Kenneth “Kent” Cunningham is the district attorney of Philadelphia and now he is following his political dreams and is running for governor of Pennsylvania.  Groomed by his father Federal Judge Robert Cunningham and with his brilliant campaign manager Justine Baker, Kent has a good shot at winning.  Kent’s strong Christian faith and strong work ethic are a bonus.  He has a lovely wife Deidra who is a news anchor and has her own ambitions.  His campaign starts out on shaky ground when Deidra’s work and his campaign bump heads.  Secrets are revealed and trust is broken, but Kent tries to stay positive and hold on to his values.  But when a tragic event occurs and the pressure of winning the election gets to him, he turns into a man he thought he would never be.


Deidra Cunningham has worked hard to get where she is.  She experienced loss early in life, but it only caused her to be more driven.  She loves her job as a news anchor and wants to report any story she wants even at the cost of her husband’s campaign.  Deidra made some missteps with her job and is dealing with the hurt and guilt of the tragic event, but she doesn’t like the man her husband has become and doesn’t feel she deserves the way he starts treating her.  She doesn’t recognize the man she married and wonders if he is too far gone to return to his old self.  She tries to deal with it at first, relying on prayer, but when Kent takes things too far, Deidra takes matters into her own hands with the motto sometimes you have to fall to get things right.



     “You will make an excellent Governor.  Your chances of winning are great.  You’re a democrat, but you have Christian values and that will sway some of the conservatives your way.  And not to mention how well you did on the debate last week.”  Justine said

     I was at my campaign headquarters sitting in my office and everything Justine was telling me was music to my ears.  I had been waiting for this moment for a long time and I could already taste the victory.  “I’m sure with you running my campaign will increase my chances to win.”  I said.

     Justine smiled at me.  “Well I always aim to please.”

     I smiled back at her.  And that was true.  Justine Baker is the best campaign manager you could get.  She had gotten many senators, governors, and mayors elected.  She was excellent at her job and very beautiful too.  She has beautiful dark brown skin and light brown slanted eyes and long black hair.  She had that exotic look that men loved with a nice slender body to match.

     “But we have to be prepared for whatever Howard Glenn throws at you.  He likes to play dirty.”

     I sighed thinking about my opponent.  I knew he would use every trick he had, but I wanted to run my campaign as clean as possible.  “I know.  I’m sure we will be able to handle whatever he throws my way.”

     Justine nodded her head and stared at me for a moment then said.  “I’m sure we can as long as there are no surprises.”  She paused for a second before continuing.  “I have to ask you is there anything from your past that can affect this election?”

     I immediately thought back to that incident the summer before I went off to college.  It could be damaging if it came out, but my father handled the situation and he assured me that it was buried.  “No there’s nothing.”  I said.

     Justine squinted her eyes at me.  “Are you sure because you seem as if there is something you’re holding back.  If there is anything just tell me, and I’ll fix it.”

     “There is nothing.”  I repeated and tried to sound as confident as I could because Justine was reading me like a book.”

    “Okay.”  Justine said in a voice that indicated that she didn’t believe me.  “There is something else that I need to discuss with you.  I spoke to some of my media contacts and they told me your wife is supposed to be interviewing Howard Glenn tomorrow.  I don’t think it would be a good idea because he could say some stuff about you that would put you and your wife in an inadequate position.”

     Everything Justine said made sense, but I made it my business to stay out of my wife’s professional business.  “I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t tell my wife what to do when it comes to her work.”

     Justine nodded her head in understanding.  “I get that, but right now your campaign and the upcoming election is what’s most important right.”

     “You’re right.  I will talk to her.”  I said reluctantly.  I was dreading that conversation.

     Justine and I talked about a few more things for the campaign and then I locked up the campaign headquarters and got into my blue Lincoln Continental and headed home.  I was happy to be on my way to the Governor’s Mansion.  Hopefully I would be the next Governor of Pennsylvania.  I worked hard to get here.  My full name is Kenneth James Cunningham, but everyone calls me Kent. I’m thirty-five years old and mixed with Italian and Black.  I’m 6’2 with a lean physique.  I keep my straight black hair cut close.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I am currently the district attorney of Philadelphia. My mother Laura is a sweet Italian woman who did everything to make things work for our family.  My father Robert Cunningham is a hard man.  He started out as a lawyer who worked his way up the ladder and served four years as the U.S. Attorney of Pennsylvania.  He is now a federal judge.  He always instilled in me the importance of hard work and gaining a powerful position that can help make the world a better place.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and I am currently the district attorney of Philadelphia.  My father is responsible for what I achieved today.  Though he taught me a lot about success, he didn’t set a good example for me about having a great relationship with the opposite sex.  He cheated on my mother Laura constantly.  He always told me that it was in a man’s nature to cheat and that I should get a woman who could handle that.  My mother became increasingly depressed from all his philandering and she tried to take her life twice.  She eventually got fed up when she realized he was never going to change and she divorced him and tried to get custody of me, but my father wasn’t having that, and he deemed her unfit to raise me and he had her suicide attempts to prove that.  My mother knew she could never win against my father and she accepted a sizable settlement from my father and moved back to New York with her family.  My father had full custody of me, and I spent time with my mother one month during the summer and some holidays.  I loved my father, but I didn’t want to be the type of man that he was.  I vowed that would treat my wife better than he did his.

