Jermaia is on top of her game being one of the world’s most recognizable pop stars performing in sold-out concerts all over the world. However, after a couple of failed attempts on her life by what’s thought to be obsessed fans, she’s forced to cancel her most recent tour and bunker down in her home. Detectives Hastings and Lynch are in charge of the diva’s safety and are working to put down her attackers no matter what it takes.


After the third attempt on her life, Jermaia struggles to keep it together mentally spending sleepless nights seeing the killer everywhere around her and struggling with nightmares that torment her each night.


With the help of police psychiatrist Latarri, Jermaia is on a mission to get to the cause of the killer’s alleged fascination with her by searching the popular and obsessive virtual world hoping to find the truth about what’s going on as assassins continue to make attempts on her life.


It’s a psychological thriller where Jermaia struggles to maintain her sanity while avoiding being killed by a cult of assassins who are growing in number. Will she get to the bottom of what’s going or will she finally fall victim to the strange obsessed cult?  

Chapter One


The Show Must Go On

Sitting alone in her dressing room drinking her requested honeyed tea is popstar sensation Jermaia, working to get herself in a zone before performing for thousands of fans on stage. The room is filled with goodies, flowers, and other items that are on her request list before she performs any show, which also includes her odd request to have only red skittles in a bowl. She sits back in her chair trying to relax with her makeup already applied, and her first revealing outfit snuggly fit upon her firm sexy body. After a few minutes of total silence doing her breathing exercises, she rises from her chair and tests her performance heels checking them for ankle support. She notices a small piece of lint upon her bronze skin and quickly wipes it off needing to have perfection at all times. Something as insignificant as a simple piece of lint can ruin her whole mood.

As she tries to center herself, Jermaia motions her neck from left to right trying to get as loose as she can, with her long braided hair flowing with each movement. She’s has a smile on her face as she’s feeling herself getting to a point where she wants to be when there is a sudden loud knock on her door, breaking her concentration.

“Yeah,” an irritated Jermaia yells towards the door.

“You’re on in five,” the voice from the other side of the door announces.

“Alright, I’ll be right out,” she yells back as she stretches once more.

Jermaia takes one last deep breath while looking at her outfit in the mirror one more time. She adjusts her bracelet on her left arm and smiles, happy with her look before heading exit.

As she opens her door, she’s met by her burly bodyguard Rex who looks at her and quickly makes an announcement on his handheld walkie-talkie announcing her movement to the rest of her security team. As Rex preps to move, Darnell runs over and approaches both of them. He’s normally a worrywart before every show, but this time he seems even more agitated than normal.

“Maia, thank God,” he says trying to catch his breath. “We need to talk.”

“Not now Nelly, I have a show to do,” Maia responds as Rex gives her the nod that they were ready to move her.

“I know, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” Darnell says while adjusting his glasses. “Look, I was just informed by---,”

Jermaia quickly silences her manager by placing her hand in front of his face. She turns to Rex and poses with a smile.

“How’s it lookin’ Rex?” She asks twirling around.

“Lookin’ good, baby,” he replies with a smirk.

“Just good,” Jermaia fires back with a hint of attitude.

Rex smirks as he continues their concert ritual before taking a deep breath.

“Baby, you’re the fuckin’ best, you’re the fuckin’ best,” he sings quoting the popular Drake song.

Jermaia smiles and nods her head with approval as Rex leads the way heading towards the stage followed by Maia and Darnell, who struggles to keep up with his thin frame.

“Look, Maia, I really need to tell you that---,”

“Nelly, you’re fuckin’ with my focus right now,” Jermaia warns not allowing Darnell to finish his words. “Whatever it is, it can wait!”

“No, it can’t wait,” Darnell fires back.

“Darnell, my God! You’re my manager and as such you should know not to fuck with the talent when she’s about to hit the stage. I mean, I figured that would have been taught to you on day one in business school, shit,” Jermaia replies as they make it to the stage entrance. “You’re supposed to help me relax!”

Before Jermaia can make her way onto the stage, Darnell blocks her path, surprising her.

“What the fuck is wrong with---,”

“It wasn’t him,” Darnell says finally getting Jermaia’s attention.


“The guy… the one they arrested. It wasn’t him,” Darnell clarifies stunning the diva.

“But…but… it has to be him,” a now concerned Jermaia responds. “I thought the evidence was clear! You told me this shit was over with!”

