Savannah is Velcrow City’s notorious serial killer. What started out as her seeking revenge on men for the pain she endured as a child, fun and gain turned personal. She was now seeking revenge on the people who have hurt doing it the best way she knows how; murder. She is hard to catch and untouchable. Until she crosses paths with her daughter who is determined to bring her to justice. 

Nadine Sinclair is the daughter of Savannah. A crime reporter who discovers that her entire life has been a lie. Seeking to take on the case of Savannah Vein, Nadine not only discovers that her birth mother is a serial killer but also the man she looked up to and admired isn’t who he presented himself to be. Nadine’s truth comes to surface but can she stay focused? 

Gwendolyn Moore is an ex top turned private investigator who is seeking to get more publicity for her business. She put the past behind her for good and has been living a peaceful life. Until she takes on the assignment of helping Velcrow newspaper capture Savannah. Not only does she comes face to face with her past, but her life takes a drastic turn. 

Dive into this story as Savannah flips Velcrow City upside down. Can she be stopped?



    Laying my father to rest made me feel so many emotions. Hurt, anger and confusion. Why did she have to kill him? He was innocent and didn’t deserve to die in a tragic way. I stared at his casket as tears filled my eyes. It felt unreal until it became real. I threw my rose on the casket as he went into the ground. This was it. My father was no longer with me. I felt a soft hand on my shoulder as the scent of vanilla entered my nostrils. 

    “He’s in a better place honey. This world is wicked. Police will find that witch. She will see her final days,” My mother said.

    I wiped the tears from my face. I wanted to believe what my mother said, however in the back of my mind I was second guessing it. Would they really catch this killer? What made my father a target? 

    “When do you plan to go through his belongings and donating?” I questioned.

    “No time soon. Right now, we just need to get through this loss together. We are a family. Which also means, do not escape anywhere,” My mother added.

    I looked my mother in the eyes as I could see the fear and sadness within her. She had become afraid to lose me now that she had lost her husband. However, I couldn’t make any promises. We all grieve differently and the best thing for me to do is to bury myself into my job. 

    Being a crime reporter is no easy job, but I found it to be very fulfilling. I enjoy what I do for a living, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

    “I promise I won’t,” I lied.  

    My mother planted a kiss on my forehead as she left to comfort other family members. 

    Left alone with my thoughts, I just couldn’t seem to understand how all of this happened. 





    “Nadine, why are you here? You should be home with your mother,” Malisa asked as she greeted me with a gentle hug. 

    “I have to get my mind off everything before I lose the remainder of my sanity. Working is my coping mechanism,” I responded.

    “Well pick up a hobby or something. There’s no reason why you are here,”

    “Bills don’t pay themselves and last I checked, you are not my boss,” I winked. 

    Malisa pulled up a chair beside me at my desk and folded her arms. While I knew she meant well, her pushing me to go home was starting to annoy me. Despite what happened to my father, I couldn’t financially afford to take any more leave. I had to come back to work and deal with my situation the best way I could. 

    “We have a meeting starting in ten minutes so we might want to head to the conference room,” Malisa informed me.

    Nodding my head, I stood as we headed to the conference room together.


    “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It has been a very busy week for us as you can tell. Of course, we all know that Derick will be covering the governor scandal however we have another interesting story on the horizon. Savannah Vein is on the loose. She escaped prison and there’s a reward for her capture. Anyone want to cover the story?” Sonya searched the room as everyone grew quiet. 

    Savannah Vein is the city’s notorious serial killer. She had been put in an Asylum some years ago, but somehow managed to escape. She is the first and only female serial killer our city has encountered. On the outside, this woman is perfect. Beautiful caramel colored skin, light brown eyes, long flowing hair with a body of a dancer. She’s every man’s dream.  Need to add she is also very intelligent. She’s known to wheel men in with her charm. 

    Everything was perfect on the outside, however beneath the surface, this woman was fighting demons. So far, those demons were winning the fight. 

    In the beginning of her killing spree, she was attacking these men for material gain. She had been on her own since a young child. Being in the streets fending for yourself, you must learn to survive. Well, she would use her good looks and her charm to get what she wanted from these men and if they didn’t comply, she would kill them. Then… her killings turned personal. Now she was out to get the people who damaged her soul. Ruined her life and destroyed her. 

    In her time span it was stated that she killed ten people so far. While I believed she belonged under the cell for eternity, the justice system thought it was fair for her to go to an asylum to be evaluated and treated due to her childhood. Yeah, our city’s justice system is fucked up too. The justice system in general is fucked up. 

    Instinct told me to take the story. After all, she is the one responsible for my father’s murder. I raised my hand with confidence.

    “I’ll take it,” 

    Sonya gave a blank stare as she was unsure whether to approve or pass it to the next volunteer. Hell, Savannah had everyone in the city shook. Sonya was left with no choice. 

