The Widow's Revenge 

Sabrina Taylor and her husband Phillip have weathered storms, and they live a charmed life. Phillip is a high-profile celebrity attorney and Sabrina is an elementary school teacher in Chicago. Everything is going well until Phillip dies suddenly and tragically. Sabrina is heartbroken to lose her husband of ten years, and her grief is further aggravated when Phillip’s secrets are revealed. Sabrina is stunned and overwhelmed and doesn’t think she can take any more heartbreak, but her heartbreak quickly turns to rage and instead of leaning on God in her time of need she hatches a plan for revenge.

Angel Stevens is a gorgeous successful supermodel who has transitioned well into the television world, and she now has her own talk show. Angel’s life hasn’t always been easy, but she has everything she wants now, and her life is going according to plan. After marrying the man of her dreams, she doesn’t think anything could go wrong, until she learns that a secret that she has kept carefully hidden for years is about to be exposed. Angel isn’t about to let all that she has worked hard for go down in smoke and she comes up with a counterattack for revenge.

Sabrina and Angel are two women that have been deeply hurt and seeks revenge to help lessen their pain, but they will soon learn that seeking revenge will only cause more heartbreak.



SEPT. 27th!




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