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The House Always Wins

Nathaniel “Nathan” Mills is a successful general surgeon and he and his wife Miranda have two beautiful children and they have built a nice life together. The road to get there wasn’t easy, but his life is on track now.  But that quickly changes when Nathan lets his sister Shelia and her daughter move in with them against his wife’s wishes. Things continue to go bad for Nathan when he makes a bad judgement call at work and the results are tragic.  Nathan is devastated but he finds no comfort at home because there is a mini war going on there between his wife and sister, and his daughter Kendra’s rebellious behavior is out of control.  Nathan seeks comfort from another woman, and she introduces him to a place that could shatter his life.

Miranda Mills is very much in love with her husband Nathan, and she has always been happy with her life with him and their children. She has her charity organization, but she is tired of Nathan putting his sister who she thinks is bad news ahead of her. She feels Nathan doesn’t understand what she has to deal with concerning their home life.  Miranda notices a change in Nathan’s behavior, but instead of dealing with it she starts spending time with someone from her past. When Miranda is confronted with a crisis instead of leaning on the wisdom of God, she makes a bad choice that has tragic results.

Nathan and Miranda both keep things from each other that lead to catastrophic results. 

But Nathan will learn the hard way that, sometimes bad choices will lead to a high price that he could have never imagined.



JAN. 24th!




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