    “Well since nobody else wants to volunteer-

    “I’ll cover it,” Spencer raised his hand. 

    “Good. Spencer will take the story,”

    “Wait, what? I asked first,” I blurted out.

    “Nadine, let’s talk in my office,”

    This is bull shit! I thought.


    I headed to Sonya’s office after the meeting and in front of her desk. With a concerned expression on her face, she calmly asked

    “Nadine, why are you here right now? This woman is responsible for your father’s murder. Last thing you need to do is hunt Savannah down. She’ll try to kill you next,” 

    Rolling my eyes, I was growing tired of people saying that I needed to stay home and grieve. I needed to work. It was that simple.

    “I am here to work Sonya. This is the only thing that can help me get through my father’s passing. I know he would have wanted me to keep pushing and working. What is so wrong with that?”

    “We care about you Nadine. We don’t want anything to happen to you. I understand that you want to come back to work, but this story just isn’t for you. This story will do more harm than good for your mind and your heart. I’m sorry, but I’m giving it to Spencer,” Sonya stated. 

    Without another word, I gave the cold shoulder and stormed out of her office. Grabbing my things, I made plans to put my two weeks-notice and go elsewhere. If she wouldn’t let me cover the story, I would take my business elsewhere. 


    That evening, Malisa agreed to meet up with me for dinner at Gatsby’s bar and restaurant so I could fill her in on the conversation Sonya and I had in her office. Skimming through the menu, nothing seemed to have grabbed my attention. I had lost my appetite; however, I didn’t want Malisa to be dining alone. After all, I did invite her out. 

    “Don’t know what you want yet?” Malisa asked. She knew me so well. From the silence, she could tell that my mind was elsewhere.

    “Sadly, I don’t. how about you?” I replied.

    “I’m going for the country girl salad with Salmon. Not really feeling the meat tonight. So, tell me why you stormed out of there like that?” 

    The waitress interrupted our conversation to take our order. I added two jack and cokes to my tab. As the waitress walked away, I picked up where our conversation left off.

    “Sonya didn’t think it was in the best interest to cover the story due to me just losing my father,” I said.

    “Can you blame her? I mean, I know you need to work but come on now. I think you should have stayed home for a little longer,” 

    “Well, I don’t plan on going back. I’m going to go elsewhere,”

    “Nadine don’t be so irrational. Sonya is only looking out for you. She’s hurting for you. You’re a great reporter. You just need some time to grieve,” Malisa stated.

    The anger in my heart softened up after hearing what was said. When the drinks arrived, I gulped my jack and coke as if I were a bottle of Fiji water.

    “Geeze, Nadine! Slow down. Didn’t you drive?”

    “No. You’re here. I can go home with you,” 

    “And you will. People are crazy and at the rate you’re going, you’ll be drunk in no time,”

    “Now that I know that, can you let me drink my sorrows away?”

    “Whatever. I’m hungry, where’s my damn food?” Malisa exclaimed.

    We laughed as the subject was changed to conversations about Malisa’s daily life and what new was going on with her. The food had arrived moments later as we filled our stomachs up. I glanced across the room and noticed a woman who I believed is stunning. She looked a bit older, yet beautiful. Black don’t crack for sure! 

    I wasn’t sure how long I had been staring because it felt like forever. I also believed my mind was playing tricks on me because I started to believe that the woman was an older version of myself. Only difference between she and I was that my hair was cut short and she was wearing a blond wig that was cut into a bob. Malisa snapped her fingers as she brought me out of my daze.

    “You see something you like?”

    “Oh, no. Must be the alcohol,” I responded.

    “Mmhhmm. Don’t let it happen again,”     

    “Excuse me? You are not my woman,” I added.

    “I could be,” 

    I raised an eyebrow with curiosity. Could Malisa be my woman? I thought. I always believed Malisa was attractive, but I didn’t think she was into women such as myself. 

    Never hurts to find out I guess. 


    After dinner, Malisa and I headed to her car. By now I was drunk as hell and had been struggling to gain balance. However, I knew I was safe with Malisa so I enjoyed the moment. 

    “Malisa, I’m going to find Savannah. I will find her. Even if it kills me,” my words slurred. 

    “And do what? Kill her?” Malisa responded with sarcasm. 

    “Bring her to the feds. Besides, I want to know why she killed my father,” 

    “Nadine, she’s not going to tell you why she did it. What killer is going to rat on themselves? That woman is a cold-blooded killer. Maybe your father just happened to be in the crossfire trying to save someone else,” Malisa mentioned. 

    Could that be possible?

    A few more steps towards Malisa’s Nissan Altima, the familiar face from the restaurant bumped me.

    “Hey! Watch it,” I exclaimed.

    I observed the woman who continued walking with no apology. She seemed to have been in a rush to get somewhere. While I noticed the bob and her dress, I also noticed a V tattoo on her wrist. Blinking twice, she vanished.

    Yeah, I need to stop drinking. I thought.