With a multimillion-dollar empire, Ice, Sakeem, Debo and Randy ran the streets of New York City with an iron fist. With all the money, power and respect that came with the lifestyle that choose them, they were coming up short when it came to love, well most of them were. Having their fair share of gold diggers and clout chasers, everyone knows there isn’t anything or anyone out in the streets that will love you without a cost. Home is where the heart is and each of them eventually find love, or something close enough to call it that.

Ice and Kerry are the only married couple in the bunch, and even though they’ve been married for a while, being the wife that stayed home cooking, cleaning and volunteering at the school wasn’t actually what Kerry wanted to do. Unbeknownst to Ice, Kerry has street ambitions of her own, but only time will tell if she has what it takes to truly ride beside him as he goes to war protecting his legacy. Ice worked hard to keep his family separated and hidden from the grasps of the cold-hearted thugs that would use them to get to him, will Kerry blindly lead his enemies to the front steps of their home or will she become an enemy?

The dark secrets and hidden agendas that each of them carries threaten their relationships and ultimately causes the foundation of the empire that they worked so hard to build to crack.

Lust, envy and greed all seem to come into play in this twisted urban romance as friends and lovers become divided, find out who will remain standing.


“I’m almost close, just give me a month or two. I know I can do this!” I begged while pacing back and forth in this little four by four apartment I had been calling home for the last two years. 

“You have been on this case for over a year now Smith and we aren’t much closer to convicting Esposa now than we were a year ago!” Captain Michaels announced. 

“That’s not true! When I went on that Vegas strip club, I was able to catch the eye of the informant we have now,” I added smartly because I knew I had said exactly what he needed to hear. 

“Smith, you have a month and not a minute more! If you can’t shut this down or show some type of proof for us to build a case off! We are closing this case,” he yelled. 

“I hear you, trust me I got this!” I responded as a smile came across my face. 

Something in this damn case just had to give, there was no way I was going to be able to make it to lead agent, If I couldn’t show them that I was more than capable of doing my damn job. After hanging up the phone I instantly dialed up my informant because she was going to get me to where I needed to be today. 

“Meet me at the spot, today in an hour,” I stated sternly not giving her a chance to dispute as I hung up. 

I walked into my room instantly going into my closet to find the best thing to wear because although I was an agent, I was still all about looking good I thought. When I heard my personal phone start ringing causing me to drop the skirt I had in hand and rush back into my room. 

“Hey! What’s up?” I answered without looking at the phone to see who was calling.

“Girl, what you doing today?” I heard Kendall ask.

“Getting ready to head out why what’s up!” I asked going back into my closet to pick up the skirt I had dropped and to find a nice shirt and heels to go with it.

“I need a favor! So…. You know me and Ro anniversary is coming up. Well I’m throwing a surprise party for us, and I know you still have Kyle…” she started before I cut her off.

“No ma’am, I’m not calling him! You know just like I do how he acts when we are around each other. I’ll pass plus I have too much going on with work to be dealing with him,” I rambled on. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t find him attractive, he is fine as hell but we just were missing a key ingredient I couldn’t figure out. But I'm not worried about figuring out what it was either, I don’t need to be in anybody's relationship in the first place. I need to stay focused and handle this damn case. 

“Girl please, what you mean how he act when you’re in the same room! I’m counting on that anyway because I need you to convince his ass to let us use his motorcycle for one night and to do his program thingy, so I can have like a majestic slide show of me and my man life!!” She added like that shit made the most sense in the world.

“You have got to be kidding me, you want me to go be in this man presence while he irks my damn nerves! Just so you can ride his damn bike for one day? Kendall you’re like the sister I never had but hell no! You ask him, and why can’t you just make a damn slideshow on your computer!” I added while still getting myself dressed for this meet up, that Kendall was holding me up to get to anyway.

“Oh, come on Cee! Ro and I are trying to spice up our marriage. You don’t want to be the sole cause of why this shit dried up and then we are getting divorced because you couldn’t pull the strings, I know you got! And because my relationship is worth more than a regular ass slide show it has to be majestic like I said! For the anniversary party,” she begged.

“Ugh, you know like I do y’all asses don’t need to spice up nothing. But I’ll ask, and if he says no that’s doesn’t have anything to do with me, I asked!” I rushed to say as I shook my head.

“Aww Cee I appreciate you! Once you ask call me back and tell me what he said,” she added as she rushed off the phone. 