“I know, I know,” Darnell replies. “They told me it was, but apparently he had an alibi that night. It was confirmed by security cameras at a local gas station.”

“He was caught in my fuckin’ house going through my clothes and shit. When they caught him he was sniffing my shoes,” a terrified Jermaia responds. “How can it not be him?”

“He was a stalker, just not the one who tried to kill you,” Darnell replies making Jermaia more anxious by the minute.

“Fuck, Darnell,” she says as she looks around. “You mean there’s still a crazy psychopath still on the loose lookin’ to kill me? What if he’s out there right now waiting for me to hit the stage? Oh my God… I… I can’t focus right now.”

A panicking Jermaia looks around nervously until a reassuring Rex places his hand on her shoulder for comfort.

“Relax, Maia,” he says in his deep calming voice. “I got you. Nobody is more safe on the planet right now than you. If someone is out there, they won’t lay a finger on you, I promise.”

Jermaia sighs as she tries to get herself together once again. She listens as the crowd starts chanting her name impatiently, waiting for their favorite superstar to perform. After a few moments, she looks at her bodyguard and nods her head with confidence.

“I know you got me, Rex,” she says before taking a deep breath. “Let’s do this.”

“Look, Maia, I know your mentality of ‘the show must go on’ and it’s admirable, but under the circumstances wouldn’t it be better if we---,”

“Are you fuckin’ stupid?” Jermaia says cutting off her manager. “I know you’re not about to suggest I cancel a show right at the main event? Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! I am the whole fuckin’ show. I am what people paid to see. You realize what would happen if I didn’t go out there?”

“But you were just talking about---,”

Darnell’s words fall on deaf ears as Jermaia ignores him and walks onto the stage, much to the crowd’s delight. She smiles and blows kisses at the crowd before taking a seat at the piano located in the middle of the stage. She checks the mic quickly before addressing her loyal fans.

“What’s up St. Loooooooooooouis,” she yells into the mic hyping the crowd up.

As she begins playing the piano, the crowd begins to cheer once more as Darnell observes her from the stage entrance.

“Please take care of her,” he says to Rex who nods his head with agreement.

“Don’t worry. We’re on it boss,” he says before taking his radio out and giving orders to the others in his security team.


An hour into the show, Jermaia has just finished a set with her dancers entertaining the crowd as she looks out towards them with a big smile on her face. The crowd once again chants her name as the energy fills Jermaia’s soul. It is one of her best performances as of recent, and the love she’s receiving makes her feel more accomplished than ever. She starts another set of music, this time joining her dancers in a routine of one of her most popular songs. Although she’s a piano player and does most of her musical performances from behind the instrument, she likes to do several songs with her dancers to show she’s not just a piano player, but a full entertainer who brings it all to her performances. She smiles with her perfect teeth on display as her magnificent vocals sends the crowd into a frenzy. Her dance number along with the pyrotechnics displays a performance for the ages as she and her dancers pose, completing the dance number. The crowd erupts once again as Jermaia looks out towards the people smiling before blowing several of her trademark kisses to them. As she continues to look out towards the crowd, one individual catches her attention in the front row. A male with dark hair is looking directly at her, and unlike the rest of the crowd, he’s not smiling.

Jermaia’s smile starts to fade as she’s now fixated on the dark-haired male. His creepy stare makes her nervous, not knowing how to react to his gaze. After a few moments, the male suddenly makes his move as he jumps over the guardrail and quickly passes through the security guards heading onto the stage. Jermaia’s heart is beating fast as she freezes up with the male charging towards her.  Before the attacker can get to her, Rex comes out from seemingly nowhere and tackles the man to the ground. One of the other guards on Jermaia’s security detail quickly picks her up and carries her off the stage as Rex and a couple of others try to subdue the attacker. While she’s being carried off stage, Jermaia gets one more look at her attacker who makes eye contact with her. He looks as though he has no emotion, even with the battle he’s having with the security team. He continues to creepily obsess over Jermaia who is finally carried off the stage to safety.

In the dressing room, a frustrated Jermaia grabs her head after walking in before kicking a chair over in anger. She looks over her torn performance outfit and is filled with rage after the attack.

“Fuck!” She yells as she tries to calm down.