     When I arrived home, I parked my car in the driveway and noted that my wife Deidra’s Lexus Hybrid was not in the driveway.  It was after six, so she was working late again as usual.  I exited my car and when inside our mansion.  It had five bedrooms and four bathrooms.  I hoped to fill it with kids one day.  Deidra and I both had busy careers, so we put kids on hold at the beginning of our marriage, but we had been trying for the last five months so I was hoping she would be pregnant soon.  I went into the kitchen and poured me a glass of juice and then went into the study.  I sat at my desk and tried to think of ways to tell Deidra that I didn’t want to do the interview.

     I met Deidra seven years ago.  She is from Washington D.C, but she left after she graduated from high school to attend college in Philadelphia.  I first met her when I was working a case as the assistant district attorney.  I had only had the job for about six months and Deidra was a journalist.  I was working the case of a young woman named Terry Oliver who had accused the Mayor’s son Danny Winters of rape.  Terry had waited eight months to press charges and there was not enough evidence to arrest Danny.  All we had was surveillance footage of her and Danny leaving a restaurant and getting into a taxi.  They were both appeared to be very tipsy.  That was not enough evidence to warrant an arrest.  Deidra thought differently, and she put pressure on our office to press charges.  She did many stories saying how she thought our office tried to cover up for Danny because he was the Mayor’s son.  I remember when she stormed into my office.  She was absolutely gorgeous.  She has a chestnut brown complexion and hair that hung past her shoulders.  She stood at about 5’7, and slender with curves in all the right places.  I remember security was trying to kick her out of my office, but I told them to let her speak her mind.  I was intrigued by her beauty and boldness.  She let me have it right there in my office and demanded that our office stop trying to cover up for Danny and bring him to justice.  I explained to her that there was not enough evidence to arrest Danny and then I asked her out on a date.  She told me to get lost of course.  But that didn’t stop me.  I continued to pursue her.  I was the assistant district attorney so getting her phone number was no problem for me.  She hung up the phone in my ear when I called her.  I called her a few more times and finally got her to meet me for lunch, but she made it clear that she only wanted to talk to me about the Terry Oliver case and I was cool with that.  During our lunch, I told her that she had to consider that Miss Oliver was lying and that only upset her more.  But I got her to calm down, and we talked a little and I could tell she warmed up to me a little, but she said that she didn’t think it was a good idea that we saw each other again.  I was disappointed, but I respected her wishes.  When evidence it came to light that Terry Oliver was paid to lie and say that Danny raped her by Danny’s father upcoming mayor opponent, Deidra called me and apologized.  I accepted her apology of course and we started dating and fell in love and married two years later.  Deidra is now thirty-two and we have been married for five years now.  Deidra was a Christian and I started going to church with her.  I felt out of place at first because I wasn’t raised in church and the only time, I went to church was on holidays, but I eventually became a Christian.  Deidra and I are both ambitious and we both excelled in our careers.  I became the district attorney and she had a top journalist spot at KLS news, one of the top news stations in Philadelphia and nation-wide.  Deidra has made quite a name for herself, so I know me asking her not to the interview will not blow over easy.

     I could feel myself getting hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, but I wanted to have a conversation with my wife first.  I sat there for a few more minutes thinking of what to say when Deidra softly knocked on the study door and then poked her head inside.

     “Oh, there you are.  I should have known you would be in here.”  she said.  “I brought home some Chinese food in case you haven’t eaten yet.”

     “That sounds good, but there is something I need to talk to you about.”

     Deidra walked through the door and shut the door behind her and walked over and stood in front of the desk.  “What’s going on because you sound so serious.”

     “Actually, it is.  I don’t want you to interview Howard Glenn tomorrow.”

     Deidra frowned.  “How do you know about it?  My boss just told me I was going to interview him this morning.”

     “Justine told me, and she doesn’t think it would be a good idea for you to do the interview.  It might be a trap and it could reflect badly on the both of us.”

     Deidra shook her head.  “Here I am presented with a huge opportunity and you don’t want me to do it because Justine says so.”

     This was what I was afraid of.  Justine was a sore spot for my wife, and I knew me telling her it was Justine’s idea was going to make her blow up.  “It’s not like that.  This is about the campaign, and Justine is an expert at this type of stuff.”

     “I’ll bet.”  Deidra said and rolled her eyes.  “Just because she is running your campaign doesn’t give her license to run our lives and especially not my career.”

     “No, it actually does because I am paying her to get me elected so if she says this is something you shouldn’t do than you should not do it.”

     Deidra just stared at me and I could see that she was deep in thought.  Finally, she said.  “Okay, but I don’t trust her.  She is rumored to have slept with some of the men she has gotten elected and I don’t want you to be the next one, if you haven’t already.”  She gave me the side-eye.

     I stood up and walked around my desk and stood in front of her.  I kissed her softly on the forehead.  “Of course, I haven’t, and those are just rumors.”

     “I know that, but I’m a journalist and I know that there is usually some truth to rumors.”  Deidra said, and I could see her searching my face for the truth.

    “You have nothing to worry about and thank you for agreeing not to do the interview because I know how much this means to you.”

     “You’re welcome, but don’t make a habit of it.  Now let’s eat.” 

     I happily agreed thankful that my wife listened to reason.



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