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Wedding Day of Doom

NBA superstar Merlin Miller is all set to marry his beautiful bride, Raven, but on the morning of their wedding, he wakes up to a gruesome crime scene. Merlin is shocked and doesn’t have clear answers to how this crime occurred. Their wedding day is doomed, and Merlin doesn’t know how to explain what happened. Merlin’s freedom may be on the line and there is certain information he hopes Raven never finds out.

Raven Clark is overjoyed on the day of her wedding. She is ready to marry Merlin and start their life together, but their wedding is put to a halt. When Raven finds out the catastrophic details of why their wedding is canceled, she is devastated. Raven stands by his side as Merlin tries to prove his innocence. But when she finds out about his lies and deception, Raven feels she has no other choice but to walk away. 

Royal Miller has always been there for his brother, Merlin, through everything. He is Merlin’s agent and confidant. When he finds out the trouble Merlin has gotten himself into, he rushes to his side. Although Merlin is going through the biggest ordeal of his life, Royal finds a new romance. He is smitten with this new woman, but her past relationship is making it hard for their relationship to progress. Royal feels she is the one but doesn’t know if they can overcome this issue.


Fallon Hayes is a successful lawyer and Raven’s cousin and best friend. When Merlin is arrested for murder, she is hired as his lawyer. As she defends his case, it’s difficult because certain details of the case may affect her relationship with Raven. Her priority is making sure she wins Merlin’s case, but an old and new romance clash, leaving Fallon feeling conflicted.



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