I don’t know how I get myself into these situations with her, but Kendall has been my girl since we met in elementary school. I remember it was my first day at school, and my mother had just got a good job as a nurse at the hospital close by. So that was why I was able to attend Muller Elementary school of Art & Science. Which was a school in a better district than I had been in before, since it was only my mother and I. I came to school with old sneakers, and my clothes were just a little big on me but they were clean and my hair was done. At that time my mom couldn’t afford to buy me all brand-new things for school, and to be a child I understood. The minute I had stepped into the classroom it felt like a thousand pairs of eyes watched me put away my bag, and when I went to find a seat Kendall walked up to me and asked if I wanted to be best friends. Everyone knows how hard it is to make friends on the first day and we’ve been that way since that day I thought to myself. As I continued to get myself together because thanks to Kendall and this case, I had a long day ahead of me.


The Meet Up


I got into my car so I could make it to Waffle House before Angelic. I wanted to already be seated, so I could see when she walked in to make sure she came alone. I had been meeting up with Angelic for the past month trying to build this case, she was the closest person I got ahold of to be able to get into Esposa’s ranks. Angelic just so happened to be attached to another case for a drug charge that she could have gotten a pretty long sentence for when I found her. I offered her the deal of being on probation instead, if she was able to help me tackle a much bigger fish. Since I was at the light, I decided I might as well get this phone call Kendall wanted me to make oh so bad to Kyle. I took a deep breath in trying to regain my composure because he had a way of making me feel like I had butterflies running track in my stomach, and I really didn’t have time for that right now. Especially not when I have my captain down my back to bring in some type of evidence or my case will be closed. 

“Aye, what’s up beautiful” he answered in a smooth tone instantly causing my cookie to hum, which was no good since I’m not wearing any panties under this skirt. 

I was so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t even realize the phone wasn’t ringing anymore.

“Hey, So I need a favor?” I started because I hated small talk, there was no point of it besides to waste time, time isn’t something I enjoy wasting. 

“Well damn, to think I thought you was calling me to take me up on that date I’ve been trying to get you to go on with me since the BBQ. But what’s up?” he responded with a small chuckle. 

“I told you, I didn’t have time for dates plus I don’t date family,” I added with a smirk because I knew he wasn’t going to let that family comment slip. 

“Family? You love to try and get a rise out of me. But you know better than I do that I’m trying to put my tongue where yo’ thong at, and that’s shit I ain’t doing with no family members,” he added in a voice laced with sex in each word that came out of his mouth. 

“Whatever, Kyle and just so you know I don’t wear panties baby. So back to what I called you for in the first place, Ken’s anniversary is coming up and I guess she wants to go all out for Rome. She wants you to basically make a digital PowerPoint of all the pictures she has of them,” I stated with a smirk leaving the one little detail out about the motorcycle because I knew he wasn’t going to go for that. 

“Shit, you had me feeling like it was something I was going to have think about. She could have called and asked for that! But I’ll hook it up for her. Oh yeah don’t think I missed that little comment, you want me to come bend that ass over,” he responded in a cocky tone. 

I couldn’t even hold in my laugh as I pulled into the Waffle House parking lot, as I pulled down my visor to check my makeup. 

“If I bent this thang over for you, you wouldn’t even know how to handle it. Also, they want to borrow your motorcycle for the night,” I threw in at the last minute because I knew that was going to throw him completely off. 

“Oh, hell nah does Rome even know how to drive a damn motorcycle?” he asked. 

I shook my head as I dragged my hair behind my ear, it was just like a man to assume Rome would be driving. 

“What gave you the idea that Rome would be driving? See your too sexist for me. Are you trying to say that a woman cannot be the person in the front of the bike?” I asked as I finished reapplying my lip stick. 

“Now come on that’s not how I meant it. It’s just not common and I don’t trust my bike to just anyone. But you know what I’ll do all of this for you, I just need you to agree to go on one date with me. If you don’t have a good time, I’ll leave you be,” he stated causing a smile to come across my face. 

“Alright, One date! If one thing goes wrong, I’m taking my ass home Kyle,” I stated as a smile came across my face. 

“I gotchu’! I don’t even know why you are doubting me like this,” he added. 

“Mhm, well when you get this date planned let me know so I can see if I'm available,” I responded with a laugh. 

