fall open!!


Welcome to the world of Tracee Boyd aka Plot Twist Queen.

Check out her releases below...

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