Darnell enters the room as several security staffers take watch outside of the dressing room. He can tell Jermaia is upset and closes the door so that he and his client can have some privacy.

“Maia, I---,”

“Don’t Darnell, just don’t,” Jermaia says waiving her manager off as she tries to calm herself down. “I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t want to hear anything about ‘I told you so’. Just… just don’t say nothing.”

He nods his head before approaching her noticing the tears flowing down from her face. She waves him off once again before taking a seat in a nearby chair located in the room.

“I could have died. I could have literally died out there tonight,” she says trying to come to terms with everything that’s happened. “What the fuck is that, Darnell? Why is this son of a bitch tryin’ to kill me? What the fuck did I do to him?”

Darnell checks his cell phone looking over a text sent to him by Rex.

“I guess we’ll see here shortly. Rex just texted me saying the police have him in custody,” he informs her. “No weapons were found on him. He’s being booked and taken in for questioning.”

Darnell’s update doesn’t calm Jermaia down one bit as she continues to have flashbacks of the obsessive look of her attacker.

“Christ, Darnell, I’m losing my fuckin’ mind right now,” Jermaia says while shaking her head. “I mean, did you see the look in his eyes out there? He looked like he was gonna… I mean, I don’t know. Jesus Christ. That look. That frigid cold look coming from his eyes. He didn’t seem all there. I’ve never seen someone look that cold in my life. I mean what the fuck?”

Darnell picks up the chair Jermaia kicked over earlier and takes a seat across from her.

“I know, it’s crazy,” he says trying to calm her down. “It’s all part of the game. Nobody on your level of fame actually asks for this. It just sorta happens, you know. You know what they say, you haven’t made it big unless someone tries to kill you.”

Darnell’s attempted humor falls flat as Jermaia shakes her head.

“I was killin’ it out there, Nelly. I legit thought I was having my best performance of all time,” Jermaia says with disappointment. “This was some next-level shit here. It was gonna be talked about for days the way I put it down. I guess it’ll still be talked about for days since that psychopath tried to kill me.”

“But you’re still being talked about, and that’s the point,” Darnell reminds his performer. “I know it sucks right now, but you wait and see, this publicity you get from this will snatch all the entertainment headlines. Hell, you may even get some front-page stories about this. I know it’s horrible and everything but all it does is increase your popularity.”

Jermaia nods her head as she thinks silently for a few moments.

“Hey, what’s the name of those two detectives working my case back home?” She asks. “You know, the ones who arrested the pervert who was digging through my shoes?”

“I got their info back at the office,” Darnell replies.

“I wanna see them first thing in the morning,” Jermaia says. “I can’t do this anymore. I need reassurance that the asshole that was snatched up tonight is the killer. I’m gonna be too paranoid to perform unless I know for certain that the guy is our man. Shit’s too crazy right now for me to focus. For the time being, I guess you can go ahead and cancel the rest of the tour.”

Canceling the tour hurt Jermaia’s soul. She loves the attention, the performing, and most of all the energy that it generates. Darnell knows her love for her fans as she’s one of the most approachable celebrities in the industry. He agrees this is the best way to go for her safety.

“Done. I’ll take care of it. We might be able to reschedule at a later date, but I think it’s the right call,” he says.

Darnell’s approval means nothing to Jermaia. She knows he is just trying to protect her as are the others, but none of them know what it was like to be in her position. She lives for the stage and the performances. It’s what motivates her.

After calming down, Jermaia looks around the room and sighs.

“Alright, get the crew in here,” she orders her manager. “Let’s pack this shit up. I wanna be outta here and on my plane within the hour.”

Darnell nods his head, and quickly makes his way out of the dressing room to carry out Jermaia’s orders. The diva leans back in her chair as she looks towards the mirror that is direct across from her. She notices her appearance and hates what she sees right now.      


After getting everything loaded, Jermaia and the others on her private jet are buckled in as the jet starts its engines. While everyone is sitting in the main area of the cabin, Jermaia has her own private suite in the back of the plane. She normally interacts with her team in the main cabin, but tonight is different as she sits alone with her earbuds in. She’s looking over several news reports that are reporting on her earlier attack trying to get as much information as she can about the incident. She looks at a fan-made video of the event trying to get a better look at her attacker. She pauses it at the point that has the best view of his face. She feels that coldness once again looking at the emotionless attacker. She stares at him as if she’s obsessed, trying to see what’s behind his eyes. As she restarts the video and watches the ruckus once more, she’s startled by a knock at her door as Rex enters the cabin.