“But I really have to go though I have a meeting I'm heading into right now,” I stated feeling like shit the minute I let the words slip out my mouth. 

“It’s still crazy to me that you’re an advertising executive, but aight’ enjoy your day” he responded as we disconnected the call.

Yes, I know I have everyone thinking I work as an advertising executive. But what was I supposed to say, hey I’ll call you later once I get done talking to my informant? No, that defeats the whole purpose of being undercover if you ask me. I thought to myself as I headed into Waffle House ready to get this over with, and I hope she didn’t come to play because I wasn’t in the mood today. The minute I stepped into Waffle House I went and seated myself in the back of the restaurant to where I had a good view of both entrances into the restaurant. It hadn’t been more than five minutes before Angelic was walking in looking obvious as hell. I shook my head as I watched her fidgeting with the shades that she had donned on her face. Looking for the table when she finally got done being dramatic, she made her way over to the table and slid into the booth checking her surroundings. 

“Oh, cut the dramatics Angelic and sit your ass down,” I whispered harshly because I was hungry and annoyed. 

I watched as she slowly sat down in the booth across from me. When the waitress walked over to our table to see what we wanted to drink, so we both went ahead and ordered a sprite and decided to wait on what we wanted to order to eat. I watched her every movement to figure out what her mood was, as we sat in silence. I finally leaned back in my seat as I asked the one question she knew was coming because I had been down her throat about the same thing for the last month. 

“So how are you getting me in Angelic?” I asked as I took a sip of my sprite.

“It's not that simple, do you know how close-lipped Nicky has been since I got caught up with the police again. He feels like I’m going to bring more heat to his brother, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for his brother getting into any shit with the law,” she rambled on as she continued to watch her surroundings.

Nickolas aka “Nicky” was Victor’s baby brother, and Angelic had been dating him taking the bid for all of his fuck ups for the past few years. I was just able to catch up with her this time since we had found more than a pound of cocaine in her car and she was on thin ice, if she didn’t help us bring in Victor. I didn’t need her to do anything else for me but make introductions and I would take it from there. 

“Angelic, I’m done being nice about all of this and I hate to be a bitch but I think your taking my baby like features for weakness. Honestly that is the worst mistake you could have made. I am not that bitch; you will be in prison rotting under that bitch continue to fuck with my investigation if you want to. Now let’s try this again, how are you getting me in,” I stated while pulling out my phone to check to see if I had any missed calls. 

“Alright, alright Victor is hosting a kickback at his house. Now if you come you have to make sure you don’t look like a damn cop, but that you stand out because there will be a lot of smuts walking around. (For those of you that don’t know what a smut is, it’s a hoe) So,” she started with a pop of her gum as I nodded my head in understanding.

“When do I ever look like a cop? But alright send me over everything that I need to know, and we’re going together. Oh, and when we go leave all the over the top theatrics at home before you get us killed,” I stated as the waitress walked back over to our table for us to put in our orders. I kept it simple and ordered just the waffle since I didn’t have any intentions on sitting here with Angelic much longer. 

Once we finished up our meeting, I started making my way to the one place that always calmed my nerves. I needed a break right now, the pressures of getting this case under control and showing my team that because I was a woman didn’t mean anything. I could do just as much as them, shit even better depending on who you asked. I think it was more than just what they felt it had a lot to do with my own personal, achievement that I was trying to overcome. I pulled my gym bag from the backseat as I headed into my weekly pole dancing classes. After that session Kendall and I had gone to for the first time. I ended up making a hobby out of it, to get all of my frustrations out besides going to the gun range which was exactly where I was headed after this class. The minute I stepped inside I instantly went to the back to change into something more comfortable. Once I changed, I went straight to the studio that the classes were held in as Gabby yelled out to me to come post up at the pole next to her. 

“Hey girl I didn’t think you was going to make it!” she announced as I made my way over towards her. 

Gabby had become my pole dancing partner on the first day of the class we felt like we would never get the material. So, we ended up bonding over the fact that all our asses were good for was the dancing portion, but now you couldn’t tell our asses nothing if I had a little more body like Gabby had I could turn in my badge for a pair of platforms and get that money.

“I had something that held me up a little, but I had to break a few laws to get here,” I laughed as I begun to stretch as the instructor stepped into the front of the class directing everyone to get into position. 

