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Ezrah Williams is young and a dangerously sexy college student. He’s smart, yet ruthless at heart. A night out with his boys he meets a beautiful woman by the name of Elise Smith. The attraction between the two couldn’t be denied. What Ezrah doesn’t realize is Elise is an older woman who isn’t into casual sex until one night of explicit sex that leaves her mind blown.

Once Elise realizes he’s a college student her whole vibe changes. She does everything in her power to cut him off, but she can’t resist his sexiness. As soon as she gives in for a no strings attached fling, drama like never before spins out of control. Ezrah does everything in his power to make her not fallback, but will all his efforts be enough, or will Elise realize it’s just too much?

Chapter One


Ezrah walked into his lavish apartment dropping his Nike book bag by the door. Tonight it was a party going down at the new club downtown. After a long week he was in there with his niggas. At twenty-one he had his shit together for the most part. He had two more semesters and he was out of GSU. He was getting his BA in business management. Every since he could remember he wanted to own his own shoe store. He was into customizing shoes and clothes.

He checked the time on his apple watch realizing he had a few hours to kill so he decided to get some studying done. In the midst of him studying his phone went off. He looked over at the screen groaning. Ezrah didn’t have time for Nia’s shit tonight. Since he had stuck his dick in her she had become a problem he didn’t want or need. The pussy was good, but she was doing too much for him. The problem within the whole situation is he was in a relationship for two years with Nia until she decided to bust it wide open for one of his niggas. That was some hoe shit for your ass. Real shit there was no coming back from that.

He fucked up a few weeks ago by falling back in the pussy, strapped of course and now she wouldn’t leave him the fuck alone. Just because he was fucking her didn’t mean shit. All she was to him was some available and ready pussy. Ezrah had other bitches he bagged to. After seeing how she moved that shit changed his outlook on a lot of shit. Females couldn’t be trusted and they were sneaky as fuck. He didn’t have time for that shit. His focus was on him graduating and making shit happen financially on his end. Fuck all that other shit.

He declined her call which didn’t do any good because she called right back. Knowing if he didn’t answer she was going to keep blowing his shit up. “The fuck you want, Nia. I’m busy,” he said leaning back in his chair.

“You always busy when it comes to me. Yo’ ass wasn’t too busy when you was in this pussy though.” She rolled her eyes as if he could see her.

“Nia the fuck do you want? If you called to be on bullshit then you might as well get the fuck off my line.”

“Why are you so cold to me? I thought we had something special.”

“Me sticking my dick in you ain’t special. You sucking my dick ain’t shit special so I don’t understand what you think this shit is.”

“You ain’t shit!”

“Yet you want my ain’t shit ass though. Get the fuck off my line.” He ended the call.

Since she had blown his moment of peace he decided to step out on his balcony and roll one up. He looked out into the evening sky admiring the colorful sunset. As he looked up to the sky he thought of his parents who he lost two years ago in a car accident. Every day he felt his parents’ spirit with him. He was well off financially and he tried to keep that shit on the low because his momma always taught him never trust a bitch with hidden agendas.

Nia was one that he knew had a hidden agenda. After he rolled his blunt of exotic he took a long pull, blowing the smoke in the air. He was trying to be as high as those clouds in the sky.

After he was high as hell he went back inside. A nap was needed before the real turn up began tonight. He had a feeling that tonight was going to be one for the books.