Her Reflection On His Soul

Shaunie is a beautiful, average, no-nonsense woman with golden-brown eyes that captivate your soul even while a storm is constantly brooding beyond them. She blames herself for the recent loss of her mother. Instead of seeking professional help to deal with her feelings, she decides to throw herself into work to keep her mind busy. The extra hours and her part time job tend to serve as a distraction for a short while, but she can only run away from the thoughts in her mind for so long. Will she find a way to forgive herself and cope with the unbearable pain that lingers, or will her emotional state ultimately destroy her?

Mosai is a handsome man with eyes dark as midnight and the voice of quiet thunder. From a young age, he always knew he wanted to become an elementary school teacher. But growing up in poverty didn’t make it easy to realize his dreams. His father wanted him to become rooted in the “family business” while his mother rallied against it. Still, Mosai did what he had to do to realize his dreams. After washing his hands clean, he married a good woman and had kids. He was supposed to live happily ever after until he finds himself entangled in a lovers web he is barely able to get out of. Now his life is a mess, and he doesn’t see any light until he lays eyes on Shaunie.

The moment he sees her, he notices the storm present in her eyes, and he feels compelled to calm it. Strangely enough, he doesn’t understand why he so desperately wants to be her peace. He sees something beyond those sweet fantasies she sells him on the weekend.

Will he be what she needs, or will he prove nothing can be done to save her from the inevitable drowning of her soul and his own?

Get to know Shaunie and Mosai in Her Reflection on His Soul by Renee.






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