“Hey, checking to see how you’re doing,” he says as he makes his way in and takes a seat across from her.

“I’m losin’ my fuckin’ mind is how I’m doing,” a blunt Jermaia replies. “Christ, I can’t get that look out of my head.”

“What look?” A curious Rex asks.

“That look from that crazy man from earlier,” elaborates Jermaia. “Have you ever seen anything like that?”

“Once, a long time ago. It was my first security job at a club way back in the day,” Rex replies before leaning back in his seat. “There was this local artist headlining the club--- damn, can’t think of her name right now. Anyway, she was one of the types that sold that sexual vibe, you know. She was sexy and fine as hell. The guys in the crowd would have drunk her bathwater if she told them to. Hell, I might have myself.”

Jermaia giggles as Rex continues with his story.

“Anyway, there was this one guy, this crazy pervert that had something different about him. He had this look, kinda like what your guy had. It was like he was obsessed or something. I could tell right off the bat that this guy was looking to do a little more than peep out the show,” Rex explains while reminiscing.

“Oh my goodness. What happened?” Jermaia asks.

“Well, once our girl decided to show a little more of her ass, our friend couldn’t contain himself anymore and tried to jump on stage. Me and my crew took care of him but it was the craziest thing I ever saw. That is until tonight,” Rex says. “I don’t know. People today just can’t live with the look but don’t touch rule I guess.”

“Yeah, but that sounds like just a sexual obsession. Didn’t seem like your guy was tryin’ to kill the performer,” Jermaia replies before sighing. “Why does this shit always happen to me?”

“I don’t know. The world is going to hell, that’s for sure,” Rex replies when he notices Jermaia’s eyes filled with concern. “Why don’t you try and get some rest. Get a little nap in before we land. Quit looking at that shit, and let the police deal with this.”

“Is that an order?” Jermaia says with a smirk.

“Yes, ma’am, I believe it is,” Rex says with a smirk. “Ironically, up in the air is probably where you’re the safest, so relax a bit.”

Jermaia sighs before removing her earbuds. Rex makes his way out of her private cabin as the diva lies down in her bed. She falls asleep quickly after being exhausted with everything that’s happened to her. However, sleep wouldn’t bring her much peace as she dreams about the attempt on her life that started the investigation back in Los Angeles.


In her dream, she’s working as a guest speaker for a big music event happening in the city. Her room sold out in a matter of minutes when it was announced as everybody wants to see the diva in person. Over a thousand packed the small room just to listen to Jermaia speak which is a new record for the event. She’s on the main stage with an interviewer answering questions ranging from her favorite songs to her first crush as a kid. The event is going well as the interviewer allows some of the audience to ask their questions to the celebrity. This is the kind of interaction Jermaia loves as she loves entertaining her fans, even if some of the questions are a little personal at times. She wanted them to feel like she’s just like them and let them know their dreams can also come true if they believed in themselves. While answering a question, a male fan stands up and begins walking as if he’s leaving the venue. He’s dark-haired, thin, wearing sunglasses, and was sitting in the front row. Before making his way out, he surprises everyone as he jumps on stage and pulls out a knife, attacking the diva. As he swipes at her, he ends up cutting her on her arm but isn’t able to do anything else as Rex and the other security members tackle him to the ground. Before they can secure him, the male swings his knife, stabbing one of the security detail in the chest. The distraction gives him just enough time to rise from the ground and quickly run out of the event room while being pursued by security. With the mass hysteria filling the area, the male was able to disappear into the crowd as Rex and the others lose him. Jermaia is bleeding from her arm as she looks down at the stabbed security guard bleeding out from his chest. The other guards try to get his bleeding under control, but it’s too late as the blade pierced his heart causing him to bleed out. Jermaia is beside herself as some of the staff checks on her wound as well.


The dream has her tossing and turning before she quickly wakes up in a cold sweat after being tormented once again in her dreams. She rubs on the scar on her arm which is a permanent reminder of that vicious attack. She sighs as the plane has finally landed in Los Angeles. With the way her trip to St. Louis went, Jermaia can think of no better place to be than home. She gets out of bed and begins gathering her things still bothered by her dream.



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