I knew what time it was when the music started resounding off the walls of the studio. The song caught me off guard because I had never heard the song before, but that was another reason I loved this class. I thought as I seen Kendall come rushing in through the doors and towards the pole next to me. We had been taking these classes together since the last class we went to together, but since she had kids now it was a little different now. So, she couldn’t always make it to every class which was cool because I knew she was busy but I was glad to see her when she was able to be something other than just a mother. 

“Hey y’all! I thought my ass wasn’t going to make it,” she huffed as she threw her stuff to the back since she was already in the right attire. 

“I’m glad you could make it!” I stated with excitement.

I looked back up at the front of the studio as the instructor restarted a song called Get Off by Chris Brown. I watched as the instructor went through each step showing his how to place ourselves on the pole with each move. Including the sensual movements around the pole, this was one routine I was going to have to make sure I remembered how to do. So, that when I finally got a man, I would be able to perform it for him. I thought as I looked over at Kendall who looked like she hadn’t missed any classes, I swear that was one thing I loved about my best friend she always put her all into something. I needed that kind of drive when it came to men, with my job I could do it without reservations. But love was just something I wasn’t in the market for right now. It took much time to nourish and make sure that each party was fine. I wasn’t with that at this current moment, I had a case to crack and getting involved with anyone especially Kyle was just not in my plans. I swear Kendall better be happy I loved her I thought as the class came to a close. 

“So, I asked Kyle about his help with the slideshow and letting you drive his motorcycle,” I responded dryly as I watched a look of surprise and excitement pass her features. 

“Whip that smile off your face, this man talking about the only way he is going to do all of that is if I agree to go on a date with him,” I stated trying to keep a straight face, but the look of excitement that both Kendall and Gabby had on their faces was not helping. 

“So, what did you say? Come on now I gotta go get my babies soon!” Gabby rushed as Kendall stood there with expectant eyes. 

“All I know is yo ‘butt better be gearing up for this date, it's not like you don’t want to go anyway that’s my future god children daddy,” Kendall added with a smirk as I rolled my eyes. 

“I only said yes, because this was your anniversary if was any other occasion that you and Rome like to celebrate y’all asses would have been SOL,” I stated with a laugh. 

“And don’t think I didn’t catch that last part! I’m not interested in that man he is interested in me if you haven’t noticed,” I responded trying just as hard to convince myself as I was trying to convince myself. 

“You can tell anyone else that nonsense but not me, now I gotta go! and call me when you get off this little date because I have to make sure you didn’t mess up our future investment on these kids,” Kendall stated as she ran to the back to grab her bags. 

I looked over at Gabby who was always the quietest out of all of us, she found Kendall to be so freakin’ funny but this woman was as serious as a heart attack.

“Whatever, Ken I'll call you alright. See you in a couple days Gabby,” I stated with a laugh as I grabbed my things from the back as well.

I still had one more run left to make, and this was much needed.

I made it out to the street that I had grew up on as I looked around at all the remodeled homes surrounding me. I remember when my mother and I had first moved out here, I had left all of the people I knew behind family, friends, and a father that was never present anyways. This was supposed to be a new life for my mother and me, if anyone was going to have our backs it was going to have to be just us. Only people we knew would be out this way was the Mae’s because Kendall had moved prior to us coming out this way. When we first moved out to charlotte we were staying in hotels until Kendall’s mother found out about it and allowed us to stay in their home with them until we found a house we could afford. We would forever be grateful for them doing that for us. I looked over at the two-story brick white house, it wasn’t a mansion by any means but it was home. I looked over to see my mother’s all white impala parked in the driveway. I instantly parked behind her locking my doors behind me to head into the house since I still had a key to the house. When the smell of strawberry muffins came wafting past my nose.

“Mom, you in the kitchen,” I yelled out.

“Yeah baby,” she responded as I made into the kitchen to see she was cooking almost a full course meal.

“Who do you have coming over here mom?” I asked as I looked around at all of the food she had displayed across the counter with an apron on.

“Let me find out, do you have a date tonight?” I asked with a smirk as I leaned against the counter.

“Mind your business little girl, what are you doing over here?” she asked trying to get past the fact that I caught her calling herself cooking dinner for her man I would suppose.

“I just wanted to make sure you were alright since I had talked to you earlier, and to tell you about this date I might be going on,” I added like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Oh, so you finally decided to give that young man a chance,” she responded with a knowing smile.